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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


aflsmunar, lismunar, to feel the odds; hn kenndi rneira lagi, she felt considerable pain; absol., er eir kmu upp heiina, kenndi at br lit, the colour was felt to change, it began to darken; mr kennir heiptar vi e-n, I feel hatred against one; k. nir, to touch the bottom (en er skipin kenndu nir, gekk jarl land); (7) to show, bear witness of (virist mr kall etta meirr kenna rangltis en rttvsi); (8) to call, name; k. e-t vi e-n, to call after one (Helgi tri Krist, ok kenndi v vi hann bsta sinn); (9) in poetry, to call by a periphrastic name (hvernig skal k. sl, vind); (10) k. e-m e-t, to teach one a thing (k. e-m rtta tr ok ga siu); ek hefi kennt r rsku at mla, I have taught thee to speak Irish; (11) to make one do a thing(k. e-m bta); (12) refl., kennast, to seem, appear (Ulfr kennist mr vitr mar); recipr., sv var myrkt, at eir kenndust eigi, that they did not know one another; goldit var honum etta sv, at hann mun lengi kennast, he was repaid for this in a way that he will long remember; kennast vi, to recognize (kenndist hann af v egar vi mennina); to confess, acknowledge (at eir mtti vi kennast sinn ltilleik).
kennandi (pl. -endr), m. (1) recognizer; (2) teacher, preacher.
kennan-ligr, a. perceptible.
kennari, m. teacher, master.
kenni, n. mark (cf. 'einkenni').
kenni-fair, m. = lrifair;
-mar, m. teacher, cleric, priest.
a. having the air of a priest, clerical.
m. priesthood.
n. mark (= kenni).
(pl. -ar), f. (1) teaching, doctrine, lesson, esp. of preaching; kenna kenningar, to preach; (2) mark of recognition; (3) a poetical penphrasis or descriptive name.
n. surname;
n. pl. words of admonition;
m. alleged son.
f. power of recognition.
n. pl. (1) recognition; bera k. e-n, to know, recognize one; (2) a charge made on evidence; hafa k. e-m, bera k. hendr e-m, to charge one with a thing.
kennsla, f. (1) teaching, instruction;(2)        = kennsl (1).
, f. champion (= kempa).
keppa (-ta, -t), v. to contend, strive hard; k. um e-t, to contend for or about a thing; k. vi e-n, to contend with one; refl., keppast, to exert oneself; k. vi e-n, to contend with or against one; k. til e-s or um e-t, to strive after, contend for a thing.
keppi-liga, adv. impetuously.
keppr, m. cudgel, club.
ker, n. tub, vessel, goblet.
kerald, n. tub.
ker-ba, n. = ker-laug.
kerfi, n. bunch, bundle (mrg spjt, er bundin vru k.).
ker-laug, f. bathing in a tub.
kerling (pl. -ar), f. (1) woman, wife; (2) old woman. kerlinga-villa, f. old woman's tale, nonsense (at er n kllu -villa).
kerra, f. car, chariot (k. slarinnar).
kerski, f. cheerfulness ,fun (= keski). kerski-ml, n. jest;
-mll, a. facetious;
-or, n. pl. jokes;
-orr, a. = -mll;
-yri, a. pl. = -or.
kerta-hjlmr, m. chandelier;
-klofi, m. snufers;
-stika, f. candlestick.
kerti, n. wax candle, taper.
kerti-rak, n. candle-wick;
-stika, f. = kertastika;
-sveinn, m. link-boy (attendant on a great man).
kesja, f. a kind of halberd.
kesju-lag, n. a thrust with a halberd.
keski, f. = kerski;
-fimr, a. witty.
ketil-hadda, f. kettle-handle;
-hrm, n. kettle-grime, soot.
ketill (dat. katli, pl. katlar), m. kettle, pot, cauldron ( eldahsinu var eldr mikill ok.katlar yfir).
ketil-tak, n. taking a hot stone out of a boiling kettle (as an ordeal).
ketlingr (-s, -ar), m. kitten.
ketta, f. she-cat; giantess.
keypi-liga, adv. after the manner of a bargain.
keyr, n. choice, = kr.
keyra (-a, -r), v. (1) to whip,

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