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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


journey or voyage; -fox, n. cheating;
-frir, m. security for trade;
-fr, f. = -fer, esp. in pl. (hafa skip -frum, fara -forum);
-gegn, a. good at trading;
-gjald, n. wages, pay;
-hs, n. shop;
-lag, n. tax, price;
-laust, a. n. (1)without charge, gratuitously; (2) without bargain or profit;
-ligr, a. mercantile; mr verr
-ligt, I come to a bargain;
-mar, m. trader, merchant;
-manga (a), v. to bargain (-manga vi e-n).
kaupmanna-grfi, n. merchant's attire;
-lg, n. pl. league of merchants (vera -lgum = vera kaupmar).
kaupmann-liga, adv. in a merchant-like manner;
-ligr, a. merchant-like.
kaup-mli, m. bargain, contract;
-rof, n. breach of bargain;
-sttr, a. agreed as to a bargain;
-skapr, m. stores of merchandise, wares;
-skip, n.merchant ship;
-slaga (a), v. to bargain;
-star, m. market town;
-stefna, f. fair, market;
-sveinn, m. = -drengr;
-tn, n. market town.
kaupu-nautr, m. customer.
kaup-varningr, m. merchant wares;
-vttr, m., -vitni, n. witness to a bargain;
-orp, n. = -tn.
(ki, ka, kr), v. to harass; refl., kst e-u, to meddle in a thing.
kklast (a), v. refl. to receive a beating, meet with blows.
kl, n. cabbage, kale.
klfi, m. the calf of the leg.
klfr (-s, -ar), m. calf; fig. small island (beside a large one).
klfs-belgr, m. calf's skin.
klf-skinn, n. calf-skin.
kpa, f. cloak made with a cowl or hood (hann var blrri kpu).
, f. the sleeve of a kpa;
-hattr, -httr, m. the hood of a kpa;
-skaut, n. the lap of a kpa.
kr-hfar, a. curled.
krna, f., see 'karma'.
krr, m. curl in the hair.
kt-liga, adv. in a merry manner;
-ligr, a. merry, cheerful (lig or).
ktr, a. merry, cheerful.
k-vsi, f. meddlesomeness;
-vsligr, a., -vss, a. quarrelsome, meddlesome.
kefja (kef, kafa, kafr), v. to dip, put under water; impers. to be swamped, sink, of a ship (skipit kafi undir eim); refl., kefjast, to dip oneself, duck, dive.
kefla (-da, -dr), v. to gag (a lamb).
kefli, n. cylinder (of wood), stick.
kefling, f. gagging (of lambs).
kefli-vlr, m. cane, stick, = kefli.
keikja (-ta, -tr), v. to bend backwards (E. keikti hann aptr bak).
keikr, a. bent backwards (bjgr lendum en keikr hlsi).
keila, f. a sea-fish allied to the cod; torsk or tusk.
keipr (-s, -ar), m. rowlock.
keipull, m. a kind of boat, coble.
keisa (-ta, -tr), v. to bend.
keisara-dmr, m., -dmi, n. empire;
-hll, f. imperial castle;
-ligr, a. imperial;
-rki, n.= -dmi;
-stll, m. imperial throne.
keisari, m. emperor. kektunar-mar, = klektunar-mar.
kelda, f. (1)well, spring; (2) bog, quagmire (l hestr hans keldu).
kelfa (-di, -t), v. to calve.
kelpa, f. trap (for otters).
kelta, f. = kjalta.
kemba (-da, -dr), v. (1) to comb (k. hr sitt); (2) to card (k. ull).
kempa, f. champion, bold warrior (bardagamar mikill ok kempa).
kengr, m. (1) a horseshoe-formed crook; (2) bend, bight; kttrinn beygi kenginn, arched its back.
kenna (-da, -dr), v. (1) to know, recognize (Flosi kenndi Kra, er hann kom stofuna); (2) to know as one's own, claim (k. sr land); (3) to assign or attribute to one ( var ok r um ll lnd, kenndu Svar at Frey); k. e-m barn, to father a child upon one; (4) k. e-m e-t, to lay to one's charge, impute (ef hann vri sannr verks essa, er honum var kennt); k. e-m um e-t, to charge one with a thing (orgeirr vildi ekki, at brrurn hans rntti um k.); (5) to taste food or drink (k. e-t or e-s); (6) to feel, perceive, with acc. and gen. (ek kennda n eigi, er hvldir brjsti mr); k. stan ilm, to perceive a sweet smell; k. hita (kulda) af e-u, to feel heat (cold) from; k.

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