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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


lmi, m. broom or rod of twigs.
lim-setja, v. to set in lime.
ln, n. (1) flax (drsir surnar drt l. spunnu); (2) linen, linen garment; ganga und lni, to be wedded.
lna, f. line, rope.
lna, f. bridal veil (cf. 'ln' 2).
ln-brkr, f. pl. linen breeks;
-dregill, m. linen tape;
-dkr, m. linen cloth, linen kerchief;
-f, n. bridal gift;
-fr, n. flax-seed, linseed;
-garn, n. linen-yarn;
-hfa, f. linen cap;
-hvtr, a. white as linen;
-kltr, m. linen kerchief;
-kli, n. pl. linen raiment;
-kyrtill, m. linen kirtle;
-lak, n. linen bed-sheet;
-sekkr, m. linen sack;
-serkr, m. linen shirt;
-tjald, n. linen tent;
-vefr, m. linen web, linen.
lta (lt; leit, litum; litinn), v. (1) to look; ok augu leit, and looked him in the eyes; (2) to see, behold (Slvi gat at l., hvar eir flu); (3) with preps.. l. e-t, to look on or at; to consider, take into consideration (hann kvazt mundu l. slk ml); tti rndr brtt hafa litit, Th. was thought to have been hasty; l. me e-m, to keep an eye on, take care of; l. til e-s, to look towards one; konungr leit staraugum til hennar, the king cast love glances at her; hver spurning ltr jafnan til svara, a question looks for an answer; l. vi e-m, to look at one (keisari leit vi honum ok spuri, hverr hann vri); l. yfir e-t, to look over (. hafi litit yfir verk hskarla sinna); (4) refl., lzt e-m, it seems (appears) to one; leizt honum mrin fgr, he thought the maiden beautiful; sv lzt mr, sem, it seems to me that; lzt r eigi silfrit, dost thou not like the silver?; hversu lzt r mey essa, what dost thou think of this maiden?; leizt mr vel konunginn, I was pleased with the king; recipr., to look to one another (fellst hvrt ru vel ge, ok litust au vel til ok blliga).
ltil-fjrligr, a. weak, small, of little account;
-gft, a. n., e-m er -gft um e-t, one is not much pleased with;
-hfr, a. humble.
ltill (ltil, ltit), a. (1) little, small in size (lt hann lsa ltilli stofu); at ek var ekki l. mar vexti, that I was not small of stature; (2) small in amount, degree, &c. (ltil var glei manna at boinu); sumar etta var l. grasvxtr, a small (bad) crop; landit er skarpt ok ltit matland, bad for foraging; hann er l. bltmar, no great worshipper; at er ltit ml, that is a small matter; var hans merni ltit, of low rank; jarl hafi hann lengi ltinn mann grt, treated him shabbily; l. fyrir sr, of little account (r munut kalla mik ltinn mann fyrir mr); (3) of time, short, brief; litla stund, for a short while; litlu siarr, a little while after.
ltil-ltliga, adv. humbly;
-ltligr, a. condescending, humble;
-ltr, a. = -ltligr;
-leikr, m. smallness, littleness;
-leitr, a. small-faced;
-liga, adv. little, in a small degree;
-lta (-tta, -ttr), v., -lta sik, to humble oneself, condescend;
-lti, n. humility; condescenscion;
-magni, m. a poor, weak person;
-mannliga, adv. in a paltry manner;
-mannligr, a. unmanly, low, mean;
-menni, n. (1) small, mean person; (2) one of low condition;
-mennska, f. paltriness, meanness;
-mtliga, adv. = -mannliga;
-mtligr, a. insignificant, small;
-ri, n. (1) smallness of estate, opp. to greatness; (2) degradation (henni tti sr -ri v at sm-konungar bu hennar); (3) trifle (r vri -ri at skipta hggum vi Vatsdli).
ltils-verr, a. of little worth, insignificant (snist r at -vert?).
litil-vgligr, a. of little weight or moment;
-yrkr, a. doing little work;
-gr, a. (1) content with little (mun ek -gr at yfirbt); (2) particular (hann er -gr at orum, ef honum er mti skapi).
ltinn ann, as adv. a little; ok brosti at l. ., and smiled a little.
ltt, as adv. (1) little; ek kann l. til laga, I know but little of the law; hann nam ltt sta, he made a little stand; (2) wretchedly, poorly, badly (hn bar sik l. ok grt allsrt).

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