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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-kenndr, pp. masculine;
-klęši, n. pl. men's clothes;
-kostr, m. a (good) match, of a man;
-kyn, n. the male sex;
-leggr, m. male lineage, agnates;
-mašr, m. (1) man, male, opp. to 'kvennrnašr' woman (-mašr ok kona); (2) man of valour (styrkr ok fįlįtr ok inn hraustasti -mašr).
karlmann-liga, adv. in a manly way;
-ligr, a. (1) manly, bold; (2) masculine (-ligt kyn).
karlmanns-bśnašr, m.,
-klęši, n. pl., man's attire.
karl-mennska, f. manhood, valour.
karls-efni, n. 'the makings of a man', a promising lad (as a nickname);
-höfuš, n. a man's head (carved on a pillar).
karl-sift, adv. on the male side;
-svipt, f. relationship by descent on the male side;
-sviptr, a. male.
karmr (-s, -ar), m. breast-work, parapet (kastalar ok karmar).
karnašr (gen. -ar), m. concubinage.
karp, n. bragging, boasting; -mįlugr, a. bragging, boastful;
-yrši, n. pl. overbearing words.
karsk-liga, adv. briskly, boldly.
karskr, a. brisk, bold; hale, hearty.
kart-nagl, m. diseased nail.
kartr (-s, -ar), m. cart.
kasa (), v. to heap earth upon, to bury (hann var kasadr ķ urš). kass, m. large box, case, creel. kast, n. (1) cast, throw of a net; (2) throw of dice; koma ķ k. viš e-n, to come in collision with one; kemr til vįrra kasta at, it is our turn to; (3) a kind of cloak.
kasta (), v. (1) to cast, throw, with dat. (Egill kastaši žegar nišr horninu); k. akkerum, to cast anchor; k. verplum, teningum, to throw with dice; k. oršum į e-n, to address one; refl., kastast oršum į, to exchange words; k. kalls-yršurn at e-m, to throw taunts at one; k. eign sinni į e-t, to seize upon, take possession of; k. įsik sótt, to feign illness; (2) to cast off (er H. heyrši žetta, kastaši hann skikkjunni); k. trś, to cast off one's faith; (3) impers., e-u kastar, is thrown, flung; tóku žeir gneista žį, er kastat hafši ór Mśspellsheimi, they took the sparks that had been cast out from M.; skipinu hafši kastat, had capsized; henni var kastat skinni at beini, the skin was, as it were, thrown over her bones (from leanness); (4) with 'um' k. um hesti, to turn, wheel, a horse right round; k. um sķnum hug, to alter one's (own) disposition; absol. to turn round, wheel about.
kastala-menn, m. pl. defenders of a castle;
-stafr, m. castle pillar;
-veggr, m. castle wall.
kastali, m. castle, stronghold.
katlari, katla-smišr, m. kettlemaker.
katt-skinn, n. cat's skirt.
kaup, n. (1) bargain; illt (gott) k., bad (good) bargain; slį kaupi viš e-n, to strike a bargain with one; eiga k. viš e-n, to bargain, trade with one; verša at kaupi, to come to a bargain; (2) stipulation, agreement (žį tala žeir um k., ok verša į allt sįttir); (3) wages, pay (konungr gaf honum mikit k.); vera af kaupi, to be of one's bargain, to have forfeited it.
kaupa (kaupi, keypta, keyptr), v. (1) to buy (keypti Njįll land ķ Ossabœ); absol. to make a bargain; k. kaupi, to bargain; (2) to make an agreement about (žeir keyptu žessu); (3) with preps., k. e-n į braut, to buy one of; k. e-t at e-m, to buy a thing of one; k. saman, to bargain; k. um e-t, to barter, exchange (keypti hann um lönd viš Gušrśnu); k. viš e-n, to make a bargain, come to terms with one; recipr., kaupast viš, to bargain with one another.
kaupa-kostir, m. pl. terms of a bargain;
-land, n. purchased land;
-mang, n. barter, bartering;
-mark, a. purchased (cattle) mark, opp. to one inherited.
kaupangr (-rs and -s), m. market-place (ķ kaupangi sem ķ heraši).
kaupangrs-lżšr, m. towns-folk.
kaup-brigši, n. breach of contract;
-bœr, m. = kaupangr;
-drengr, m. = -mašr;
-dżrr, a. demanding a high price, expensive;
-eyrir, m. article of trade, wares, cargo;
-ferš, f. trading

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