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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


kaall (gen. -s, dat. kali; pl. kalar), m. cable, rope.
kaf, n. a plunge into water, dive, diving; fr hann annat k. at ru, he gets one plunge after another; taka k., to dive under water; k., k., into water, under water; hlaupa k., to plunge into water; fara k., to go under water; kafi, kafi, under water, diving; of snow, lgu hestarnir kafi snjnum, the horses stuck deep in the snow; standa kafi to sink deep (xin st kafi).
kafa (a), v. to dive, swim, under water; of a ship, to be swamped in a heavy sea (san kafai skipit).
kafa-fjk, n. thick fall of snow;
-hr, f. thick snow-storm.
kaf-foera (-a, -r), v. to thrust under water, to duck (= fra e-n kaf); -fr, f. going under water, ducking;
-hlainn, pp. deep-laden;
-hlaup, n, deep snow;
-hleypr, a. sinking deep in the snow (var sv mikill snjr, at allt var -hleypt).
kafinn, pp. from 'kefja', fig. absorbed.
kafli, m. a piece cut off; tok at leysa sinn kflum, the ice began to break up into floes.
kafna (a), v. to be suffocated, choked, in water, smoke, etc. (k. sandfoki, stofureyk).
kafnan, f. suffocation.
kaf-sund, f. swimming under water;
-syndr, a. good at swimming under water;
-ykkr, a. very thick (of fog, sn ow-storm, etc.).
kaga (a), v. to bend forward and peep, pry (hn kagar hj gttinni).
kaggi, m. keg, cask, a nickname.
kala (kell, kl, kalinn), v. impers., mik kell, I freeze, become frost-bitten (kalinn ftum); e-n kell hel, one freezes to death.
kalda(a), v. to become cold; impers. to blow cold; kaldar af boafallinu, a gust of cold wind came from the breakers.
kalda-hltr, m. sardonic laughter.
kald-liga, adv. coldly;
-ligr, a. cold.
kaldr, a, (1)cold; kalt ver, cold weather; brenna (e-t) at kldum kolum, to burn to cold ashes; konungi gri kalt, the king began to get cold; (2) baneful, hostile, cruel (kld eru kvenna r).
kald-rr, a. evil-minded, ill-affected;
-rifjar, a. 'cold-ribbed', cold-hearted, cunning;
-yri, n. pl. 'cold words', sarcasm.
kalekr (-s, -ar), m. cup, chalice.
kalkr (-s, -ar), m. drinking-cup, goblet (k. er skalt drekka af).
kall, n. (1)call, cry, shouting (heyra k. mikit); (2) appellation, name (eir nefna hann jarl enn illa, var etta k. haft lengi san).
kalla (a), v. (1) to call, shout, cry (kallai konungr ok ba ltta af); (2) to call, summon by a call, send for (um kveldit kallai konungr Aslk); (3) to say (sumir menn kalla, at eigi s sakleysi ); at kalla, so to say, nominally; sttir at k., nominally reconciled; (4) k. sr e-t, to claim for oneself (konungr kallai sr allar Orkneyjar); (5) to call, name (Mrr ht mar, er kallar var ggja); (6) refl., kallast, to say of oneself; konungr kallaist hann reynt hafa at gum dreng, the king said that he had found him a good and brave fellow; (7) with preps., k. at e-m, to call to one; k. e-n, to call to one (Flosi gekk at durum ok kallai Njl); to call on, invoke (kallai hann gu ok hinn helga Olaf); k. e-t, to lay claim to (Snkollr kallai b nkkur ar eyjunum); k. eptir, to protest; k. e-n eptir e-m, to call or name after; k. til e-s, to call to, invoke (k. til gus); to lay claim to, to claim, demand (Snorri kallai til brynju sinnar); k. til e-s vi e-n, hendr e-m, to claim a thing from one.
kallari, m. crier, herald.
kalla, n. (1)taunting, raillery; gra e-m k., hafa kalisi vi e-n, to taunt one; (2) importunate claim.
kallsa (a), v. (1) to taunt, mock; (2) to molest, annoy, importune.

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