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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


kalla-lauss, a. unmolested;
-yri, n. pl. gibes, taunts.
kamarr (-s, pl. kamrar), m. privy.
kambari, m. comb-maker.
kambr (-s, -ar), m. (1) comb; (2) carding-comb; (3) crest, comb; (4) ridge (of hills).
kampr (-s, -ar), m. (1) beard on the lips, moustache; (2) the whiskers (of a seal); (3) front wall. Also 'kanpr'.
kangin-yri, n. pl. jeering- words.
kanna (gen. knnu), f. can, tankard.
kanna (a), v. (1) to search, explore (eir knnuu landit fyrir austan na); k. li, to review, muster troops; k. val, to search the field for slain; k. e-t af, to find out, make out (ferr Brandr biskup norr Vllu ok kannar at af, at); k. til k. af (kannaist sv til, at); (2) refl., kannast vi e-t, to recognize, know again (kannaist hn vi hann ok kynferi hans); to make one's acquaintance (rlfr hitti ar marga frndr sina , er hann hafi eigi r vi kannazt); to acknowledge (knnuust eir vi, at at var sannmli); to recognize as one's own (me v at engi kannast vi svein enna); recipr., to recognize one another (san knnuust au vi).
kanki, m. canon (of a church).
kantara-kpa, f., -sloppr, m. a priest's or bishop's gown.
kapal-hestr, m., -hross, n.=kapall.
kapall (-s, pl. kaplar), m. pack-horse, hack (naut ok kaplar).
kapella, f. chapel (k. konungs).
kapellu-prestr, m. priest of a chapel.
kapituli, m. (1) chapter; (2) meetingroom in a cloister or convent.
kapp, n. contest, zeal, eagerness, ardour; deila kappi vi e-n, brjta kapp (halda til kapps) vi e-n, to contend, contest, with one; me kappi, with ardour; meirr af kappi en forsj, with more obstinacy than prudence; berjast af miklu kappi, with great ardour; renna kpp vi e-n, to run a race with.
kappa-, gen. pl. from 'kappi';
-li, n. troop of champions;
-tala, f. roll of champions (taka e-n kappatlu);
-val, n. choice of chamnpions.
kapp-drykkja, f. drinking-match;
-drgt, a. n. strongly contested; var eim -drgt leiknurn, it was a hard contest; kva eim etta mundu
-drgt, it would be a hard task;
a. = -gjarn; -girni, f. eagerness, energy;
-gjarn, a. full of energy and desire to excel.
kappi, m. hero, champion, man of valour (k. mikill, kappar konungs).
kapp-kosta (a), v. to strive, endeavour;
-leikr, m. fighting-match;
-mli, n. pl. dispute;
-ngr, a. plentiful;
-orr, a. contentious, wrangling;
-rr, m. rowing-match;
-samliga. adv. (1) impetuously, with energy; (2) abundantly, plentifully;
-samliga alinn, very well fed;
-samligr, a. (1) vehemnent; (2) rich, liberal (-samlig veizla);
-samr, a. vehemnent, impetuous;
-semd, -semi, f. energy, headstrong character.
kapps-fullr, a. contentious, eager to excel, vehement (harr ok k.).
kapp-sigling, f. sailing-match.
kapps-mar, m. man of energy.
kapp-sund, n. swimming-match;
-svinnr, a. vehement, passionate;
-yri, n. pl. overbearing language;
-rinn, a. fully sufficient, abundant.
karar-, gen. from 'kr';
-kerling, -kona, f., -mar, m. bedridden old woman, man.
karbunkuli-steinn, m. carbuncle.
kardinli, m. cardinal.
karfa-ftr, m. an unsteady leg.
karfi, m. swift-going ship, galley.
karfi, m. red-fish, red sea-perch.
karna, f. a fast of forty days (imposed as a penance).
karl (-s, -ar), m. (1) man, opp. to woman (brigr er karla hugr konum); (2) a man of the common people, a carle; (3) old man.
karla-flk, n. male folk;
-ft, n. pl. men's attire;
-sti, n. seat for men.
karl-dyrr, f. pl. the men's door;
-ftt, a. n. wanting in men-folk (ar var -ftt heima);
-fjldi, m. multitude of male persons;
-ft, n. pl. men's attire;
-gildr, a. as good as a man (var hn ok -gild at afli);
-hfi, m. a carved man's head, figure-head;

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