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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


him how-; k. hart nir, to pay dearly for it (ek hafa illa til grt, enda kom ek hart nir); k. saman, to come together, gather (er saman kom liit); to agree; at kom saman (or samt) me eim, they agreed on it; impers., kom eim vel saman (samt), they agreed well; k. e-u saman, to bring about, effect; k. saman sttum me e-m, to reconcile them; k. til e-s, to come to a person or place (jarlinn kom me allan her sinn til Dyflinnar); k. till rkis, to come to, or succeed to, the throne; k. til e-s, to cause: at kemr til ess, at, the reason is, that;to help, avail: koma til ltils, to come to little, be of small avail (= k. fyrir ltit); to concern: etta ml kemr ekki til n, this quarrel is no business of thine; at er til mn kemr, so far as I am concerned; to mean, signify (. kvezk skilja, hvar or hans kmu til); to be of value: sver at, er til kom mrk gulls, that was worth a 'mark' of gold; mikit pykkir til e-s k., one is much thought of, is thought to be of great importance; k. til, to be born; k. e-m undan, to help one to escape; k. undir e-n, to come unto one; ef undir oss skal k. kjrit, if we are to choose; k. e-m undir, to get one down, overcome one; k. upp, to come up; tungl kemr upp, the moon rises; eldr kom upp, fire broke out; kom upp af tali eirra, at, the end of their talk was, that; to come out, become known (kom at upp, at hann hafi beit hennar); k. e-u upp, to open (kerling tekr hrpuna ok vildi upp k.); hann mtti lengi eigi ori upp k., it was long before he could utter a word; k. vi e-t, to touch (komit var vi hurina); eir kmu vi sker, they struck on a reef; hann kemr vi margar sgur, he appears in many sagas; to be added to(koma r ntr vi hinar fyrri); k. vi, to fit, be convenient, suit; k. e-u vi, to employ, make use of (ek mtta eigi boganum vi k.); hann kom v vi (he brought about), at engi skyldi fara me vpn; uru eir at flja sem v kmu vi, all fled that could; k. sr vi, to bring about, effect, be able to do (ek mun veita r slkt li sem ek m mr vi k.); to behave (hversu hann kom sr vi essum mlum); k. yfir, to pass over (hvert kveld, er yfir kom); (5) refl., komast, to come to the end, get through, reach (hann komst vi sv bit rki sitt); k. af, to escape, save one's life (tveir drukknuu kmust af); k. at e-u, to get at a thing, procure; eigi skaltu illa at k., thou shalt not get it unfairly; k. ftr, to get on one's legs; k. undan, to escape (alt at li, er undan komst); k. t, to get out; k. vi k.); to be touched (bann komst mjk vi ok felldi tr); k. vi veri k.); k. yfir e-t, to overcome, get hold of (er hann komst yfir fit).
koma, f. arrival, = kvma.
kominn, pp. come; k. af e-m, descended from; k. af sr, in a declining state, on the decline (kristnin var mjk sv af sr komin); k. at and lti, daua, breathing one's last; vru eir mjk at komnir, they were much exhausted; vel (illa) k., in good (bad) estate; hann var vel til nms k., he was in a good place for learning; mr ykkir son minn hvergi betr k., methinks my son is nowhere better off, in better hands; k. sik vel, in a good state, accomplished (k. sik manna bezt); vera legg k., to be grown up; vera sv aldrs k., to be of such an age; hann sagi benni, hvar, varkomit, he told her how matters stood; vera k. til e-s, to be entitled to (eir, er til einskis eru komnir); rtt k. til konungdms, right heir to the kingdom.
kompna-skapr, m. companionship.
kompnn, m. = kumpnn.
kompss, m. ring, circle, compass.
komu-mar, m. new comer, guest.
kona (gen. pl. kvenna), f. (1) woman (var hn kvenna frust); (2) wife (ek em k. Njls).

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