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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


lash, prick on (hann keyri hest sinn); k. hest sporum, to put spurs to a horse; (2) to ride (keyrir san sem harast til sinna manna); (3) to fling (S. bregr honum loft ok keyrir hann t Rang); k. e-n tbyris, to fling overboard; (4) to drive, thrust (k. nagla, k. sver hfu e-m); Jrunn tk sokkana ok keyri um hfu benni, J. struck her about the head with the stockings; (5) impers., e-n keyrir, one is driven, tossed, by the wind, waves (fundu eir eigi fyrr en keyri land upp); e-t keyrir r hfi, it exceeds all measure.
keyri, n. whip.
keyris-hgg, n. lash.
keyta, f. foul water.
ki (gen. pl. kia or kija), n. kid.
kija-mjlk, f. kid's milk.
kilingr (-s, -ar), m. young kid.
ki-skinn, n. kid-skin.
kikna (a), v. to bend backwards, to sink at the knees (kikna knsbtum).
kilpr, m. handle (of a vessel).
kilting, f. skirt, lap (hann hafi Inga konung kilting sr).
kimbla (a), v. to truss up.
kind (pl. kindir and kindr), f. (1) kind, race; fyra (gumna, seggja, skatna, ta) k., the sons of men, mankind; (2) creature, being; lifi engi kvik k. eptir, no living creature lived after; sterkari en nkkur k. nnur, stronger than any other creature; helgar kindir, holy beings.
kinga, f. brooch (k. var bringu).
kinn (pl. kinnr), f. cheek.
kinnar-bein, n. = kinnnbein;
-kjlki, m. the upper jaw-bone.
kinn-bein, n. cheek-bone;
-bjrg, f. cheek-piece of a helmet;
-filla, f. 'cheek-flesh';
-hestr, m. box on the ear;
-hggva (see hggva), v. to hew or hack the cheek;
-ler, n. leather cheek-piece of a bridle;
-roi, m. blush of shame;
-skjttr, a. with piebald cheeks (of a horse);
-skgr, m. beard;
-skrr, a. white- cheeked.
kinnungr (-s, -ar), m. bow of a ship.
kinn-vangi, m. cheek.
kippa (-ta, -t), v. to pull, snatch, draw quickly (Egill kipti at sr sver-inu); hann kippir mnnum at sr, he gets men together; k. ofan seglinu, to pull the sail down; impers., e-m kippir kyn (um e-t), one resembles his kinsmen (in something); refl., kippast um e-t, to struggle with one another about a thing; k. vi, to make a sudden motion (kippist hann sv hart vi, at jr ll skelfr).
kippa, f. bundle, string (of).
kippr, m. pull, jerk, shock.
kirkja (gen. pl. kirkna), f. church.
kirkju-bann, n. ban of the church;
-bl, n. church estate;
-bnar, m. church hangings;
-br, m. = -bl;
-dagr, m. church-day, anniversary;
-drttinn, m. church patron;
-eign, f., -f, n. church property;
-frir, m. church-peace, sanctuary;
-ganga, f. church-going;
-garr, m. churchyard;
-gengt, a. n., eiga -gengt, to be allowed to go to church;
-gri, n. pl. = -frir;
-grfr, a. who can be buried at a church;
-gr, f. church-building;
-helgr, f. church service;
-land, n. church-land, glebe;
-lg, n. pl. ecclesiastical law;
-mldagi, m. church deed;
-messa, f. = -dagr;
-rn, n. sacrilege;
-rttr, m. church-right;
-skot, n. wing of a church;
-skraut, -skr, n. church ornament;
-skn, f. (1) church-worship, attendance at service; (2) parish;
-sttt, f. church pavement;
-stll, m. church pew;
-tund, f. church tithe;
-tjld, n. pl. church hangings;
-vir, m. church timber;
-vist, f. attendance at church;
-vgsla, f. consecration of a church;
-vrr, m. churchwarden.
kirna, f. churn.
kirnu-askr, m. churn-pail.
kista (gen. pl. kistna), f. (1) chest; (2) coffin (=lk-kista).
kistill (-s, pl. kistlar), m. little chest, small box.
kistu-hringr, m. ring in a chest;
-lykill, m. key of a chest;
-lok, n. cover of a chest.
kitla (a), v. to tickle.
kfa (a), v. to quarrel.
kfinn a. quarrelsome.
kll, m. narrow inlet, canal.
kjallari, m. cellar.

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