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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


lund, f. (1) mind, temper; vera mikillar lundar, to be of a proud mind; (2) manner; ymsar lundir, in various ways; l., essa l., in this way, thus.
lundar, pp. disposed, minded.
lundar-far, n. temper, disposition.
lunderni, n. temper, = lyndi.
lund-hgr, a. gentle-minded.
lundi, m. puffin.
lundr (gen. -ar), m. (1) clump of trees, grove; (2) tree (rare).
lung, n. poet. war-ship.
lungu, n. pl. lungs.
lurka (a), v. to cudgel, thrash.
lurkr (-s, -ar), m. cudgel.
lr (gen. -rs), m. (1) trumpet (blsa l.); (2) the stand of a hand-mill (r at lri leiddar vru).
lra-gangr, m. sound of trumpets;
-menn, m. pl. trumpeters;
-sngr, m., -ytr, m. = -gangr.
lr-blstr, m. blowing of trumpets;
-sveinn, -eytari, m. trumpeter.
lfa, f. thick and matted hair, a nickname of Harald the Fairhaired.
linn, pp. (1) worn, bruised (vru ok rar mjk lnar); (2) worn out, exhausted (hann verr linn; var linn hestr hans mjk); cf. 'lja'.
lka (lk; lauk, lukum; lokinn), v. (1) to shut (= l. aptr); (2) to end, bring to an end, finish, conclude, with dat. (hann lauk ru sinni); er menn hfu lokit lgskilum at mla, when they had finished their pleading; (3) to pay, l. e-m e-t (sv mikit f, sem vr eigum konunginum at l.); (4) impers., lkr e-u, it is at an end; lkr ar n sgunni, here the story ends; eptir at var lokit inginu, after that the Thing was broken up; var ess vn, at illa mundi illum l., that it would end badly with a bad man; var lokit llum vistum nema hval, all stores were exhausted, except whale; absol., sv lauk at lyktum, finally it ended so that; lkr sv, at eir kaupa essu, it ended so that they struck the bargain; r en lkr, r lkr, before the end comes (nrr munum vi gangast r lkr); um at er lkr, finally, in the end; (5) with preps., l. aptr, to shut, with acc. or dat. (l. aptr hurina or hurinni); l. e-u sundr, to open (lk heill munni sundr); impers., er sundr lauk firinum, when the fjord opened; l. upp, to open, with dat. or acc. (l. upp hurinni or hurina); l. upp augum, to open the eyes; to declare, make known (en er jarl hafi v upp lokit, at hann mundi fylgja eim); l. uppgr, to deliver a judgement (of an umpire); impers., lkr e-u upp, it opens; l. vel (illa) vi e-n, to behave well (ill), deal fairly (unfairly) with a person (Bolli fekk Sigri gjafor gfugt ok lauk vel vi hana); l. vi, to end (m vera, at sv lki vi, at r ykki alkeypt); l. yfir, impers., to come to an end, to a final issue (skal n yfir l. me oss); (6) refl., lkast, to be shut (ok egar laukst hurin hla honum); to come to an end, to end (hr lkst sj bk); l. upp, to open (fjallit laukst upp noran).
ls (pl. lss), f. louse (srt btr soltin ls; lss ok kleggjar).
lsugr, a. lousy (verjan var ll lsug).
lta (lt; laut, lutum; lotinn), v. (1) to lout, bow down (konungr laut allt nir at jru); (2) to bow to in homage or worship (Erlingr laut konungi ok heilsai honum); (3) to give away, yield; hinir lgri vera at l., the weaker has to yield; (4) with preps., l. at e-u, to bear upon, have reference to (at sem at ltr ess manns lofi); to bow for a thing; l. at litlu, to be thankful for little; l. til e-s, to belong to, bear upon (etta efni ltr til lofs herra Gumundi); to pay homage, show deference, to (lutu allir til hans); l. undir e-n, to be subject to (eir tluu engan gu vera ann, er eir ttu undir at l.).
ltr, a. louting, bent down, stooping.
lydda, f. lazy villain.
lyf, n. medicine, healing herb; ekki l., nought, not the least.
lyfja (a), v. to heal; l. e-m e-t, to cure one of; l. e-m elli, to kill one.
lyf-steinn, m. healing stone, stone of special virtue.
lyg, f. lie, falsehood, = lygi.
lygi (pl. lygar), f. lie, falsehood (at er ok in mesta l.);
-konungr, m.

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