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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


muntu bezt gefast, er mest liggr vi, when the need is greatest; e-m liggr vi e-u, one is on the verge of; m?rgum l vi bana, many lay at death's door; l vi sjlft, at, ti was just on the point of.
lilja, f. lily (hon var hvt sem l.).
lim, n. foliage, small branches.
limar, pp. (1) branchy, full of branches; (2) limbed; l. mj?k, large-limbed; l. vel, having shapely limbs.
lima-fall, n. paralysis;
-lt, n. mutilation;
-ljtr, a. ugly-limbed;
-margr, a. having many branches.
limar, f. pl. branches (eir h?fu fest skj?ldu sna limar).
lima-v?xtr, m. frame of the body.
lim-byrr, f. burden of faggots.
lim-hlaupa, -hlaupinn, a. indecl. cowed, prostrate.
limr (gen. ar, pl. ir, acc. u), m. (1) limb (halda lfi ok limum); (2) joint of meat (rr limir kj?ts).
lina (a), v. (1) to soften, mitigate; (2) to soothe, alleviate (linit harmi mnum); impers., e-u linar, it abates (vi tak hans linat egar sttinni); (3) l. til, to give way; (4) refl., linast, to be softened, give way ( linuust hugir eirra).
lin-aflar, a. of little strength.
linan, f. mitigation.
lind, f. (1) lime-tree; lindar vi, fre (poet.); (2) linden-shield; (3) linden spear-shaft.
lind, f. source, spring; lindar logi, gold (poet.).
linda-star, m. the waist.
lindi, m. belt, girdle.
lindi-skj?ldr, m. shield of lime-wood;
-tr, n. lime-tree.
lin-hjartar, a. soft-hearted;
-kind, -kinni, f. mercy;
-leikr, m. lenity;
-liga, adv. leniently, gently;
-ligr, a. lenient;
-mr, a. = -minn;
-mltr, pp. mild, gentle in speech;
-minn, a. meek, gentle.
linna (-ta, -t), v. to cease, stop (l. ferinni); impers., e-u linnir, it ceases, abates (en er v linnti, greia eir atrr sinn).
linn-ormr, m. (fabulous) serpent.
linnr, m. serpent (poet.).
linn-vengi, n. 'serpent-field', gold; linnvengis bil, woman (poet.).
linr, a. (1) soft to the touch; (2) gentle, mild (H. var linr ok blr vi alla sna menn); (3) agreeable, pleasant; famast lint, to embrace softly.
lipr (acc. ran), a. handy, adroit.
list (pl. ir), f. (1) art, craft (margar listir r, sem r h?fu eigi fundnar verit); (2) skill, adroitness, dexterity (lk hann marga rttliga fimleika me mikilli l.).
lista, f. list, border.
lista-mar, m. skilled workman, craftsman.
listugr, a. (1) skilled, skilful; (2) polite, elegant.
listu-liga, adv. skilfully, handsomely, finely;
-ligr, a. (1) skilful, clever; (2) elegant, handsome (-ligir menn).
list-vanr, a. skilful, clever.
lita (a), v. to dye (l. sik bli).
litanar-gras, n. dyeing herb.
litar-, gen. from 'litr';
-apt, n., -tta, f., -httr, m. complexion.
lita-skipti, n. change of colour.
litast (a), v. refl, l. um, to look about (n litaist konungr um).
lit-bjartr, a. bright of complexion;
-brigi, n. change of colour;
-f?rttr, a. dappled;
-gdr, a. of fine complexion (-gr andliti);
-gras, n. = litanargras.
litka (a), v. to colour, stain; vel litkar, of a fine hue.
lit-kli, n. pl. coloured (dyed) clothes (not with the natural colour of the wool);
-lauss, a. colourless, pale.
litr (gen. ar, pl. ir, acc. u), m. (1) colour, hue; brega lit, to change colour; blr (grr, hvtr, raur) at lit, blue (grey, white, red) of colour; (2) the colour of the sky, at dawn or dusk; en er eir kmu upp heiina, kenndu eir, at lit br, they saw the day break; tk at kenna annars litar, then it began to grow dusk; (3) dye (skja grs til litar).
litr, a. hued, coloured (vel, illa l.).
lit-verpast (t), v. refl. to change colour;
-verpr, a. pale (from fear).
l, n. strong ale (l heitir l).
la (li; lei, lium; liinn), v. (1) to go, pass, glide (er skipit lei fram hj flotanum); l. e-m r hug, to pass out of one's memory; (2) to

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