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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


end to; lia undir l., to die, perish; at lokum, at last, = loks; til loks, to an end; completely, altogether.
lok, n. a kind of fern or weed; ganga sem l. yfir akr, to spread like weeds over a field.
loka, f. bolt of a door (hurarloka); lta loku fyrir hur, to bolt a door; spretta fr lokunni, lta loku fr hur, to unbolt a door; margr seilist um hur til lokunnar, many a man reaches far to get what is near at hand.
loka (a), v. to lock, shut (l. hurina).
lokarr (-s, pl. lokrar), m. plane.
lokar-spnn, m. plane shavings.
lok-hvla, f. locked bed-closet.
lokhvlu-il, n. wainscot or panelling of a bed-closet.
lokka (a), v. to allure, entice (sir lokkuu Fenrislf til ess at leggja fjturinn hann); l. e-t af e-m, to coax or wheedle out of one (ef menn sitja um at l. af mr f mitt).
lokka-mar, m. a man with thick locks of hair.
lokkan, f. allurement, enticement.
lokkari, m. allurer, seducer.
lokkast (a), v. to fall in locks (hrit lokkaist ofan herar).
lokkr (-s, -ar), m. lock of hair.
lok-lausa, -leysa, f. nonsense, absurdity (lygi ok loklausa).
lokna (a), v. to come to an end, drop (lta l. nir ml).
lok-rekkja, f. = -hvla.
lokrekkju-glf, n.= hvluglf.
loks, loksins, adv. at last, finally.
loku-gat, n. a hole for a latch;
-sveinn, m. door-keeper.
lopt, n. (1) air, atmosphere, sky (skein sl, ok var ltt a l. komin); l. var mikit til jarar at falla, it was a great height to fall down; l. ok lgr, sky and sea; l. aloft, into the air; bera (fra) l., to spread abroad; hlaupa l. upp, to leap up into the air; liggja l. upp, to lie face uppermost; lopti, aloft, in the air, on high; taka spjt lopti, to catch a spear as it flies; (2) loft, upper room (Gunnar svaf lopti einu sklanum); (3) balcony (hann hleypr ofan r loptinu strtit).
lopt-dyrr, f. pl. the door to a 'lopt';
-eldr, m. lightning;
-hs, n. 'loft-chamber';
-hll, f. an upper skemma';
-stofa, f.upper room;
-svalar, -svalir, f. pl. balcony, gallery.
los, n. looseness, breaking up (var alstaar los fylkingunum).
losa (a), v. (1) to loosen, make loose (hann losar til heyit niri vi jrina); (2) to perform, do (ok hefir vel losat itt erendi); (3) refl., losast, to get loose, get away (l. r hernai).
losna (a), v. (1) to become loose, get free ( rettust fingrnir ok losnuu af mealkaflanum); (2) fig,. tk n bardaginn at l., the ranks began to get loose; l. sundr, to dissolve, break up; (3) to get away (l. brott).
losta-fullr, a. lustful, lewd;
-girnd, f. lust;
-samligr, a. lecherous;
-semd, f., -semi, f. lustfulness, lust, sensuality.
lost-fagr, a. so fair as to awaken desire (-fagrir litir).
losti, m. lust, carnal desire.
lostigr, a. willing, ready, opp. to 'nauigr' (skal ek deyja lostig).
lost-verk, n. labour of love; ltt eru -verk, a labour of love falls light.
lota, f. (1) round, bout, turn (sian glma eir rjr lotur); (2) lotum, as adv. by fits and starts, from time to time (en lotum horfi hann ).
lotning, f. reverence, veneration.
l (pl. lr), f. golden plover.
lfa-tak, n. (1) hand-shake; (2) show of hands.
lfi, m. the hollow of the hand, palm (mun ek bera at lfa mr).
lg, n. complete use; leggjast l., to be used up; eir munu ekki llu l. koma, they will be unable to make use of all (their forces).
lga (a), v. (1) to part with, make away with (lgau eigi landinu); (2) to waste, destroy (hvrki mundi s drykkr viti eirra l. n afli eirra).
lmr, m. loon, loom (the bird).
lmundr (pl. -ir), m. lemming.
ln, n. lagoon, inlet.
lukka, f. luck, good fortune.

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