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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


(gltrinn svamm ar til af gengu klaufirnar); (3) beast, head of cattle.
klaufa-gangr, m. tramp of cattle.
klausa, f. clause, passage.
klaustr, n. cloister, convent.
klaustra-flk, n. convent folk;
-lif-nar, m. convent life;
-menn, m. pl. convent people.
klaustr-ganga, f. entering a convent;
-garr, m. convent wall.
kl (kl; kl, klgum; kleginn), v. to claw, scratch, rub (hann ba mik kl ft sinn).
kli, m. itch (egar br kla miklum hvarmana).
, a. scabby.
klfr (-s, -ar), m. a kind of box carried on horseback.
klm, n. obscene, filthy language.
klm-hgg, n. an opprobrious blow;
-yri, n. foul language.
klp-eygr, a. goggle-eyed, staring.
klrr (-s, -ar), m. hack, cart-horse.
kl (gen. klj; pl. kljr), m. one of the stones to keep the warp straight in the old upright loom.
klefi, m. closet (cf. svefnklefi).
kleggi (gen. -ja), m. cleg, horse-fly.
kleggi (gen. -ja), m. cock of hay.
kleif (pl. -ar), f. cliff, rocky ascent.
kleima (-da, -dr), v. to daub, dabble.
kleiss, a. lisping (k. mli).
klekja (klek, klakta, klaktr and klakinn), v. to hatch (= k. t).
klektunar-mar, m. chicken-hearted man (hann er engi -mar).
klenging (pl. -ar), f. vexatious action.
klengi-sk, f, a vexatious suit, klengjast (d), v. to interfere or intrude oneself vexatiously.
kleppr, m. plummet, lump.
klerka-flk, n., -lr, m. the clergy;
-siir, m. pl. clerical customs;
-sngr, m. church music.
klerk-dmr, m. learning;
-liga, adv. like a clerk, learnedly;
-ligr, a. clerkly, scholar-like.
klerkr (-s, -ar), m. (1) cleric, clerk, scholar; (2) clergyman, esp. of the minor orders.
klettr (-s, -ar), m. rock, crag.
klir, m. din, murmur.
klif, n. cliff, scaur, = kleif.
klifa (a), v. to repeat, harp on the same thing (also, k. e-u); refl., klifast vi e-n, to wrangle with one.
klif-gata, f. way along a cliff.
klifra (a), klifrast, v. to climb.
klingja (-da, -t), v. to ring, jingle.
klippa (-ta, -tr), v. to clip, cut; k. saui, to shear sheep.
klfa (klf; kleif, klifum; klifinn), v. to climb (konungr kleif upp einn bakka; k. bratta brekku).
klgja (-a), v. to feel nausea (hn klgir mjk).
klgja, f. nausea.
klna (-da, -dr), v. to smear; k. brau, to butter bread.
klningr, m. buttered bread.
klj (klji, klja, kljr), v. to fix the weights (cf. 'kl') to a loom; vera enda kljr, to have done; er ek enda kljr at ola at lengr, I can bear itno longer.
kljr, m. = kl.
kljfa (klf; klauf, klufum; klofinn), v. to cleave, split (hann hj egar skjld Hrts ok klauf allan nir); skammt upp klofinn, having a short fork, short-legged.
klof, n. the space between the legs, the fork.
klofa-rm, n. ship's cabin near the mast;
-stef, n. 'cleft burden', a form of refrain in a 'drpa'.
klofi, m. (1) cleft, rift (in a hill); cleft stick; vera klofanum, to be caught in a trap; (2) door-groove; lka upp huru, or lka aptr hur, rnijan klofa, to open, or shut, the door halfway; hur hnigin rnijan klofa, half shut; reka aptr hurina (or lka hurinni) klofa, to shut the door; (3) the forks to support tents on board a ship (hggva tjldin or klofum); (4) snuffers.
klofna (a), v. to be cloven, to split.
klokka, f. = klukka.
kl (pl. klr, dat. klm), f. (1) claw, talon; (2) clew (of a sail).
kla-gangr, m. scratching (fighting) with claws.
klast, v. refl. to fight with claws.
kl-dr, n. a beast with claws, beast of prey;
-fugl, m. bird of prey.

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