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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-vegr, m. (1) means of saving one's life; (2) way of life.
lft, a. n. permitted to live (er-at l. vinum Ingimundar).
lf-tjn, n. loss of life, death;
-vnn, a. with hope of life, with hope of recovery;
-r, f. artery.
lk, n. (1) the living body (vi at l. at lifa); (2) the dead body, corpse (jara l. e-s).
lk, n. bolt-rope, leech-line (of sails).
lka (a), v. to please, satisfy, with dat. (lkai yr vel Finnskattrinn?); hvrt er honum lkar vel er illa, whether he likes it or not; e-m lkar vel (illa) til e-s or vi e-n, one likes or dislikes a person (honum lkai til Sighvats vel); lkai vi hana ekki illa, they liked her well enough.
lka (a), v. to polish, burnish.
lka, adv. also (rare).
lka-fer, f. = lkfer;
-frsla, f. = lkfrsla;
-gröftr, m. grave-digging;
-hli, n. lich-gate.
lkami, m. = lkamr.
lkam-liga, adv. bodily, in the flesh;
-ligr, a. bodily, affecting the body (-lig heilsa); fleshly.
lkamr (-s, -ir), m. body.
lkams-losti, m. carnal lust;
-mttr, m. bodily strength.
lkandi, n. form, shape.
lk-blaur, a. afraid of a corpse;
-blja, f. winding-sheet;
-fer, f. funeral journey, funeral;
-fylgja, f. funeral procession;
-frsla, f. the conveyance of a body to church;
-hringing, f. tolling, knelling.
lki, m. equal, match.
lki (gen. pl. lkja), n. (1) body (l. leyfa ins ljsa mans); (2) form, shape (hann br sik l. graungs eins).
lkindi, n. pl. (1) likelihood, probability; l. eru e-u or til e-s, it is probable; vera (fara) at lkindum, to be (go) as might be expected; ra (sj) e-t at lkindum, to guess at a thing; fr lkindum, beyond likelihood, extraordinary (tti honum fr lkindum, hversu ungr hann var); til lkinda vi, in comparison with; (2) semblance, trace (um morguninn eptir s engi l. Danavirkis).
lking, f. shape, form (hann lt gera jrnkrka l. akkerisfleina).
lkja (-ta, -tr), v. to make like; l. eptir e-m, to imitate; refl., lkjast e-m, to be like, resemble (l. tt e-s).
lk-kista, f. coffin.
lk-liga, adv. favourably; taka (svara) e-u liga, to give a favourable answer to;
-ligr, a. (1) likely, probable (gr af drauminum slkt er r snist ligast); orsteini var ar vel fagnat, sem ligt var, as might be expected; gra sik ligan til e-s, to show oneself inclined to; (2) eligible, preferable, suitable (n ykkir Eyjlfi etta et lkligasta).
lk-mar, m. one who assist at a funeral, a coffin-bearer.
lkn, f. mercy, relief, comfort; veita e-m l., to relieve, soothe; hvat er til lkna lagt Siguri, what comfort is assigned for S.?
lkna (a), v. to show mercy to, with dat. (hann lknar hvers manns mli); refl., lknast vi e-n, to sue one for mercy (ef ek skal til blta hverfa ok l. vi goin).
lknar-braut, f. path of mercy;
-galdr, m. healing spells, charms;
-lauss, a. merciless;
-leysi, n. unmerciful disposition.
lkneski, n., lkneskja, f. (1) shape, form; (2) graven image (l. Freys).
lkn-fastr, a. strong in favour, beloved;
-ligr, a. helping, comforting;
-samligr, a. merciful;
-stafir, m. pl. good favour, comfort.
lkr, a. (1) like, resembling (frr snum ok mjk l. föur snum); Kri er ngum manni l., K. has no match; lkt ok ekki, like nothing (Steinlfi tti at lkt ok ekki); at lku, all the same, nevertheless; (2) likely, probable (at er ok lkast, at); (3) likely, promising, fit (lituust eir um, hvar lkast vri t at komast).
lk-söngr, m. funeral dirgel
-r, f. leprosy;
-rr, a. leprous.
lm, n. lime, mortar (var at mikit musteri ok gört sterkliga at lmi).
lma (-da, -dr), v. (1) to lime with mortar; (2) to glue (l. skegg vi hku sr).

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