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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


up; (4) to promise (konungr jtai eim grium ok sttum); (5) with acc. of the thing, to acknowledge (j. syndir); to grant, give (jttuu allir r konungdm); with acc. of the person; fyr engan mun jtum vr hann gu, by no means do we acknowledge him to be God; j. sik, to confess oneself; j. sik undir e-t, to engage oneself; (6) refl., jtast undir e-t, jtast til e-s, = jta sik undir e-t.
jtan, jttan, f. (1) affirmation; (2) confession (j. synda).
jtari, m. one who confesses.
jtning, f. confession (j. heilagrar trar, j. synda).
jt-or, n. consent (seinn -orum).
jtsi, a. indecl. saying yes; vera e-m e-s j., to promise one a thing.
(a, or -tta, -ttr), v. = jta.
j-yri, n. consent; leggja sitt -yri til, to give consent.
j, n. baby (j. l Edda).
a. thriving (of a baby);
-stt, f. pains of childbirth;
-ungr, a. very young.
jl, n. pl. Yule, a great midwinter feast in the heathen time, afterwards applied to Christmas.
m. Yule-eve, Christmas-eve;
n. Yule banquet;
m. Yule-day, Christmas-day;
-drykkja, f. Yule-drinking;
f. Advent;
m. Yule-peace, Christmas-peace;
f. Yule-gift, christmas box;
n. keeping of Yule;
, n. Yule-eve;
m. Yule morning;
f. Yule night;
f. pl. Christmas service;
f. Yule banquet or entertainment;
f. staying over Yule;
n. Yule ale.
m. pl. the Vikings of Jom (Wollin in Pomerania).
m., a proper name, John.
f. St. John Baptist's day, the 24th of June;
f. chapel of St. John;
f. = -messa.
(gen. js; pl. jar, acc. ja and ji, dat. jm), m. poet. stallion, steed.
j-rei, f. riding on horseback;
-reykr, m. cloud of dust (seen afar off above a body of horsemen).
Jrsala-, gen. pl. from 'Jrsalir';
-borg, f. Jerusalem;
-fari, m. Jerusalem traveller;
-fer, -fr, f. journey to J.;
-lr, m. the people of J.
Jrsalir, m. pl. Jerusalem.
Jtar, m. pl. the Jutes.
Jt-land, n. Jutland.
jung-fr, f. princess, lady;
-herra, m. 'young lord', prince.
jurt (pl. -ir), f. aromatic herb.
justa, f. bowl, cup.
jurr, m. = jaarr.
jfurr (-s, pl. jfrar), m. poet. king, prince, chief (af Sva jfri).
jklar, a. covered with icicles (yfir jkluu skeggi).
jkla-gangr, m. ice-drift (in a river);
-vatu, icy water.
jkul-barinn, pp. storm-beaten, stiffened with ice;
-kaldr, a. ice-cold.
jkull (gen.-s, dat. jkli; pl. jklar), m. (1) icicle (hann gekk inn sal, glumdu jklar); (2) ice (vatnit snst jkul); (3) glacier.
jkul-vatn, n. ice-water from a glacier;
-vetr, m. severe winter.
jll, n. poet. disturbance, strife (?).
jr (gen. jarar, dat. jru; pl. jarir), f. (1) earth, opp. to 'himinn' (hvrt br gu himni ea jru?); (2) the surface of the earth, ground (fll hann daur til jarar); (3) mould; (4) land, estate.
jrfi, m. gravel, gravel bank.
jrmun-, a prefix, denoting something huge, vast superhuman;
-gandr, m. the great monster, the Midgard Serpent;
-grund, f. the earth.
jstr (gen. jastar), m. yeast.
jtun-heimar, m. pl. the Giants' land;
-mr, m. giant's wrath, fury.
jtunn (gen -s, dat. jtni; pl. jtnar), m. giant; jtna synir, sons of giants.

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