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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


kn (pl. knegum; kntta), a defective verb, I can (could); knkat ek segja, I cannot say (poet.).
kn-leikr, m. prowess, hardihood;
-liga, adv. hardily, doughtily (eir skja -liga ferina);
-ligr, a.=knr.
knr (kn., kntt), a. hardy, vigorous; having strength and energy.
kn (gen. pl. knj, dat. Knjm or knjm), m. (1) knee; sitja kn e-m, to sit on a person's knee; ganga (koma, fara, hvarfa) fyrir k. e-m, to approach one as a suppliant; koma e-m k., to bring one to his knees, overcome; lta k. fylgja kvii, to plant the knee on the belly; sitja fyrir knjm e-rri, to attend a woman in childbirth; (2) knee-timber in a ship.
kn-ber, m. knee cushion; falla -be, to kneel;
-beygjast (), v. refl. to bow the knees;
-bjrg, f. knee-piece;
-fall, n. kneeling.
knefa (a), v. to determine (er ar n knefat um annat r).
kn-falla (see falla), v. to fall on the knees; to kneel.
kneiking (pl. -ar), f. close embrace, hug (kossar ok kneikingar).
kneikja (-ta, -tr), v. to bend backwards with force (k. e-n aptr bak).
kn-lir, m. knee-joint.
kneppa (-ta, -tr), v. (1) to press, hug (k. e-n at sr); (2) to stud, button.
kn-runnr, m. lineage, kinship; degree in descent.
kns-bt, f. the hollow of the knee.
kn-setja (see setja), v. to place upon one's knees, a kind of adoption (hann -setti ann svein ok fstrai);
-setningr, m. foster-son.
kns-ftr, m. ham hough (= -bt).
kn-sig, n. sinking on one's knees;
-skel, f. knee-cap, knee-pan;
-skot, n. humiliation; koma -skoti e-n to bring one to his knees.
kneyfa (-a, -r), v. to quaff (Egill kneyfi af horninu einum drykk).
kna (a), v. to consider, debate (er eir knau etta ml milli sn).
kna, v. poet., only in the pret. 'kni', to knock, strike; knum unnir we rowed.
knfr (-s, -ar), m. knife, dirk.
knfs-bla, n. knife's blade;
-hepti, n. knife's handle;
-oddr, m. knife's point;
-skepti, n. = -hepti.
knoa (a), v. to knead (k. saman rnjl ok smjr).
knoka (a), v. to knock, thump.
knosa (a), v. to bruise, beat.
kni, m. knuckle (hvtnuu knarnir).
knska (a), v. to knock, ill-treat.
knskan, f. knocking, ill-treatmeant.
knta, f. knuckle-bone, joint-bone.
kntttr, a. knotted.
kntr (-s, -ar), m. (1) knot; leysa knt, to undo a knot; ra knt, to tie a knot; knta knt, to knit a knot; (2) hump, protuberance.
knykill (pl. knyklar), m. small knot, protuberance.
knylla (-ta, -tr), v. to beat, strike (eir knylltu hann me keyrinu). knypri, n. cowering; vefja sik k., to crouch together.
knytja (a), v. to knit or tie together.
knfill (pl. knflar), m. short horn.
knflttr, a. short-horned.
knja (kn, kna or kna, kninn), v. (1) to knock; hann kni hurina, he knocked at the door; (2) to press, drive onward (eir knu fast rar me strum bakfllum); to push, urge on (hann gat varla fylgt henni, sv kni hn fast reiina); (3) refl, to struggle on, press on; v harara er rr knist at fanginu, v fastara st hn, the more Thor exerted himself, the firmer she stood.
knta (-tta, -ttr), v. to knit, fasten by a knot, bind, tie (hon kntir saman halana nautunum); with dat. (skulum vr k. lndregli um fremra stafn); impers., kntti hrygginn (acc.), the back knotted up, became crooked.
knti, n. bag, purse.
kntil-skauti, m. a cloth or kerchief knotted up (and used as a purse).
knti-skauti, m. = kntilskauti.
knttr, pp. knotted, crippled.
knrr (gen. knarrar, dat. knerri; pl. knerrir, acc. knrru), m. ship, esp. merchant-ship, opp. to 'langskip'.
knttr (gen. knattar, dat. knetti; pl. knettir, acc. knttu), m. ball; hera kna at knetti, to play at ball.

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