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Viktor Rydberg's Investigations into Germanic Mythology Volume II  : Part 2: Germanic Mythology
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


ljfr, a. (1) beloved, dear (l. e-m); (2) mild, gentle (hann var l. ok ltilltr vi alla); (3) ljft ok leitt, pleasant and unpleasant, weal and woe.
ljga (lg; laug or l, lugum; loginn), v.(1) to lie, tell a lie (lgr n, Atli!); mannfla s, er etta hefir logit, the rascal who has told this lie; l. e-n e-u, to charge one falsely with a thing (ef hann er loginn essu mli); l. e-u at e-m, to tell a lie to one (eigi er logit at r); l. e-n, to tell lies about one, belie; l. til e-s, to tell a lie about (l. til faernis); (2) to treat falsely; Brandr mun eigi ljga stefnuna, B. will not fail to come; lgr skjldrinn n at mr, now the shield proves false to me, fails me; (3) refl., ljgast, to fail, prove false or untrue (hefir yr at sjaldan logizt, er ek saga).
ljg-eir, m. false oath, perjury;
-frr, a. untruthful;
-ggn, n. pl.false evidences;
-heitr, a. false to one's word (cf. 'ljgheitr');
-kvir, m. false verdict;
-spr, a. prophesying falsely;
-vitni, n., -vtti, n. false witness, perjury;
-yri, n. falsehood.
ljka, v. see 'lka'.
loa (loi, lodda, loat), cleave to, stick, hang on (haf at silfr, er hrinu loir); Hrtr hj ft jstlfi sv at ltlu loddi vi, so that it hung by a shred; hn loddi hringinum eptir magni, she kept as firm hold as she could of the ring.
loddari, m. juggler, jester.
lo-brkr, f. pl. shaggy breeks.
loi, m. fur cloak.
loin-hfi, m. shaggy head;
-kinni, m. shaggy cheek (nicknames).
loinn, a. (1) hairy, shaggy, woolly; r lonar ok lembdar, ewes in fleece and with lamb; l. sem selr, shaggy as a seal; (2) covered with thick grass (tnit var slegit ok gekk hestrinn angat sem lonast var).
lo-kpa, f. fur cloak, = loi;
-lpa, f. a large fur doublet.
lof, n. (1) praise, good report (opt kaupir sr litlu lof); (2) leave, permission (ef konungr vill eim lof til gefa); (3) in pl. license; eir skulu ra lgum ok lofum, the administration rests with them.
lofa (a), v. (1) to praise (lofa konung enna, en lasta eigi ara konunga); (2) to allow, permit (l. e-m e-t); (3) to promise (hann lofai at koma aptr).
lofan-ligr, a. praiseworthy.
lof-drpa, f. laudatory poem.
lofar, m. pl. poet. men.
lofungr, m. poet. prince, king (ar tti lofungr land milli).
lof-gjarn, a. eager for praise or renown;
-gjarnligr, a. laudatory;
-gr, f. praise;
-kvi, n. laudatory poem, encomium;
-ligr, a. (1) laudatory, praising (-lig or); (2) praiseworthy, glorious;
-or, n. leave, permission;
-samliga, adv. gloriously;
-samligr, a. glorious;
-semd, f. praise, laudation (lofsemdaror).
lofs-or, n. praise.
lof-sla, f. esteem, fame;
-sll, a. glorious, famous;
-sngr, m. song of praise, hymn.
log, n. (1) flame (kerti mjk mikit ok log ); (2) esp. pl. lights, torches (rj vru log sklanum).
loga (a), burn with a flame, to blaze; hyr s ek brenna, en haur l., I see the fire burning and the earth ablaze.
logi, m. flame, blaze; brenna loga (dat.), to burn strongly, be ablaze; var enn l. eldinum, the fire was still aflame.
logn, n. calm (l. var vers); verit datt (fll) l., it fell dead calm.
logn-drfa, f.drift of snow in calm weather;
-fara, a. indecl., poet. tranquil, peaceful (lundr -fara);
-rtt, f., liggja -rett, to be becalmed or drifting slowly on the sea.
lok, n.(1) bolt (of a door); lta l. fr huru, to unbolt a door; (2) lock (en lyklar vru settir lokin); (3) cover, lid (ok l. yfir kerinu); (4) locker or bench in the stern of a boat, = stafnlok (gekk biskup fram lokit); (5) in pl. lockers; gullhringr hvarf fr husfreyju r lokum; out of the lockers; (6) fig. in pl. end, conclusion; at fylgir lja lokum, this is the end of my lay; fra e-t til loka, to put an

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