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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


false king;
-kvittr, m. false rumour;
-lauss, a. truthful;
-ligr, a. false (-lig or);
-mar, m. liar, impostor;
-saga, f. false news, untrue story.
lygn, a. calm, smooth, of wind and waves (var ver gott ok lygnt).
lygna (-di, -t), v. impers. to become calm (lygndi verit).
lykill (pl. luklar and lyklar), m. key.
lykils-laust, adv. without using a key (lka upp ls -laust).
lykja (lyk, lukta, luktr), v. (1) to shut in, enclose, close; l. e-n myrkvastofu, to shut one up in a dungeon; (2) to put an end to (hvatki er lfi hans hefir lukt).
lykkja, f. loop, coil of a rope, &c. (hann hafi ok dregr hnd sr); gera lykkja leiinni, to put an end to one's journey, to stop; coil of a serpent (ormr me lykkju mikilli ok breium spori).
lykkjttr, a. looped, curved.
lykk-lauss, a. without bend.
lykna (a), v. to bend the knees.
lykt, f. end, conclusion (s var l. virskiptum eirra, sem n m heyra); esp. in pl., gra (vinna) lyktir e-u, to do, perform; koma mlum til lykta, to bring a case to a final issue; leia e-t til lykta, to bring to an end, finish; at lyktum, at last, finally ( fli hann at lyktum); at verr at lyktum, at, the end of it was, that.
lykta (a), v. to bring to an end, finish; impers., lyktar e-u, it ends.
lykta-lauss, a. endless.
lymska, f. wiliness, cunning.
lymskast (a), v. to steal quietly, to sneak (frist hann ftr ok lymskast fram at durunum).
lymsk-liga, adv. cunningly.
lymskr, a. wily, cunning.
lyndi, n. temper, disposition.
lyndis-brag, n. temper;
-gr, a. good-tempered;
-lag, n. temper, disposition;
-lkr, a. of like temper.
lyndr, a. tempered; illa l., bad-tempered, opp. to 'glyndr'.
lyng (dat. lyngvi), n. ling, heather.
lyng-ll, m. 'heather-eel', snake;
-bakr, m. 'ling-back', a fabulous sea-monster;
-fiskr, m. 'ling-fish', snake;
-ormr, m. snake (living among heather);
-runnr, m. heath bush.
lypta (-pta, -ptr), v. to lift, raise, with dat. (san lypti hn kpuhetti hans ok s andlit honum); l. e-u upp, to lift up; l. fer sinni, to start on a journey; impers., lyptir e-u, it is lifted up, raised; lypti mjk brnum manna, their faces brightened; refl., lyptast, to move, stir (lzt hann ekki mundu aan l. fyrr en bak jlum); lyptist eim ltt reii, their anger was raised a little.
lypting, f. raised deck (in the after-part of war-ships).
lyrgr, m. forelock; taka e-m lyrg, to take one by the forelock.
lyst, f. desire, pleasure (rare).
lysta (-sti), v. impers., e-n lystir, one desires, wishes; lifi hverr sem lysti, every one lived just as he pleased; hann lysti at sj sland, he wished to see Iceland; mik lystir til e-s, e-t, I have a fancy to, a desire for (mik lysti hring enna).
lysti-liga, adv. delightfully;
-ligr, a. delightful.
lysting, f. desire, pleasure, delight.
lysti-samligr, a. sensual (-samlig girnd);
-semi, f. = lysting.
lystr, a. desirous of, eager for (l. e-s); lyst vrumk ess lengi, I have long wished for this.
lystugr, a. eager, desirous.
l-biskup, m. suffragan bishop.
l-mar, m. commoner, layman;
-mannligr, a. like a common man;
-menni, n. coll. = -menn.
lr (-s, -ir, rarely -ar), m. (1) people, esp. the common people (er konungr heyri kafa lsins); (2) the members of a household (gakk t ok allr l. me r); (3) pl. men, persons (allir lir).
lska, f. = lzka.
l-skylda, f. the duty of a liege-man to his lord, homage (eptir at veitti jarl honum nga lskyldu);
-skyldr, a. yielding lskylda to one, subject to one;
-skyldugr, a. = -skyldr.
lja, (l, la, linn), v. (1) to beat, hammer; l. jrn, to forge iron (with a sledge-hammer); (2) to wear out,

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