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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


landit fyrir Dnum); t lnd, into foreign lands; (4) land, estate ( landi annars manns).
landa-, gen. pl. from 'land';
-brigi, n. redemption of land;
-eign, f. land-owning;
-fundr, m. discovery of new lands;
-leit, f. exploration, voyage of discovery;
-merki, n. pl. boundaries (of an estate);
-mri, n. borderland, boundary;
-ripting, f. = landa-brigi;
-skipan, f. geography;
-skipti, n. (1) division of land; (2) boundary; (3) exchange of land.
land-aun, f. depopulation, devastation;
-aurar, m. pl. 'land-dues', a tax which Icelanders had to pay to the king on their arrival in Norway; a land tax had also to be paid for license of traveling or trading abroad;
-bori, m. the 'landward' side;
-brig, f.= landa-brigi;
-bi, m.= landsbi;
-eigandi, m. land-owner;
-eign, f. estate;
-ekla, f. lack of land;
-eya, f. 'land-waster' (the name of a standard);
-fastr, a. 'land-fast'; vera -fastr, to reach the land, arrive;
-festar, f. pl. shore-ropes, moorings;
-fltti, a. fled from the land; -flmdr, pp. driven out of the land, exiled;
-fss, a. eager to make the land (of sailors);
-ganga, f. landing, disembarking;
-gangr, m. running ashore (of shoals of fish);
-gzla, f. defence of the land;
-hallt, adv. keeping along the shore (fara, sigla -hallt);
-herr, m. (1) people of the land; (2) land troops;
-hlutr, m. the landowner's share;
-hreinsan, f. clearing the land of miscreants.
landi, m. (one's) countryman (landar vrir); Icelander(= mrlandi).
land-kaup, n. purchase of land;
-kostr, m. the quality of the land;
-knnur, m. a settler's mark;
-menn, m. pl. = landsmenn;
-munr, m. home-sickness, nostalgia; e-m leika -munir, one feels homesick;
-nm, n. taking possession of land as settler, settlement.
landnma-bk, f. the history of the settlement (of Iceland);
-mar, m. settler;
-t, f., -tmi, m. the time of the settlement.
landnms-kona, f, female settler;
-mar, m. settler (Inglfr var frgastr allra landnmsmanna).
land-norr, n. north-east, opp, to tnorr';
-nyringr, m. north-east wind;
-r, n. pl. (1) government of the land (hann var fyrir llum-rum); (2) high treason. landra-mar, m. (1) governor; (2) traitor.
land-rn, n. the harrying of a land;
-reki, m. poet. protector of the land, king;
-rgnir, m. poet. prince, king.
lands-aun, f. depopulation of a land;
-brig, f. = landabrigi;
-bruni, m. destruction of the land by fire;
-b, n. -byg;
-bi, m. (1) inhabitant; (2) tenant;
-byg, f. (1) the peopled land; (2) tenantry;
-btr, f. pl. improvements in a land;
-deild, f. partition of land;
-drttinn, m. landlord;
-endi, m. land's end.
land-seti, m. tenant;
-seyra, n. general famine.
lands-fjrungr, m. quarter of the land (of Iceland);
-fltti, m. exile, banishment;
-flk, n. the people (inhabitants) of a land;
-frir, m. public peace;
-gzla, f. guarding or defence of the land;
-herr, m.= -folk;
-horn, n. the land's end.
landshorna-mar, m. landlouper.
lands-hfingi, m. great chief of the land (hann barist mt -ingjum).
land-skai, m. damage to the land;
-skapr, m. custom of the land (sakir -skapar ok fornrar venju);
-skekill, m. outskirt of land;
-skipan, f. (1) government of a land; (2) = landaskipan;
-skipti, n. = landsskipti;
-skjlfti, m. earthquake;
-skortr, m. lack of land.
lands-kostr, m. (1) posession of land; (2) quality of the land.
land-skyld, f. rent of land.
lands-lag, -leg, n. nature (physical conditions) of a land;
-leiga, f. land rent;
-lr, m. = -flk;
-lg, n. pl. law of the land, public law;
-mar, m. inhabitant (native) of a country;
-megin, n. the main power of the land (as to strength or area);
-mgr, m. the common people;
-nytjar, f. pl.

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