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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


lttat, lttat, adv. a little, = ltinn ann; a small amount, a short time (mlti Gsli, at eir skyldi ba lttat).
lj (l, la, lr), v. (1) l. e-m e-s or e-m e-t, to lend one a thing (muntu mr, Freyja, fjarhams lj?; ba hann lj sr skip); (2) to grant, give (vil ek, at ljir mr tmstundar til at finna Gizur); l. sik til e-s, to lend oneself to a thing (ef hann vill sik til ess l. at gera yr mein); (3) impers., at m vera, (at) r lji ess hugar at hverfa aptr, may be thou art minded to return; ef r lr tveggja huga um etta ml, if thou art in two minds in this matter.
lj, f. new-mown grass (kona hans rakai lj eptir honum).
lj-orf, n. scythe-handle.
ljr, m. scythe, = l (rare).
lj, n. verse or stanza of a song (lj au, er kallat er grttasngr); a ditty, a charm in verse; usually pl., also in names of poems, as Hyndlulj, Slarlj.
lja (a), v. to make verses, sing; l. e-n, to address one in verse.
ljan, f. verse-making, singing.
lj-biskup, m=ld-biskup;
-heimar, m. pl. the people's abode, world.
lji, m., lfa l. the elve's king.
ljr, m. = lr.
ljr, m. blemish, defect.
ljma (a), v. to gleam, shine; ljmar af e-u, a thing gleams or shines (ljmai af, er slin skein ).
ljmi, m. flash of light, radiance.
ljn, n. = len.
ljnar, m. pl. men (poet.).
ljri, m. louver or opening in the roof (for the smoke to escape by, and also for admitting light).
ljs, n. (1) a burning light (eir ttust sj fjgur ljs hauginum brenna); kveikja l., to make a light; (2) light of the sun, &c. (hefir at ljs af slu); fig., lta e-t ljs, to bring to light, reveal; koma l., to come to light, appear; (3) world; vsa ljsi ok ru, in this life and the next.
ljs-lfr, m. light-elf;
-bleikr, a. light yellow, pale;
-hrr, a.,
-hrr, a. light-haired;
-jarpr, a. light-chestnut (hrit -jarpt, -jarpr hr);
-ker, n. lantern, lamp;
-leikr, m. brightness;
-liga, adv. clearly, plainly;
-ligr, a. clear, plain;
-litar, a. light-hued, light-coloured.
ljss, a. (1) light, bright; l. dagr, a bright day; vera ljst, to grow light, dawn; (2) bright, shining (hann hafi exi ljsa um xl); (3) light-coloured, fair; l. hr, light-haired, =ljshrr; ljs vara, ermine; (4) clear, evident, plain (hitt er ljst, at eir muni vilja vera vinir mnir); vil ek ljsan gera mik, I will speak out plainly, make a clean breast.
ljsta (lst; laust, lustum; lostinn), v. (1) to strike, smite (laust hann sveininn me sprota); l. e-n kinnhest, to give one a box on the ear; hann lstr ofan mijan hvirfil honum, he dealt him a blow in the middle of the crown; laust hann selinn svima, he stunned the seal (by a blow on the head); (2) to strike, hit, with a spear, arrow ( var Kntr lostinn ru til bana); jstlfr skaut broddi, ok laust undir kverkina, and hit him under the chin; (3) phrases, l. rum sj, to dash the oars into the sea; l. eldi , to put fire to; l. e-u upp, to spread a rumour (skal ek l. upp eim kvitt, at); l. upp herpi, to raise the war-cry; l. e-u vi e-u, to put forth in defiance against (E. laust skildinum vi kesjunni); G. lstr vi atgeirinum, G. parries the blow with the bill; (4) impers. illviri lstr , bad weather comes on of a sudden; laust bardaga me eim mikinn, it came to a great battle between them; laust hrzlu hug eim, they were panic-stricken; e-m lstr saman, to come to blows, begin to fight; ok er saman laust liinu, when they came to close fighting; myrkri lstr yfir, darkness comes on suddenly.
ljstr (gen. -rs), m. salmon-spear.
ljt-leikr, m. ugliness;
-liga, adv. in an ugly manner;
-ligr, a. ugly, hideous;
-limar, a. with ugly limbs.
ljtr, a. ugly (. var manna ljtastr); ftt mun ljtt Baldri, on Balder there are few blemishes.

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