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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


secret path;
-grf, f. hidden pit;
-hera, n. secluded district;
-liga, adv. secretly;
-ligr, a. hidden, secret;
-stigr, m. = -gata;
-vgr, m. hidden creek;
-vegr, m. secret way.
leysa (-ta, -tr), v (1) to loose, loosen, untie, undo (tk Skrmir ok leysti nest-bagga sinn); 1. knt to undo a knot; (2) impers. is dissolved, breaks up (skipit leysi undir eim); snj, s leysir, the snow thaws, the ice breaks up; rnar (vtn) leysir or sa leysir af vtnum, the ice breaks up on the rivers; (3) to absolve (biskup sagist eigi mega leyas ); (4) to free, set free, release (l. e-n r nau, af rildmi); (5) to discharge, pay (bndr hetu jarli strf at l. at gjald, er var kveit); (6) l. or l. af hendi, to perform, do (vel hefir leyst itt erendi); (7) to redeem, purchase (vil ek l. landit til mn); (8) to solve (a difficulty); hann leysti hvers manns vandri, he helped every man in distress; (9) to send away, dismiss (Oddr leysir menn aan me gum gjfum); (10) to get rid of, dispatch (seint skist vrum flaga at l. enna kunna mann); (11) with preps. and advs. l. e-n brott, to dismiss( leysti smundr hann brott me gum gjfum); l. e-n frae-u, to rid one of a thing; l. or e-u, to solve, explain, answer (K. leysti r v llu froliga, sem hann spuri); l. e-t sundr, to dissolve; l. e-n undan e-u to release from, acquit of; l. e-n t to redeem (m vera, at nir at l. hann t han); to dismiss guests (leysti konungr t me smiligum gjfum); to pay out (leysit Hskuldr t f hans); (12) refl. leysast, to decompose (tk hold eirra at rtna ok l. af kulda); to absent oneself (leystist sv hdan nstum, at r var engi vn lfs af mr); fig. to get oneself clear (megu vr eigi annat tla, en leysast af nkkuru eptir slfk strvirki).
leysingi (gen ja),m freedman
leysingja, f, freedwoman.
li, n. (1) host, folk, people; fyra l., the people; eir vru allir eins lis, they were all of one party; vera einn sins lis, to be alone; (2) family, household (li mitt er heima bjarglaust); (3) troops, host; samma lii, to gather troops; (4) aid, assistance; veita e-m li, to aid; koma e-m at lii, to come to one's assistance.
li, n. poet. (1) ale (cf. 'li'); (2) ship.
liast (a), v. refl. to fall in curls (s mar hafi gult hr, ok liaist allt herar nir).
li-drttr, m. =lisdrttr;
-drjugr, a. strong, powerful;
-fr, a. short of men;
-f, f. scarcity of men;
-frr, a. able-bodied;
-gr, a. good at doing; handy;
-henda, -hending, f. a kind of metre.
lii, m. (1) follower (liar at eru fylgarmenn); (2) levy-district.
li-liga, adv. adroitly, handily;
-ligr, a. adroit, handy;
-ltill, a. (1) having few men; (2) of little use;
-mannliga, adv. adroitly;
-mannligr, a. adroit, handy;
-margr, a. having many men;
-mikill, a. = -margr;
-mjkr, a. lithe, limber (melimjkum fingrum)
lir (gen. ar; pl. ir, acc. u) m. (1) joint of the body (li kalla menn at manni, er leggir mtast); ftrinn stkk or lii, the foot went out of joint; fra (ft) li, to set in joint again; (2) hann var flleitr ok l. nefi, he was pale-looking and hook-nosed; (3) degree (of kindred), generation.
li-rkr, a. rejected from a li.
lis-afli, m. forces, troops.
li-samligr, a. likely to be helpful;
-samnar, m. gathering of troops;
-samr, a. ready to help;
lis-beini, m. giving help, assistance;
-bn, f. prayer for help;
-drttr, m. assembling troops.
li-semd, f. assistance.
lis-fjldi, m. greathost;
-hfingi, m. captain of a host.
li-sinna (a), v. (1) to assist, with dat. (-sinna e-m); (2) to further, with acc. (hefir hn v heitit at sinna etta ml);
-sinnaa, pp. ready to help one (e-m);
-sinni, n. help, assistance.
lisinnis-mar, m. helper.
li-skortr, m. lack of men.
lis-kostr, m. military force.

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