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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-skap, n. women's temper;
-skli, m. women's apartment;
-skipan, f. placing of the ladies (at a banquet);
-sveit, f. bevy of women;
-vagn, m. the Lesser Bear (Ursa Minor);
-vist, f. women's abode.
kvenn-borinn, pp. cognate;
-bnar, m. women's dress;
-dr, n. female beast;
-folk, n. women-folk;
-fugl, m. hen bird;
-hallr, a. inclined to love, amorous;
-kenna (-da, -dr), v. to address as a woman;
-kenndr, pp. feminine;
-kli, n. pl. women's dress;
-kn, n. cognate lineage; female degree of kin;
-kostr, m. good match (of a woman);
-kyn, n. female sex;
-kyrtill, m. woman's kirtle;
-leggr, m. kindred on the woman's side, the cognates;
-liga, adv., -ligr, a. womanly, womanlike;
-list, f. female skill;
-mar, m. woman, opp. to 'karlmar';
-mannligr, a. womanlike;
-ntr, a. able to procreate;
-samliga, adv. lasciviously (mla kv. vi konu);
-samr, a. amorous;
-semi, f. amorousness;
-sift, adv. on the female side;
-skikkja, f. woman's cloak;
-skratti, m. wicked woman, termagant;
-skri, m. women's attire;
-skygn, a. looking after women;
-skrungr, m. great (stately) lady;
-styrkr, a. strong enough for a woman;
-svift, adv. = -sift;
-sull, m. woman's saddle, side-saddle;
-magi, m. female pauper;
-vir, f. pl. woman's dress, female attire;
- vlar, f. pl. woman's wiles.
kvenska, f. womanhood, chastity.
kver, n. sheet (folded in a book).
kverk (pl. kverkr), f. (1) the angle below the chin (hann tk undirkverkina ok kyssti hana); fig. the inner angle of an axe-head (undir k. xinni); (2) in pl. throat (konungr fr hndum um kverkr sveininum), kverka-mein, a. bronchitis;
-stt, f. throat disease;
-sullr, m. boil in the throat, quinsy.
kverk-band, n. string of a cap or hood, going under the chin.
kvern (pl. -ir), f. (1) quern-stone, millstone; (2) quern, handmill (ar sat kona vi k.).
kvernar-auga, n. the eye or hole of a mill-stone.
kvern-steinn, m. quern-stone millstone (hj hann -stein til augans).
kveyking, kveykja, see 'kveiking, kveikja'.
kvia, f. narrative poem, ballad.
kviar-girnd, f. gluttony.
kvi-burr, m. verdict, or deilvery of the verdict, of neighbours.
kvija (a), v. to forbid (k. e-m e-t); refl., kvijast e-t, to decline, shun.
kvilingr (-s, -ar), m. ditty.
kvi-mar, m. 'inquest-man', juror.
kvir (-ar; pl. -ir, acc. -u), m. (1) verdict (of neighbours); bera kvi um e-t, to give a verdict in a case; bera kvi e-n, mti e-m (af e-m), to give a verdict against (for, in favour of) one; (2) inquest, jury; kveja e-n kviar, to call (a neighbour) on an inquest; ryja kviinn, bja til runingar um kviinn, to challenge the jury; (3) saying, word; k. norna, the decree of the Fates (kveld lifir mar ekki eptir kvi norna).
kvir (-ar; pl. -ir, acc. -u), m. (1) belly, abdomen; (2) womb.
kvi-stt, f. colic;
-sullr, m. boil on the stomach.
kviugr, a. pregnant.
kviu-httr, m. a kind of metre.
kvi-roti, m. swelling of the stomach;
-verkr, m. belly-ache.
kvika, f. (1) the quick (under the nail or under a horse's hoof); (2) running fluid; yeast; (3) k. nsum, polypus in the nostrils (?).
kvik-f, n., -fnar, m. live stock, cattle (u skalt njta kvikfjr ns).
kvikindi, n. = kykvendi.
kvik-ltr, a. quick, lively;
-liga, adv. briskly;
-ligr, a. brisk, lively.
kvikna (a), v. (1) to quicken, come to life (dvergar hfu kviknat moldunni, sv sem rnakar holdi); (2) to be kindled (eldr kviknar); trit kviknai, the tree took fire; (3) to revive, get fresh spirit ( kviknai hestr hans, er fyrr var mr).
kviknan, f. quickening.
kvikr (acc. -van), a. (1) quick, alive, living (yfir gtu ni engi k, kom

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