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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


laa (a), v. (1) to bid, invite (l. gesti); (2) to lead (l. menn til eilfrar slu); (3) refl., laast, to be drawn (laast allir til Broddhelga).
la-or, n. invitation; iggja -or at e-m, to accept an invitation.
larnn, m. robber.
lafa (lafi, lafa, lafat), v. to hang-loosely, dangle.
lafi, f. lady ( ert vr lafi). laf-hrddr, a. quaking with fear. lag, n. (1) stratum, layer; (2) due place, right position; leggja stri l., to ship the rudder; ganga r lagi, to go wrong; fru n brnn hans 1., his brows became smooth and straight; koma lagi e-t, to put to rights, get a thing into order; komast vel 1., to fall into good order; (3) companionship, fellowship, leggja (binda) saman 1. sitt, to enter into fellowship; (4) living together (hann rst til lags vi Beru); (5) cohabitation; eiga l. vi konu, to cohabit; (6) market price, tax; leggja l. varning manna, to set or regulate the market price; (7) thrust, stab (with a knife, sword, or spear); (8) air, tune; (9) adverbial phrases; tvennu lagi, in two parts, double; llu lagi, in every respect, quite; sumu (mrgu) lagi, in same (many) respects; with compar. or superl., denoting degree; meira lagi, considerably, rather; fyrra lagi, rather early, among the earliest; verra lagi, amongthe worst; hljara lagi, rather silent; nrra lagi, rather close; ann dag svaf Unnr lengra lagi, U. slept that day longer than she was wont; Helias var fyrsta lagi spmanna, H. was one of the first of prophets; elzta lagi sona hans, among the oldest of his sons; minnsta lag, the least share.
laga (a), v. to prepare, make ready (lagat var drykkju).
laga-, gen. pl. from 'lg';
-afbrigi, n. breach of law;
-beizla, f. lawful demand;
-bo, n. statute;
-bk, f. law-book,=lgbk;
-brjtr, m. law-breaker;
-brot, n. breach of law;
-eir, m. lawful oath, = lgeir;
-frtt, f. legal inquiry;
-grein, f. article of law;
-gzla, f. maintenance of the law;
-hald, n. keeping of the law;
-hellur, f. pl. the tables of the law;
-kaup. n. legal bargain;
-kvnfang, n. lawful marriage;
-lritr, m., -lritti, n. lawful protest;
-lstr, m. evasion of law;
-mar, m. man of law, lawyer;
-rskurr, m. legal decision;
-prf. n. legal proof;
-rtting, f. lawmending;
-rttr, m. legal, personal right;
-setning, f. legislation;
-skilnar, m. legal divorce;
-skipan, f. (1) legislation; (2) ordering of the law;
-skipti, n. change of law;
-vegr, m. lawful course.
lagr, m. tuft of wool (ullar-lagr) or hair (rggr ea lagr).
lag-klauf, f. the pastern (of sheep).
lag-liga, adv. meetly, handsomely;
-ligr, a. meet, fit (-ligr skilnar).
lagnar-, gen from 'lgn';
-skip, n. -skta, f. a boat for net-fishing.
lags-kona, f. concubine;
-mar, m. companion, comrade.
lag-vpn, n. weapon for thrusting or stabbing (opp. to 'hggvpn').
, m. third stomach in ruminating animals (feljttr sem laki).
lakr, a. (1) lacking in quality (at li, sem lakast var); (2) deficient (in weight). lamb, n. lamb.
lambar, pp. with lamb, = lembdr.
lamb-burr, m. lambing;
-hagi, m. pasture for lambs;
-hs, n. pl. lamb sheds;
-lauss, a. without a lamb;
-skinn, n. lamb's skin (in 'lambskinns-kofri');
-r, f. ewe with lamb.
lami, a. lame, maimed.
lamning, f. thrashing.
lampi, m. lamp.
land, n. (1) land, opp. to sea; lands ea lagar, on land or sea; taka l., to land; nema l., to take land as a settler; (2) the (opposite) bank (of a river, bay, fjord); inn me ru landi ok ru t, in along one side and out along the other; (3) country (verja

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