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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


kyssa (-ta, -tr), v. to kiss; k. hnd e-m, to kiss one's hand (in homage); recipr., kyssast, to kiss one another, kyssi-ligr, a. fit to be kissed.
kytja, f. hovel, small cottage.
kla (-da, -dr), v. to fill; k. vmb sna (k. sik) e-u, to fill one's belly with; k. l, to swill ale, drink hard.
kli, n. boil, abscess; grpa klinu, to touch a sore place.
kll, m. bag; hann bar kl rs, he carried Thor's knapsack; karl ok k., beggar and scrip.
kmi-liga, adv. in a funny manner;
-ligr, a. amusing, funny.
kr (gen. kr, dat. and acc. k; pl. kr, gen. ka, dat. km), f. cow.
kr-fr, n. cow's fodder;
-h, f. cow's hide;
-hvalr, m. a kind of whale;
-lag, n. a cow's value.
kkinn, a. ill-mannered.
kna., f. a kind of boat.
kra (-a, -r), v. (1) to discuss, debate (eir kru etta um hr milli sn); (2) to bring forward, mention; herra R. kri krankleik sinn, pleaded his illness; k. vandri sn fyrir e-m to disclose one's troubles to one; (3) to complain of (eir kru mjk hlaup hans); (4) to accuse, make a charge against one (k. e-n um jfna); k. e-n, to lay to one's charge (Svar kru mjk Hkon konung, at hann hafi brennt Vermaland); k. sik, to complain, murmur (egar bndr tku at kra sik).
kra, f. complaint; murmur.
kr-leikr, m. friendly terms, intimacy (vera miklum -leik, or -leikum vi e-n); komast -leika vi e-n, to ingratiate oneself with one;
-liga, adv. lovingly, dearly;
-ligr, a. dear, beloved; loving.
krr, a. (1) dear, beloved (k, e-m); (2) intimate, close (var me eim hin krsta vintta); (3) k. at e-m, fond of (k. at gum hestum).
krsla, f. complaint, = kra.
kta (-tta, -ttr), v. to gladden; refl., ktast, to be gladdened, rejoice (tk konungr at k).
kti, f. cheerfulness, gladness.
kfa (-a, -r), v. to choke, drown (eir vildu k. hann lauginni); k. ljs, to quench a light.
kja, v. to disturb (rare).
kla (-da, -dr), v. to cool.
kni, f. = knleikr.
kn-leikr, m. cleverness, sagacity;
-liga, adv. cleverly, skilfully;
-ligr, a. judicious, prudent.
knn, a. (1) wise; knna (gen. pl.) hverr, every wise man; (2) skilful, expert; k. vi e-t, skilful in a thing (k. vi leika, orrostur, allan riddaraskap). knska, f. craft, sagacity.
kggull (pl. kglar), m. joint (in the fingers and toes).
kgla (a), v. to steal a glance (til e-s, at one).
kgur-barn, n. bantling, infant.
kgurr (dat. kgri, pl. kgrar), m. a quilt with fringe, counterpane.
kgur-sveinn, m. = -barn.
kkkr (dat. kekki, pl. kekkir), m. lump, in 'snkkkr', snow-ball.
klsugr, a. pert, saucy.
kmbttr, a. crested (cf. 'kambr').
kngull (pl. knglar), m. cluster, bunch, in 'vnberjakngull'.
kngur-vfa, f. spider.
kppu-steinn, m. boulder.
kpur-mll, a. bantering;
-yri, n. pl. banter.
kr (gen. karar), f. bed (of sickness, etc.); liggja k., to lie bedridden; leggjast k., to become bedridden.
kr, n. choice, election, = kjr.
ks (gen. kasar), f. heap, pile.
kstr (gen. kastar, dat. kesti; pl. kestir, acc. kstu), m. pile (bera saman kst).
ksungr, m. sleeveless jacket.
kttr (gen. kattar, dat. ketti; pl. kettir, acc. kttu), m. cat (sr kttrinn msina?).

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