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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


klklindi, n. pl. cunning, cleverness.
klk-leiki, m.=klkindi;
-liga, adv. cunningly;
-ligr, a. cunning, crafty.
klkr, a. arch, cunning, clever.
klk-samligr, a.= -ligr;
-skapr, m. klkindi.
klr, n. scratching;
klra (a), v. to scratch (like a cat).
klt, n. knob of a sword hilt.
klubba, f. = klumba.
klukka (gen. pl. klukkna), f. bell; kva vi klukkan, the bell rang.
klukkari, m. bell-ringer.
klukkna-hlj, n. peal of bells;
-hs, n. bell-chamber, belfry.
klukku-hlj, n. = klukknahlj;
-strengr, m. bell-string.
klumba, f. club, = klubba, kylfa.
klungr (-rs, -rar), m. bramble.
klungrttr, a. grown with bramble.
kltr (-s, -ar), m. kerchief.
klyf (pl. -jar), f. pack, truss (on a pack-horse);
-beri, m. pack-saddle.
klyfbera-band, n. pack-saddle girth.
klyfja (a), v. to load with packs (k. hest, asna af e-u).
klyfja (klyf, klufa, klufir), v. to split, cleave.
klyfja-band, n. pack-girth;
-burr, m. carrying packs on horseback;
-hestr, m., -hross, n. pack-horse.
klpa (-ta, -tr), v. to pinch, nip.
klping, f. pinching, nipping.
kla (-dda, -ddr), v. to clothe; k. sik, to dress oneself; refl., klast, to dress oneself, put on one's clothes, in the morning (san stu eir upp ok klddust).
kla-, gen. pl. from 'kli';
-bnar, -bningr, m. apparel;
-kaup, n. exchange of clothes;
-skipti, n. pl. change of clothes;
-skurr, m., -sni, n. cut, fashion of clothes;
-ylr, m. warmth derived from clothes;
-rk, f. clothes-chest.
kl-fr, a. thinly clad;
hfr, a. fit for wear.
kli, n. (1) cloth, stuff (ensk k. me mrgum litum); (2) garment (mar rauu k.); (3) esp. in pl., clothes, apparel, dress (hvar fyrir berr rau kli?); fara k., to put on clothes; fara af or r klum, to take off one's clothes; bera k. (kasta klum) vpn, to throw clothes over the weapons (to stop a fight).
kl-lauss, a. void of clothes, naked;
-leysi, n. nakedness;
-margr, a. well provided with clothes.
klnar (gen. -ar), m. clothing, apparel (k. ru ok gripir).
kl-sekkr, m. clothes-bag.
klja (a), v. to itch; n klja oss lfarnir, now our palms itch; impers., mr kljar, I itch.
klki, n. disgrace, cowardice.
klki-ligr, a. dastardly, cowardly.
klkis-efni, n. mean proceeding;
-hgg, n. dastardly blow.
klki-skapr, m. baseness, meanness.
klkis-laust, adv. blamelessly;
-mar, m. dastard;
-nafn, n. name for cowardice;
-or, n.. = -nafn;
-verk, n. base work.
klkja (-ta, -tr), v. to put to shame.
klkja-fullr, a. disgraceful, mean.
klma (-da, -dr), v. to put to shame.
klk, a. pl., see 'klak'. klkkna (a), v. to become soft, soften (at vknar ok klkknar). klkkr (acc. -van), a. pliable, soft, yielding; easily affected.
klkkva (klkk; klkk, klukku; ), v. to be moved to tears; to sob.
klkkva (-ta, tr), v. to soften.
klkkving, f. emotion.
klmbr (gen. klambrar), f. smith's vice, fig. a tight place.
klpp (gen. klappar, pl. klappir), f. stepping-stone.
knakkr (-s, -ar), m. a kind of stool.
knapi, in. valet, varlet.
knappar, pp. furnished with studs or buttons (k. kyrtill).
knapp-jrn, n. iron staff with a knob at one end.
knappr (-s, -ar), m. (1) knob (staf hendi ok knapp ); ra knapp , to furnish a thing with a knob; (2) stud, button (me knappi ok nezlu).
knarrar-btr, m. ship's boat  (see 'knrr');
-skip, n. =knrr;
-smir, m. shipwright.
knatt-drepa, f., -gildrs, f. .-tr;
-hgg, n. a blow with a ball;
-leikr, m. playing at ball;
-tr, n. bat.

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