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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


koddi, m. pillow.
kofarn, n.,
-rakki, m. lap-dog.
kofi, m. convent cell; hut, shed.
kofr, n. coffer (skrn, ok k.).
kofir, m. hood or bonnet of fur.
kofr-mlugr, a. testy, snappish;
-menni, n. a snappish, testy person (menni-skapi).
kogla (a), v. to goggle, look askance.
kol, n. pl. coals, charcoal (sva k.).
kola, f. a small, open lamp.
kola-, gen. pl. from 'kol';
-karl, -mar, m. charcoal-maker;
-meiss, m. box for carrying coals.
kol-bitr, m. coal-eater (an idle person sitting always at the fireside);
-blar, a. coal-black;
-brenna, f. charcoal-making;
-grf, f. charcoal pit;
-gr, f. = -brenna.
kolla, f. (1) hind, cow; (2) woman (only in compds.).
kol-laupr, m. coal-box.
koll-hei, n. bright sky overhead;
-hetta, f., -httr, m. a kind of round cap (eir hfu grr - hettur).
kollttr, a. (1) without horns, polled (r kolltt); (2) with shaven crown, hairless (k. ok kllauss); having the hair cut short.
kollr, (-s, -ar), m. (1) top, summit ( kollifjallsins); (2) head, pate (peim var sprottit hr r kolli); (3) a shaven crown (hann rakar af peim hrit ok gri peim koll); (4) hrinda e-u um koll, to overthrow.
koll-sveibb, m. boy with a flat cap;
-varpa (a), v. to overthrow;
-verpa (see verpa), v. = -varpa.
kol-merktr, pp. jet-black (kli-merkt);
-reykr, m. smoke from burning charcoal;
-svartr, a. coal-black;
-vir, m. wood for charcoal.
koma (kem; kom or kvam, komm or kvamm; kominn), v. (1) to come (litlu sarr kmu Finnar aptr heim); (2) to come, arrive (brf kmu fr Skla jarli); kom sv, at (it came to pass, that) Bri var heitit meyjunni; (3) with dat. of the object, to make to come, to take, bring, carry, &c.; hann skyldi k. r Geirrargara, he should make Th. come to G.; hann kom rhaddi heilum yfir na, he brought Th. safe across the river; k. e-m hel, to put one to death; k. e-m til falls, to make one fall; k. e-m stt vi e-n, to reconcile one with another; k. sr vel hj e-m, to bring oneself into favour with, be agreeable to (eir kmu sr vel vi alla); k. e-u til keiar (til vegar), to effect, bring about; k. orum vi e-n, to speak with a person (hann gri sik sv reian, at ekki mtti orum vi hann k.); (4) with preps., k. e-u af sr, to get rid of (allt mun ek til vinna at k. af mr yvarri reii); k. e-u af, to abolish (vi hafi eigi orit af komitmei llu); k. at e-m, to come upon one (kmu essir at honum fyrir Sjlandi me tveim skipum); k. at hendi, to happen (mikill vandi er kominn at hendi); impers., Gunnarr jtai v, en er at kom, vildi hann eigi, G. agreed to it, but when it came to the point he would not; k. at e-u, to come at, regain, recover (k. at hamri); k. sr at e-u, to bring oneself to (. kom sr ekki at v); k. e-t, to come on, hit (hggit kom lrit); eir ngum flutningum k.); k. kristni (dat.) England, to christianize E.; k. fram, to come forth, appear, emerge (sigldi E. surme landi ok kom fram Danmrk); to be produced, brought forward (n mun pat fram k. sem ek saga); k. e-u fram, to bring about, effect (k. fram hefndum); k. fyrir e-t, to be an equivalent for (fyrir vg Hjartar skyldi k. vig Kols); allt mun k. fyrir eitt, it will all come to the same; k. fyrir ekki, to come to naught, be of no avail; e-m pykkir fyrir vn komit, at, one thinks it past all hope, that; k. e-u fyrir, to destroy (hann kom hverjum hesti fyrir); k. e-t, to come into, enter; ml koma dm, suits are brought up for judgement; k. nir, to come down; hann reyndi eptir, hvar G. vri nir kominn, what had become of G.; kom ar nir tal hennar, at hon sagi honum, hversu, the end of her talk was, that she told

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