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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


exhaust (lr hann sttin ok deyr hann); (3) refl., ljast, to be worn, exhausted (tku menn at l. mjk erfii).
lrit, n., lritr, lrittr (gen. -ar), m. veto, interdict; verja e-t lriti, to put a veto on, forbid by law.
lsa, (-ta, -tr), v. (1) to light up, illuminate (sl skal l. allan heim ok verma); impers., ok lsir allt lopt af faxi hans, and from his mane is lighted up all the sky; lsir af e-u, it shines, glitters (lsti ok af hjlminum, er slin skein ); lsir, it gets light, it dawns (um morguninn, er lsa tk); (2) to manifest, show, exhibit (Heinir lstu mikinn drengskap); (3) to proclaim, publish, give notice of, as a law term; with acc., l. frumhlaup, sr, vg hendr e-m, to charge one with, indict one for, an assault, wound, manslaughter; with dat., l. vgi hendr sr, to declare oneself to be the cause of a death; (4) to publish, proclaim, with dat. (lsir hann ingrei sinni); l. yfir e-u, to make known (S. lsir erindi snu fyrir jarli); (5) impers., n lsir hr yfir v, at hn, now it became clear, that she; (6) to illuminate (a book).
lsa, f. gleam, shimmering light (ek s lsu nkkura til hafsins).
lsari, m. illuminator.
lsi, n. (1) light, brightness; (2) means of lighting; oil, train-oil.
n. bright gold.
f. (1) lighting, illumination; (2) daybreak, dawn; (3) declaration, publication; (4) bans of marriage.
f. the time of daybreak;
-vttr, m. a witness to a declaration, a law term;
-vtti, n. attestation to a declaration (lsing, 3).
lsis-fat, n. train-oil cask.
lta (-tta, -ttr), v. (1) to blemish; (2) to blame; (3) to disgrace, violate.
lta-flekkr, m. disfiguring spot;
-lauss, a. faultless, without blemish.
lti, n. (1) fault, blemish (at var lti , at); (2) disgrace.
lzka, f. (1) custom, manner (hann hefir smu lzku sna ok r); (2) dialect, = mllzka.
lzkar, a. mannered.
l (dat. lvi), n., poet. venom, bane; blanda lopt lvi, to poison the air; sviga l, switch-bane', fire; bija e-m ls, to wish one evil; lngr eru la l, the woes of men are long;
-blandinn, pp. baleful, venomous.
lg, f. (1) a hollow, low place; (2) lowness; (3) degradation.
lgi, n. (1) berth, anchorage (leggja skipi l.); (2) opportunity, fair wind (gaf eim ekki l. t r firinum).
lging, f. disgrace, degradation.
lgja (-a, -r),
v. (1) to lower, let down (l. segl); (2) fig. to humble, bring down (hann drap , ea lgi annan veg); (3) impers., lgir e-t, it is lowered, sinks; eir sigldu sv, at lnd (acc.) lgi, they sailed so far that the land sank out of sight; egar er slina lgi, when the sun sank; of a storm, it abates ( tk at l. verit); (4) refl., lgjast, to fall, sink abate (vindar lgust; af hans tilkvmu lgist harkit).
a. guileful.
lgr, a., eiga lgt at kirkju, to have a right to be buried at a church.
lkna (a),
v. to cure, heal.
f. cure, = lkning.
m. physician.
(pl. -ar), f. (1) cure; Hallr var at lkningu at Hvli, H. was under medical treatment at H.; (2) medicine (g l.); (3) the healing art.
lkningar-brag, n. medical resource;
-rtt, f. healing art;
-lyf, n. means of healing, medicine.
lknir (-is, -ar),
m. physician.
-dmr, m. medicine;
-gras, n. healing herb;
-hendr, f. pl. healing hands;
-lyf, n. medicine.
lmingr (-s, -ar),
m. loom (bird).
n. (1) the leg above the knee, thigh (Kolskeggr hj lrit ok undan ftinn); (2) ham, of meat (lr af revetrum uxa).
lra (-a, -r),
v. to teach (hann lri Ara prest); lrast at e-m, to get information from a person.
m. (1) learning, scholarship; (2) the clergy (fundarmenn lrdmsins).
lrdms-list, f. art of learning;
-mar, m. scholar (-mar mikill).

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