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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


kyndil-messa, f. Candlemas, the feast of the purification.
kyndugr, a. guileful, cunning.
kyndug-skapr, m. guile, wiliness.
kyn-fer, f., -feri, n. kindred, extraction;
-fylgja, f. (1) family characteristic, peculiarity; (2) kind, nature; (3) kindred.
kyngi, f. knowledge of magic; kyngi kraptr, magical power.
kyn-gor, a. of good family;
-gfugr, a. of noble extraction.
kynjar, a. descended, born; sprung from a place (hvaan ertu k. ?).
kynja-lauss, a. 'without wonders', natural; er eigi -laust um hann, there is something wrong with him;
-lti, n. pl. strange gestures;
-mein, n. strange illness;
-menn, m. pl. ' wonder people', fairies, goblins;
-stt, f. = -mein;
-vetr, m. 'wonder-winter'.
kyn-kvsl, f. lineage, pedigree; branch;
-leggr, m. = tt-leggr.
kyn-liga, adv. strangely.
kynlig-leikr, m. a strange thing.
kyn-ligr, a. strange, wonderful, extraordinary (me kynligu mti); e-m grist -ligt, one feels strange.
kyn-lkr, a. resembling (-lkr e-m);
-ltill, a. of low extraction;
-margr, a. of various kinds;
-mt, n. (specific) look or appearance.
kynna (-ta, -tr), v. to make known; k. sr e-t, to make oneself acquainted with, study (k. sr kaupskap); hverr mun k. oss til konungs, who will show us the way to the king; refl., kynnast, to become known, come abroad; k. e-u, to become acquainted with; e-m kynnist e-t, one gets acquainted with; k. e-t, to study (= kynna sr e-t); k. vi en, to make acquaintance with one.
kynni, n. (1) way, fashion, nature (kaupum vel saman, at er vina k.); (2) affairs, circumstances (au ein eru k. heima at n); (3) kindred, kinsmen (mr ykkir sem munir eiga hr k.); Glmr var rjr ntr at k. snu, with his kinsmen; (4) friendly visit to a friend or kinsman; leita (koma til) kynnis, skja k., fara k., fara til kynnis, to make a visit; sitja at k., to stay on a visit.
kynni-liga, adv. = kunnliga (eir kvddust kynniliga).
kynning, f. acquaintance with, knowledge of (k. e-s).
kynnis-fer, f. journey on a visit;
-gjf, f. gift to a visitor;
-leit,'-skn, f. visit;
-vist, f. stay on a visit.
kyn-rkr, a. of great extraction, noble (straugir ok kynrkir).
kynsl, n. pl. wonders, strange things.
kyn-sl, f. kindred, progeny.
kyns-mar, m. kinsman, descendant.
kyn-smr, a. of low extraction;
-sm, f. low extraction;
-stafr, m. scion;
-strr, a. of noble extraction.
kynstr, n. pl. strange, prodigious things; magical acts or arts.
kyn-str, f. noble extraction;
-sll, a. blessed with good and great offspring;
-vani, a. wanting in kindred;
-ttr, m. lineage.
kyr, f. rest, tranquillity; me k., quietly; (at, ) kyrum, in quiet.
kyrfi-ligr, a. humble, mean.
kyrking, f. choking, strangulation.
kyrkja (-ta, -tr), v. to strangle or choke (hengdr ea kyrktr).
kyrpingr (s-, -ar), m. weakling(?)
kyrr, a. (1) still, quiet, at rest; halda vpni kyrru, to hold a weapon at rest; sitja um kyrt, to remain quiet; setjast um kyrt, to take to rest (in life); halda kyrru fyrir, not to stir; (2) neut., kyrt, as adv. gently; tak kyrt ar , touch it gently.
kyrra (-a, -r), v. to calm, still; impers., kyrrir sjinn, the sea becomes calm; refl., kyrrast, to become calm (en er kyrist strtinu).
kyrra, f. calmness, calm (kyrra var sjnum).
kyrr-ltr, a. calm, peaceful, tranquil;
-leikr, m. tranquillity;
-liga, adv. quietly, calmly;
-ligr, a. calm;
-seta, f. sitting (living) at rest; setjast -setu, to take rest in life; hafa setu, to have rest;
-setja (see setja), v. to sequester;
-sti, n. = -seta.
kyrtill (-s, pl. kyrtlar), m. kirtle, tunic (k. ok yfirhfn).
kyrtils-bla, n. the lap of a kirtle;
-kli, n. cloth for a kirtle;
-lauss, a. without a kirtle;
-skaut, n. -bla.

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