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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-, f. long duration;
-liga, adv. for a long time;
-ligr, a. long-lasting;
-r, a. -ligr (-r frir).
lasinn, a., las-meyrr (-mrr), a. weak, feeble, decrepit.
last, n. blame, vituperation.
lasta (a), v. to blame, speak ill of.
lasta-, gen. pl. from 'lstr';
-fullr, a. faulty, depraved (-fullt lf);
-lauss, a. faultless, guileless.
lastan, f. reproach, blame.
lastanar-or, n. pl. words of blame.
lastan-ligr, a. reprehensible.
last-auigr, a. vicious, evil;
-ligr, a. disparaging;
-mli, n. pl. slander;
-samr, a. slanderous;
-varliga, adv. without guilt or sin;
-varr, a. guilt-less, virtuous;
-veri, f. righteousness.
lata (a), v. impers., e-m latar, one becomes slow, slackens; linu latar, the snow-storm abates.
latna, f. Latin (language).
latnu-bk, f., -brf, n., -dikt, n. Latin book, document, composition;
-klerkr, m., -lrr, pp. Latin clerk, scholar;
-mar, m. (1) Latin, Roman; (2) Latin scholar, Latinist;
-ml, n. = -tunga;
-skldskapr, m. Latin poetry;
-stafrof, n. Latin alphabet;
-tunga, f. Latin tongue.
lat-liga, adv. slowly, negligently.
latr, a. slow, lazy.
latn, n. latten, brass.
laur, n. (1) lather; (2) froth, foam of the sea (alda lauri faldin).
lauf, n. leaf, foliage.
laufa-drttr, m. embroidery representing leaves.
laufgar, pp. leafy, covered with leaves (mrar timbr mli laufgat).
laufgast (a), v. to come into leaf, put forth leaves.
lauf-grnn, a. leaf-green, verdant;
-segl, n.; sigla me -segli, to take things easy;
-skli, m. arbour, bower;
-steindr, pp. leaf-dyed, = -grnn;
-vir, m. leafy wood.
laug (-ar, -ar), f. (1) bath; (2) hot spring (fyrir sunnan na eru laugar).
lauga (a), v. to bathe (kona laugai barn sitt); refl., laugast, to bathe, take a bath (laugaist konungr nni Jordan); to coat, overlay (skjldr laugar rauu gulli).
laugar-aptann, m. Saturday evening;
-dagr, m. Saturday;
-kveld, n. =        -aptann;
-morginn, m. Saturday morning;
-ntt, f. Saturday night (the night between Saturday and Sunday);
-vatn, n. bathing water.
lauka-garr, m. leek-garden.
laukr (-s, -ar), m. leek, garlic.
laun, n. pl. reward, recompense.
laun, f. secrecy, concealment; (or me) laun, secretly.
laun-barn, n. natural child;
-blt, n. secret worship of the gods;
-dyrr, f. pl. secret doorway;
-festar, f. pl. secret betrothal;
-fundr, m. secret meeting;
-getinn, pp. illegitimate, natural;
-krr, a. dealing in secrets, mysterious;
-kona, f. concubine;
-koss, m. secret kiss;
-mar, m. a hidden (sham) person;
-mli, n. pl. secret talk;
-r, n. secret device;
-st, f. ambush;
-stt, f. secret agreement;
-stefna, f. = -fundr;
-stigr, m. secret path;
-stuldr, m. pilfering, theft;
-stt, f. = -stt;
-tal, n. secret talk.
launung, f. concealment, secrecy af (, me) launungu, secretly.
laun-vgr, m. hidden creek;
-vg, n. secret manslaughter;
-ing, n. = -fundr, -stefna.
laupr (-s, -ar), m. (1) basket, box; (2) the framework of a building.
lausa-brullaup, a. improvised wedding;
-b, f. extemporized booth;
-eyrir, m., -f, n. movable property, chattels;
-fjl, f. loose board;
-gz, n. = -f;
-kjr, n. pl. loose conditions, void bargain;
-klofi, m. diphthong;
-kli, n. pl. loose (outer) garments;
-mar, m. able-bodied labourer who has no fixed home;
-mjm, f. a trick with the hip in wrestling;
-snjr, m. loose snow;
-taug, f. loose (reserve) strap;
-vir, m. loose logs, planks;
-vsa, f. a single verse (not forming part of a poem).
laus-beizlar, pp. loose-bridled;
-eygr, a. with unsteady eyes;
-gejar, -ger, a. fickle-minded;
-grttr, a. with loose pebbles;
-gyrr, pp. loose-girthed, without a belt;
-hrr, a. with loose (flowing) hair;
-hugar, a. = -gejar.

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