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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


li-skylfr, a. requiring many people (vr h?fum skip mikit ok skylft).
lis-laun, n. pl. reward for help rendered;
-mar, m. follower, warrior;
-menn, the men of one's army;
-munr, m. odds;
-samnar, m. = lisamnar;
-urfi, a. in need of help;
-urft, f., -?rf, f. need of help.
liug-liga, adv. willingly, readily (geri . at vel ok liugliga).
liugr, a. (1) lithe, supple; (2) free, unhindered (skal Grettir fara l. angat, sem hann vill); (3) unoccupied, disengaged; (4) easy, fluent of language (me liugri norrnu).
li-vani, a. lacking means (men);
-vaskr, a. doughty, valiant;
-veizla, f. succour, support.
liveizlu-mar, m. supporter.
lifa (lifi, lifa, lifat), v. (1) to be left (er rijungr lifi ntr); mean ld lifir, while the world stands; (2) to live; mean hann lifi, while he lived; at sr lifanda, in his life-time; lifa eptir e-n, to survive one (verr mar eptir annan at l.); l. vi e-t, to live on, feed on (eir lifu n vi reka ok smdri); (3) to burn, of fire (lifi ar eldr skla).
lifandis, adv. alive; vera l. = vera lfs, lfi;
-hlutr, m. living thing;
-skepna, f. living creature.
lifr, a. endowed with life, living; betra er lifum en s lifum, better to be living than lifeless.
lifendr, m. pl. the living.
lifinn, a. living, = lifr.
lifna (a), v. (1) to be left; (2) to come to life, revive (konungr hugi, at hn mundi l.).
lifnaar-lengd, f. length (duration) of life (-lengd mannsins).
lifnar, m. (1) conduct of life; (2) convent life, convent.
lifr (gen. and pl. lifrar), f. liver.
liggja (ligg; l, lgum; leginn), v. (1) to lie (?r liggr ar ti vegginum); l. sjkr, to lie sick (hann liggr sjkr heima); eir lgu srum, they lay ill of their wounds; (2) to lie buried (hr liggr skld); (3) to lie at anchor (hann lagi til hafnar ok l ar um hr); liggja verfastr, to lie weather-bound; (4) to lie, be situated, of a place (orp ok borgir, er lgu vi rki hans); (5) to lie, go, lead, of a road (liggr gata til bjarins); (6) to be covered with ice, ice-bound (vetrar-rki var mikit ok lgu firir allir); (7) to lie with, have sexual intercourse with, = l. hj konu; (8) with preps. and advs., l. e-m, to lie heavy on, weigh upon, oppress (liggja mr hugir strra manna); l. hlsi e-m, to hang on one's neck, blame one; l. e-m, to be fated to one (at l konungi, at hann skyldi eigi lifa um tu vetr); l. . e-u, to attend, be connected with ( essum rum liggja strmeinbugir); to be urgent, of importance, pressing (A. kva honum eigi l. at at vita); liggr honum ekki , it does not matter to him; l. knyttum, to pursue wicked courses; l. eptir, to be left undone (skal ekki eptir l. at, sem vr megum eim veita); l. fyrir e-m, to lie in wait for; l. fyrir, to be in store for, or open to, one; tti mr at r fyrir l., at sendir menn, that the best thing would be to send men; l. hj e-rri, to lie with (l ek hj dttur inni); l. e-u, to stick or sink in (lgu hestarnir kafi snjnum); l. , to stick fast in mire or bog (liggr hestrinn undir eim); l. hernai, vkingu, to be engaged in warfare; l. niri, to lie untold (n skal at eigi niri liggja, er honum er mest vegsemd ); l. saman, to be adjacent (lgu saman skgar eirra Lopts); l. til e-s, to belong to (naut ok sauir, l at til Atleyjar); btr liggja til alls, there is atonement for every case; to be due or proper (tti at til l. at taka af honum tignina); l. til byrjar, to lie by for a fair wind; l. til hafs, to lie ready for sea (l biskup til hafs sex vikur); l. um e-n, to lie in wait for; l. um e-t, to be bent upon (hann liggr um at ntt ok dag at veita yr lflt); l. undir e-n or e-m, to be subject to, belong to (essi l?nd liggja undir Danakonung); hlutr e-s liggr undir, one is worsted; l. ti, to lie out, not in a house (sumir lgu ti fj?llum me b sn); l. vi, to lie at stake (lf mitt liggr vi);

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