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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


pass by, go past (er eir liu nesit); impers., en er lr Euphrates (acc.), when one has passed the E.; sem lei jladaginn, as the Yule-day passed; (or egar) er e-n lr, when a person is omitted, passed over; lfr jarl var rkastr Danm?rku, egar er konung lei, next to the king; (3) to pass away, elapse, of time (eigi munu margir vetur l. r en r munu essa irast); at linum vetri, when the winter had passed; liinn, dead, deceased; at liinn fylki, after my lord's death; (4) impers. with dat., n lr, sv d?gum, at, the days draw on; var liit degi, the day was far spent; (5) to go on, take place; ek vil vita, hvat eim lr, how they are getting on; ok sr, hvat lei drykkinum, and sees, how it had gone with his drinking; (6) with preps. and advs., l. af e-u, to depart from; l. af heimi, to depart this life; l. af, to pass away (lr af vetrinn = lr fram vetrinn); impers., l. at e-u, to approach, draw near; en er at lei jlunum, when it drew nigh Yule; l. at e-m, faintness comes over one; n tk at l. at lvi, O. began to get drunk; G. tk stt, en er at honum lei, when he was far spent, near his end; lr at mtti e-s, one's strength gives way; impers., lr e-t, the time draws to a close; ok er lei daginn, when the day was far spent; at linu, in the latter part of a time (um haustit at linu); at linum vetri, towards the end of the winter; l. fram, to pass away, wear on (ok er vrit lei fram); also impers., lr fram e-u = e-t lr fram (er fram lei nttinni ok dr at degi); to advance, proceed (Egill tk at hressast sv sem fram lei at yrkja kvit); impers., er fr lr, when time passes on; lta e-t hj sr l., to let it pass by unheeded; impers., lr mt e-u = lr at e-u (n lr mt jlum); l. um e-t, to pass by (eigi hfir hluti um at l., er); hann spuri, hvat lii um kvit, he asked how the poem was getting on; l. undan, to slip off, pass by; l. undir lok, to pass away, die, perish; l. yfir e-n, to pass over, happen to, befall (mart mun yfir ik l.); eitt skal yfir oss alla l., we shall all share the same fate.
la (lddi), v., rare, = prec.
lendr, m. pl. wayfarers (ok brat lndum l).
lf, n. (1) life; tna lfinu, to lose one's life; taka (ra) e-n af lfi, to take or put and end to one's life; sitja um l. e-s, to attempt or seek one's life; vera lfi, to be alive, living; vera lfi minnr, to be dead; fyrir l. sitt, even if it should cost one's life (eir vilja ekki fyrir l. sitt fr hverfa); lfs, alive; lfs ea ltinn, alive or dead; hvrki lfs n liinn, lfs n daua, neither alive nor dead; (2) body; lfs ok slar, body and soul; esp. the waist, middle (hafi hann vafit klum um lfit); (3) person; at sv fagrt l. skyldi ann veg kveljast, that so fine a man should be tortured in that way.
lfar, a. full of life.
lf-dagar, m. pl. life-days, life.
lferni, n. = lfi (2).
lfga (a), v. to call to life, revive.
lfgan, f. calling to life again.
lf-gjafari, -gjafi, m. preserver of a person's life, rescuer;
-gjöf, f. granting life or pardon to one;
-hinna, f. the peritoneum;
-hrddr, a. fearing for one's life.
lfi, n. (1) life; (2) conduct of life.
lf-lauss, a. lifeless, inanimate (-lausir hlutir);
-lt, n. loss of life, death;
-lta, v. to put to death.
lflts-dagr, m. anniversary of one's death;
-dmr, m. sentence of death;
-verr, a. deserving death.
lf-ligr, a. (1) alive, living; (2) life-supporting (-lig atvinna).
lfs-björg, f. sustenance of life;
-bk, f. biography;
-dgr, n. day of life;
-grs, n. pl. healing herbs;
-hski, m. danger of life, extreme danger;
-hjlp, f. deliverance;
-hvatr, a. active with life;
-leiindi, n. pl. weariness of life;
-mark, n. sign of life (dauamörk s ek honum, en eigi mrk);
-nring, f. food, = -björg;
-saga, f. life history, biography;
-stundir, f. pl. 'life-days';
-tmi, m. life-time;
-tjn, n. loss of life, death;
-vn, f. hope of saving one's life;

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