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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


lrr. pp. learned (vel. l. egar unga aldri); lrir menn, clerics.
lri-fair, m. teacher, master.
lring, f. teaching, instruction.
lri-sonr, m., -sveinn, m. disciple.
m. thigh-bone.
lsa (-ta, -tr),
v. (1) to lock, with dat.; lsti hn loptinu innan, she locked the room from the inside; kirkjur vru allar lstar, all the churches were locked; (2) to shut in, lock up (hn fylgdi henni tibr ok lsti au ar); (3) to set in metal ( hjalti sversins vru lstir lyfsteinar).
(dat. ltum), n. pl. (1) noise, cries (slk l. ttist konungrinn eigi heyrt hafa); (2) manners, voice (lit hefir Gunnars ok l. hans).
(pl. -jar), m. lark (bird).
f. craft;
-vss, a. crafty.
lingr, m. a fetter (one of those put upon the wolf Fenrir).
lf, f. hand's breadth.
lkjar-fall, n. running brook;
-far, n. the bed of a brook;
-ss, m. month of a brook;
-rs, f. = -fall.
lkr (-jar, -ir),
m. brook, rivulet.
(gen. laar), f. invitation (poet.).
n. froth, see 'laur'.
a. mean, despicable;
-menni, n. mean, feeble person.
n. pl. (1) law, laws (me lgum skal land byggija, en me lgumeya); leggja l. e-t, to establish by law; leia e-t l., to bring into law, introduce a law; taka e-t l., to accept as law (fyrr en kristni vri l. tekin slandi); hafa e-t lgum, to adopt by law (at var lgum haft slandi); setja l., to give law; dma e-m l., to adjudge one's case according to law; leita laga vi e-n, to go to law with; rna e-n lgum, to deprive one of law, to treat one unfairly; segja or segja upp l., to recite the law, say what is the law; at (eptir, me) lgum, according to law; (2) participation or fellowship in law (rlar eru ekki lgum me rum mnnum); leia e-n l., to make one a full member of a community (eru eir n leiddir l. me eim Jmsvkingum).
lg-arfi, m. lawful heir;
-vxtr, m. legal interest;
-beiing, f. legal demand.i
Lg-berg, -bergi,
n. the law-rock (the place at the Alingi where the laws were recited).
f. the procession (of the 'goar') to the law-rock.
(see binda) v. to bind, stipulate by law;
-bja (see bja), v. to order, prescribe by law;
-bo, n. lawful call, demand;
-bk, f. lawbook, code of laws;
-brot, n. breach of law;
-brotsmar, m. law breaker;
-b, n. lawful household;
-deila, f. law quarrel, litigation;
-dmr, m. (1) lawful court; (2) legal sentence;
-eggjan, f. just (lawful) provocation;
-eir, m. lawful oath;
-eindagi, m. legal term;
-eyrir (pl. -aurar), m. (1) legal money, legal payment; (2) = eyrir, six ells of 'vaml'; eighth part of a mark;
-fardagr, m. a legal time for moving one's household;
-fasta, f. law-fast;
-fastnan, f. lawful betrothal;
-fastr, a. domiciled;
-f, (see f), v. to receive legally.
m. 'sea-horse', ship (poet.).
a. learned in law;
f. law, jurisprudence;
-fullr, a. lawful, legal;
-fundr, m. lawful meeting, public meeting.
lgg (gen. laggar), f. groove in the staves of a cask.
lg-garr, m. lawful fence.
lggra (a), v. to wag the tail (rare).
lg-gri, n. pl. lawful abode;
-heimili, n. lawful domicile;
-klkr, a. = -knn;
-krkar, m. pl. law quibbles;
-kv, f. legal summons;
-kni, f. skill in the law;
-knn, a. versed, skilled in the law;
-knska, f. = -kni;
-lauss, a. unlawful;
-leia (see leia), v. (1) to bring (a freedman) to the privileges of the law, = leia e-n lg; (2) to introduce as law, = leia e-t lg;
-leysa, f. lawlessness, lawless state;
-liga, adv. lawfully;
-ligr, a. lawful, legal;
-lsing, f. legal declaration (in pleading);
-mar, m. (1) lawyer (Njll var mar sv mikill, at engi fannst hans jafningi); (2) later, = 'lgsgumar' (as

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