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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


ra mundu, he said he would not ride; impers., mr kvesk = ek kve mr; Kra kvask (= Kri kva sr) nnur fer betri ykkja, k. said he thought another course preferable; kveast at, to exchange verses or songs.
kveandi, f. (1) recitation, chanting or singing (fgr var s k. at heyra); (2) rhythm, flow of a verse ( fegra r mjk k.).
kveja (kve, kvaddi, kvaddr), v. (1) to call on, summon (rvaldr kvaddi hskarla sna); k. e-n e-s, to request (demand) of one; k. matar, svefns, to call for food, sleep; k. sr hljs, to call for a hearing; k. ings, to convoke a meeting; k. e-n e-s, to call on, summon, one to do something (vru vr kvaddir at bera vitni at); (2) to welcome, greet (eir kvddu konung); of one departing, to bid farewell, take leave of (hann gengr n brott ok kver engan mann); refl., kvejast, to greet one another (eir kvddust vel); (3) with preps., k. e-n at e-u, to call on a person to do a thing, call his attention to (ik kve ek at essu); k. e-n fr e-u, to exclude from, deprive of (ek hefi opt menn fr fi kvadda, er eigi vildu hla mnum boum); k. e-n til e-s, to call on one for a thing (k. menn til ferar); k. e-n upp, to call on one to rise (san vaknai Haraldr ok kvaddi upp menn sna); to summon to arms; san safnai hann lii ok kver upp almenning, after that he gathered men and roused the whole country; k. e-n t, to call one out of the house (hann kvaddi t Hskuld ok Hrt).
kveja, f. welcome, greeting, salutation (konungr tk kveju hans).
kveju-bo, n., -sending, f. greeting from one absent, compliments.
kve-skapr, m. poetry, verse-making (gór, illr, -skapr).
kvefja (kvafa), v. = kefja. kveif, f. coif cap, esp. mitre.
kveiking, f. kindling.
kveikja (-ta, -tr), v. (1) to light, kindle; k. eld, ljs, to kindle a fire, light; (2) fig. to arouse, give rise to (k. sorg, harm, fjndskap).
kveikja, f. kindling (fundar k.).
kveikr, m, wick of a lamp.
kvein, n. wailing, lamentation.
kveina (a), v. to wail, lament; k. um e-t, to com plain of (er hr kveinat um eldiviarf).
kveinan, f. wailing.
kveinka (a), v. to complain.
kveinkan, f. lamentation.
kvein-samligr, a. doleful;
-stafir,, m. pl. wailings, lamentations.
kveisa, f. whit low, boil (hann hefir kveisu rnikla foetinum).
kveisu-nagli, m. the core of a boil.
kveld, n. evening; at kveldi (dags), at eventide; k., to-night; kveldit, kveldum, of an evening, in the evenings; urn kveldit, in the evening, that evening.
kvelda (a), v. impers., kveldar or daginn tekr at k., evening draws near.
kveld-langt, adv. all the evening (drekka -langt);
-ligr, a. pertaining to evening;
-ml, n. eventide;
-mlt, f. supper;
-ria, f. night-hag, witch (riding on wolves in the twilight);
-seta, f. sitting up late;
-svfr, a. inclined to sleep in the evening, opp. to 'morgunsvfr';
-sngr, m. evensong, vespers (eptir kveldsng um aptaninn);
-tmi, m. eventide.
kvelja (kvel, kvalda, kvaldr and kvalinn), v. to torment, torture; refl., kveljast, to be tormented (k. vesld). kveljari, m. tormentor.
kvelling, f. ailment, ailing.
kvellinga-samr, a. ailing.
kvelli-sjkr, a. ailing, sickly (ekki hefi ek verit -sjkr);
-stt, f. = kvelling (engar hefi ek -sttar).
kvendi, n. woman, pl. womankind, kvenna-, gen. pl. from 'kona';
-st, f. women's love;
-bnar, m. women's attire;
-far, n. love affairs;
flk, n. women-folk;
-frir, m. immunity of women;
-gri, n. = -frir;
-hjal, n. women's gossip;
-hs, n. lady's bower;
-klnar, m. female dress;
-li, n. women-folk;
-mar, m. one fond of women;
-ml, n. pl. love matters;
-munr, m. distinction of women;
-nm, n. abduction, rape;
-r, n. pl. women's counsel;
-sir, m. habits of

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