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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


konar, gen. sing. from an obsolete 'konr', kind; alls k., of all kinds; hvers k., of every kind; margs k., of many kinds; miss k., of sundry kinds; sams k., of the same kind.
konr (pl. -ir), m. poet. (1) son, descendant, kinsman; (2) man.
konu-b, n. woman's estate;
-efni, n. one's future wife, bride;
-f, n. marriage portion;
-hr, n. woman's hair;
-kli, n. pl. woman's attire;
-lauss, a. wifeless, widowed (vera-lauss);
-ml, n. love affair (vera-sekr um -ml), = kvennaml;
-nm, n. abduction of a woman.
-konunga (a), v. to address as a king, to call by the name of king.
-konunga-kyn, n. royal kin, royalty;
-skipti, n. change of kings, succession;
-stefna, f. meeting of kings;
-stt, f. peace between kings;
-tal, n. series of kings;
-tt, f. = -kyn.
konung-borinn, pp.,
-borligr, a. of royal birth;
-djarfr, a. speaking boldly to kings;
-dmr, m. kingdom;
-lauss, a. kingless, without a king;
-ligr, a. kingly, royal;
-mar, m. royal person, king.
konungr (-s, -ar), m. king.
konung-rki, n. kingdom.
konungs-atsetr, n. king's residence;
-brf, n. king's writ, warrant;
-b, n. royal estate;
-efni, n. future king;
-eigur, f. pl. royal property;
-eyrendi, n. royal errand;
-fundr, m. audience given by a king;
-garr, m. king's palace;
-hfn, f. king's haven;
-kveja, f. address to a king;
-leyfi, n. king's leave;
-lykill, m. the king's key = axe (which opens all doors and chests); munu eir bera -lykil at hsinu, they will break in by force;
-lgi, n. king's berth;
-nafn, n. king's title;
-nautr, m. king's gift;
m. traitor to the king;
-rki, n. kingdom;
-setr, n. royal residence;
-skri, m. king's apparel;
-stei, m. the king's stithy, the mint;
-sveit, f. king's retinue;
-ssla, f. royal office, district;
-sti, n. king's seat, residence;
-tekja, f. election of a king;
-tign, f. royal dignity;
-vgsla, f. coronation.
konung-sll, a. blessed with good kings (hfum vr verit -slir).
kopar-kanna, f. copper can;
-kross, m. copper cross.
koparr, m. copper.
kopar-stika, f. copper candlestick.
koppr (-s, -ar), m. cup, small vessel.
kordnu-hosur, f. pl. hose of cordovan leather.
korn, n. corn, grain (ar var hallri korni); oats (gefa hestum k.); in pl. stores of grain (hann flutti me sr mikil korn).
korn-amstr, n. corn-stack;
-r, n. crop;
-rit brast,
the crop failed.
Korn-bretar, m. pl. the Britons of Cornwall (Kornbreta-land).
korn-frj, n. seed-corn;
-hjlmr, m. corn-stack;
-hlaa, f. barn;
-kaup, n. purchase of corn;
-kippa, f. basket for seed-corn;
-sala, f. sale of corn;
-skreppa, f. corn-bag.
-kornskurar-mar, m. shearer, reaper;
-mnar, m. shearing month.
-korn-skurr, m. shearing, reaping;
-vist, f. stores of corn.
korpr, m. raven, = hrafn.
kos-eyrir, m. choice things.
kosning, f. kosningr, m. election.
koss (pl. kossar), m. kiss.
koss-mildr, a. fond of kissing.
kosta (a), v. (1) to try, with gen.; k. afls, magns, to try (put forth) one's strength; k. mans, to fall in love; strength; k. mans, to fall in love; B. urfti alls at k., B. had to exert all his strength; k. kapps, to strive hard; (2) to exert oneself, strive, with infin. ( v, er hann kostar upp at rsa); kostit sv keppa, at Gurn klkkvi, do your best to draw tears from G.; (3) to injure, hurt (bi var kostat hold hans ok bein); impers., at fall var sv mikit, at kostai lrlegg hans, that his thigh-bone was hurt; (4) k. e-n mikit, ltit, to cost one much, little; impers., kostar e-n e-t, it costs one so and so much, with the price in gen. (kostar ik at nkkurs), or acc. (einn riddara kostar tta merkr gulls sinn bna); (5) to defray the expenses of (at bo kostai Unnr); hefir kostat oss, thou hast entertained us.
kosta- gen. pl. from 'kostr';

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