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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


ast); skera e-n kvikvan, to dissect alive; (2) lively, glad (sv verr herrinn k. vi enna kvitt, at).
kvik-setja (see setka), v. to bury alive (hann lt kviksetja sik);
-silfr, n. quicksilver, mercury.
kviku-dropi, m. drop of a fluid.
kvikva, f. = kvika.
kvikva-vvi, m. the calf of the leg.
kvikvendi, n. a living creature; in pl. animals, beasts, as opp. to men (menninir ok kykvendin).
kvinna, f. woman, = kona.
kvis, n. rumour, tattle.
kvisa (a), v. to gossip, whisper.
kvista (a), v. (1) to lop off cut the branches of (k. lim, tr); eir kvistuu ar bl mikit, they cut wood for a large fire; (2) to cut down (k. menn nir sem hrvii).
kvistr (-ar; pl. -ir, acc. -u), m. twig, branch; stroke in a letter.
kvist-skr, a. branch-scathing.
kvitta (a), v. to rumour, report.
kvittr (pl. -ir, acc. -u), m. loose rumour, report (sgu af v slkan kvitt, sem eir hfu heyrt); ljsta upp kvitt, to spread reports.
kvittr, a. quit, acquitted (k. um e-t).
kvittsamr, a. ready to believe (or repeat) idle rumours.
kv (pl. -ar), f. (1) fold, pen (reka f kvar); (2) a lane of men gradually narrowing (also in pl.).
kva (a), v. to pen, hem in, enclose.
kva-dyrr, f. pl. gate of a fold;
-garr, m. pen-wall.
kvia (-dda, -tt), v. to feel apprehension for (k. e-u or vi e-u).
kva, f. apprehension, anxiety.
kv-bjr, m. dismal foreboding.
kvi, m. = kva (hvrki er at ra n kvi).
kvinn, a. anxious, timid, concerned (cf. 'ktr ok kviinn ').
, m. cause of fear.
kvga (gen. pl. kvgna), f. young cow, heifer; kvgendi, n. =kvga; kvgr, m. young bullock.
kvsl (pl. -ir), f. (1) branch (of a tree); (2) fork; (3) fork of a river; (4) pedigree of a family.
kvsla (a), v. to branch out; refl., kvslast = kvsla (of a tree, lineage, river, etc.).
kvsla-tr, n. forked tree.
kvslttr, a. branched, branchy.
kvora (a), v. = kvra.
kva-frr, a. knowing many songs or poems by heart.
kvi, n. poem, song (yrkja k.).
kvis-laun, n. pl. reward for a poem;
-mynd, f. form of a poem.
kvfa (-a, -r), v. = kfa.
kvkla (a), v. = kvaka.
kvmt, a. n. free (for one) to come (er engum yrum manni k. Noreg).
kvn, f. = kvn.
kvna (-da, -dr), v. to make one marry; refl., kvnast, to take a wife.
kvndr, kvntr, pp. married (of a man) , = kvngar.
kvning, f. taking a wife, marriage.
kv (gen. kvaar, pl. kvaar), f. (1) claim; (2) summoning of neighbours (= bakv); (3) the body of neighbours.
kvl (gen. kvalar, pl. kvalar), f. torment, torture.
kykr, a. = kvikr.
kykvendi, n. = kvikvendi.
kylfa (-da), v. to aim; k. til oranna, to hesitate for words.
kylfa, f. club (k. ea klumba).
kylfu-hgg, n. blow with a club.
kyllir, m. the scrotum.
kylr, m. gust of cold air.
kyn (gen. pl. kynja), n. (1) kin, kindred (ar tti hann k. hlft); danskr at kyni, Danish by extraction; telja k. sitt til e-s, to claim kindred with; (2) kind, sort, species; skyldasta kyni, of the most befitting kind; alls kyns, of every kind; hvers kyns, of any kind; margs kyns, of many kinds; ess kyns, of that kind; (3) gender (karl-, kvenn-kyn).
kyn (gen. pl. kynja), n. wonder marvel, portent ( uru mrg k. bi draumum ok snum).
kyn-birtr, a., poet. very bright.
kynda (-nda, -ndr), v. to kindle, light (k. eld, funa, loga, bl, vita).
kyndari, m. kindler.
kyndill (pl. kyndlar), m. candle, torch (k. ok kerti).

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