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Viktor Rydberg's Investigations into Germanic Mythology Volume II  : Part 2: Germanic Mythology
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


produce of the land;
-ofringi, m. landlouper;
-rttr, m. the law of the land, public law;
-sir, m. custom of the land;
-skattr, m. land tax;
-skipan, f. = -sir;
-skipti, n. division of land;
-skyld, f. landskyld;
-stjrn, f. = landstjrn.
land-stjrn, f. government;
-sur, n. south-east, opp. to 'tsur'.
lands-vn, f. = landvn;
-venja, f. = -sir;
-viring, f. taxation of land;
-vist, f. right or permission to reside in a land.
land-synningr, m. south-east wind;
-sn, f. sight of land; -sn, in sight of land; r -sn, out of sight of land;
-taka, f. taking land, landing;
-tjald, n. land tent;
-vanr, a. acquainted with the country;
-vn, f. prospect of reaching land.
landvarnar-mar, m. a man entrusted or charged with the defence of the country against invaders.
land-vegr, m. a way by land, opp. to 'sjvegr'; fara -veg, to travel by land;
-viri, n. land wind;
-vrt, a. n., eiga -vrt, to have residence in a country open to one;
-vttr, f. guardian spirit of a country;
-vrn, f. defence of the land.
langa (a), v. to long for; impers., mik langar til e-s, I long for a thing.
langa (gen. lngu), f. ling (fish).
langa-fasta, f. the long-fast, Lent;
-frjdagr, m. Good Friday.
lang-ss, m. longitudinal beam, opp. to 'vertr';
-bakki, m., in the phrase, skjta e-u -bakka to put of;
-bekkr, m. long bench (along the side of the hall), opp. to 'verbekkr';
-eldar, m. pl. long fires (along the middle of the hall);
-ermar, f. pl. long sleeves;
-fegar, m. pl. ancestors on the father's side.
langfega-tal, n., -tala, f. list or roll of 'langfegar', pedigree;
-tt, f. the lineage of 'langfegar' (from father to son).
lang-fer, m. pl. = -fegar.
lang-fer, f. long-journey.
langfera-mar, m. far traveller.
lang-frami, m. lasting fame;
-fttr, a. long-legged;
-fr, f. = -fer;
-hlsar, a. long-necked;
-hendr, a. long-handed;
-hyggia, f. long-suffering;
-hfar, a. long-beaked (of a ship);
-knakkr, m. long bench;
-lega, f. long stay (of a weather-bound ship);
-leggr, m. the long leg, shank;
-leii, n. long distance;
-leitr, a. long-faced;
-liinn, pp. 'long gone'; eptir -liit, after a long time;
-liga, adv. for a long time past;
-lfi, n. long life, longevity;
-lfr, a. long-lived;
-loka, f. a kind of eight-lined verse;
-minnigr, a. (1) having a long memory; (2) long to be remembered;
-mlgi, f., -mli, n. long-winded talk;
-mltr, pp. long-spoken, long-winded;
-nefjar, a. long--nosed;
-nijar, m. pl. descending lineage on the father's side;
-orf, n. long scythe-handle;
-pallr, m. dais along the hall.
langr, a. (1) long, of space and time (langt sver, lng stund); (2) neut., langt, long, far, distant; eir ttu eigi langt til eyjarinnar, they had no long distance to the island; (3) e-m er langt at e-m, one is interested in a person; hvat er yr langt at essum mnnum, what interest do you take in these men?; (4) long, wearisome (r mun langt ykkja hr heiinni).
lang-rei, f. long ride;
-rki, n. rancour, unforgiving spirit;
-rkr a. unforgiving;
-ra, f. long tall
-rr, a. long-winded;
-skepta, f. long-shafted spear;
-skeptr, pp. longshafted;
-skip,. n. long ship, war ship (par lgu langskip mrg).
langakipa-menn, m. pl. the crew of a long ship.
lang-skr, f. the lower hem of a tent;
-stainn, pp. of old date, long-standing;
-stll, m. long seat;
-strti, m. long street;
-snn, a. far-sighted
-si, f. far sight;
-sr, a. = -snn;
-talar, pp. long-spoken;
-igr, a. = -rkr;
-vari, m. long duration til -vara, to last long;
-vaxinn, pp. longish;
-v, n. guillemot, sea-hen;
-viri, n. long-continued weather;
-vinr, m. a friend of long standing;
-vist, f. long stay; -vistum, as adv. staying long (vera -vistum e-s staar);

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