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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


kjalta (gen. kjltu), f. lap.
kjal-vegr, m. a way leading across a ridge of mountains (local name).
kjappi, m. pet name of a he-goat.
kjapta (a), v. to chatter, gabble.
kjaptr (-s, -ar), m. = kjptr.
kjark-leysi, n. lack of vigour.
kjarkr, m. vigour, pith, energy.
kjarni, m. kernel, esp. of berries.
kjarr (pl. kjrr), n. copsewood, brush-wood, thicket.
kjarr-mrr, f. marsh-ground with brushwood;
-skgr, m. copsewood. kj (kji, kja, kj), V.; hverr eirra kjr nefinu at rum, they put their heads together.
kjlki, m. (1) jaw-bone; (2) hand-sledge (draga kjlka).
kjll (-s, -ar), m. poet. ship.
kjsa (ks; kaus, kri and keyri; kusum and kurum; kosinn, krinn), v. (1) to choose, select (valkyrjur ra jafnan at k. val); (2) to desire, wish ( ks ek laust kaup vrt); k. heldr, to choose rather, prefer; (3) to elect (k. biskup); (4) with preps., k. e-n af fleirum, to select, choose from a number; k. af, to choose (kuru eir af at ganga til handa konungi); margir kjsa ekki or sik, many are not so well spoken of as they may wish to be; k. e-n til e-s, to select one for a thing (k. e-n til fylgdar vi sik, til biskups); k. um e-t, to choose between (kjs n um tv kosti).
kjklingr (-s, -ar), m. chicken, chick.
kjlr (gen. kjalar, dat. kili; pl. kilir, acc. kjlu), m. (1) keel (brotnai kjlrinn undir skipinu); sigla lausum kili, to sail with an empty ship; koma e-m kjl, to get one up on the keel (when the boat is capsized); nir kili, down in the hold; (2) keel-shaped range of mountains (austr um Kjl); (3) back of a book.
kjl-sja, f. one of the two boards nearest to the keel.
kjl-vegr, m. = kjal-vegr.
kjptr, m. (1) jaw (er hinn efri k. vi himni, en hinn neri vi jru); (2) gaping jaws.
kjr, n. choice, decision; ganga (falla) k., to go as one wishes.
kjr-gripr, m. a choice or costly thing;
-ligr, a. fit to be chosen.
kjrr, m. thicket kjarr (eir skildu kjrr einum).
kjr-vpn, n. a choice weapon;
-vir, m. choice timber;
-vsligr, a. acceptable, = kjrligr.
kjt (dat. kjti and kjtvi), n. meat, flesh; in pl. stores of meat.
kjt-t, n., -ta, f. meat-eating;
-biti, m. piece of meat;
ligr, a. (1) pertaining to flesh; (2) carnal, fleshly; (3) related by blood; kjtligt barn, one's own child; kjtligr brir, brother germane;
-lr, n. joint of meat;
-stykki, n. piece of meat;
-vaxinn, pp. fleshy;
-tr, a. eatable (of meat).
klafa-kerling, f., -stafr, m. a kind of two-pronged stick.
klafi, m. a kind of fork (put on a cow's neck in the stall).
klak (pl. klk), n. chirping of birds.
klaka (a), v. to twitter, chatter (of birds); refl., klakast vi um e-t, to have a dispute about.
klaka-hestr, m., -hross, n. a horse that is left unhoused in winter;
-hgg, n. a tool for breaking up frozen soil, ==elhgg;
-torf, n. frozen turf
klaki, m. hard-frozen ground.
klakk-laust, adv. unhurt, unscathed ( komast -laust af).
klakkr (-s, -ar), m. heavy, peaked clouds; cf. viris-klakkr.
klakk-srr, a. touchy, feeling sore; e-m verr -srt, one is hurt, injured.
klambrar-, gen. from 'klmbr';
-veggr, m. a kind of wedge.
kland, n. molestation.
klanda (a), v. to molest.
klanda-lauss, a. free from molestation; klandan, f., klandr, n.=kland.
klapp, n. pat, patting.
klappa (a), v. (1) to pat, stroke gently (jarlinn klappai hendi sinni bak honum); k. um e-t, to pat; (2) to knock, rap (k. dyrum, hur); (3) to shape by cutting blows, hew, chisel (vru klappair steinvegginn krossar rr); (4) to hammer; mun ek n k. um aptr, I will make it good (right) again.
klauf (pl. -ir), f. (1) the cleft (between the toes); (2) cloven foot

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