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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


lausingi (pl. -jar), m. = leysingi.
laus-leikr, m. looseness;
-liga, adv. loosely;
-ligr, a. loose, unsteady;
-lyndi, n. looseness of mind, fickleness;
-lti, n. = lyndi;
-mll, a. loose or unreliable of speech;
-mlgi, f. looseness of speech;
-mli, n. pl. breach of word.
lausn (-ar, -ir), f. (1) release, liberation; (2) ransom; (3) absolution from ban or sin (hann tk lausn af sjlfum pfanum); (4) release from a duty; (5) decision, judgemnent (segja fram lausnir mla); eiga lausn mli, to decide in a case.
lausnari, m. the Redeemer.
lausnar-mark, n. badge of redemption;
-tiindi, n. pl. loose news.
laus-orr, a. -mll.
lauss, a. (1) loose, opp. to 'fastr', 'bundinn' (hon hafi laust hrit sem meyjum er ttt); vera l., to get loose; eldr var l., fire broke out; lta e-t laust, to let loose, yield up; liggja laust fyrir, to be easy to seize upon; (2) free, unimpeded, unencumbered (gakk l. yfir brna); ra l., to ride without baggage; (3) disengaged (free) from, with gen. (vit erum lausir allra svardaga); (4) void, riot binding (n er laus vejan okkar); (5) vacant (viljum vr gefa yr Olafskirkju, v at hn er n laus); (6) light (l. svefn); (7) empty, without a cargo (sigla lausum skipum); (8) movable; lnd ok lausir aurar, lands and movable property; (9) absolved from ban; (10) in compds. mostly suffixed to a subst., often in gen., - less (mein-, sak-, vit-lauss, athuga, aunu-, lta-lauss).
laus-tkr, a. easily taken.
lausung, f. (1) 'leasing', lying, falsehood; (2) loose life, life of a libertine.
lausungar-fullr, a. thoughtless, inconsiderate;
-gu, n. false god;
-kona, f. loose woman;
-mar, m. libertine;
-or, n. deceit.
laus-yri, n. and f. loose (unreliable) talk (lausyri ok lygi).
laut, f. hollow place.
lax (pl. laxar), m. salmon.
lax-, f. salmon river;
-ganga, f. shoals of salmon entering rivers;
-veir, f. salmon-fishing.
laz, n. lace (for. word).
laza (a), v. to adorn with lace.
l (pl. lr), f. the line of shoal water along the shore.
l, f. (?) blood, (?) warmth.
l, n. poet. land.
l-mar, m. loadsman, pilot.
lfi, m. threshing-floor, barn floor.
lg, f. a felled tree, log.
lga-messa, f., -sngr, m. the 'low chant' (in the Roman Catholic Mass).
l-garr, m. the surf (cf. 'l ').
, n. low land, flat land;
-liga, adv. lowly, gently;
-ligr, a. low in stature;
-mltr, pp. low-spoken, low-voiced.
lgr (lgri, lgstr), a. (1) low, low down ( er sl er lg um kveldit); bera lgt hfuit, to carry the head low, be discomfited; fara lgra, to be lowered, humbled; (2) short (hggspjt lgu skafti), short of stature (lgr sem dvergr ok digr); (3) low, humble (lgr at burum); bera lgra hlut, to get the worst of it, be worsted; (4) low, of the voice (hann svarar ok heldr lgt).
lg-raustar, a. low voiced;
-skeptr, pp. with a short handle;
-talar, pp. speaking in a low voice;
-vaxinn, pp. short of stature.
lmr, m. hand, paw.
ln, n. (1) loan; at lni, as a loan; hafa at lni, to get on credit; (2) fief; hafa at lni = hafa at lni.
lna (a), v. to lend (etta er lnsf, er ymsir menn hafa lnat mr).
lnar-drottinn, m. liege-lord, lord, master (hann tti vel hafa fylgt snum lnardrttni).
ln-f, n. lent (borrowed) money;
-hross, n. borrowed horse;
-kli, n. pl. borrowed clothes.
lns-f, n. = lnf.
ls-bogi, m. crossbow.
ls-lausa, a. unlocked.
lss (pl. lsar), m. lock; hurin var lsi, the door was locked.
ls-r, f. crossbow bolt.
lt, n. (1) loss (eir sgu konungil. sitt); (2) death, decease (ek segi r l. Eyvindar brur ns); (3) in pl.

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