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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


to be had;
-kross, m. cross-shaped mark in the ground;
-laug, f. a bath in a warm spring in the earth;
-ligr, a. earthly;
-ls, f. 'earth-louse';
-lgr, a. lying on the ground;
-neskr, a. earthly;
-rki, n. the earth, world, opp. to 'himin-rki'; -skjlfti, m. earthquake;
-stofa, f. underground room;
-veggr, m. earthen wall.
jarki, m. the outside edge of the foot.
jarkna-steinn, m. glittering gem.
jarl (-s, -ar), m. (1) poet. a highborn, noble man or warrior; (2) earl (in dignity next to the king);
-borinn, pp. earl-born, an earl by birth;
-dmr, m., -dmi, n. earldom.
jarls-dttir, f. earl's daughter;
-mar, m. an earl's follower;
-nafn, n. earl's title;
-rki, n. dominion of an earl, earldom;
-sti, n. earl's seat.
jarma (a), v. to bleat, of sheep and goats (rin jarmai).
jarmr, m. bleating (saua j.); screaming of birds (fugls j.).
jarpr, a. chestnut, reddish-brown (j. hr); j. hestr, chestnut-horse.
jarp-skamr, m. 'the brown pygmy' (viz. Erpr).
jarp-skjttr, a. bay-piebald.
jar-tegu (-tein, -teikn), n. (1)token, proof (of a thing); hafa e-t til -tegna, to use as a token or evidence; vera til jartegna, to serve as a token; (2) miracle;
-tegna, -teina (a or -di, dr), v. to betoken.
jata (gen. jtu), f. manger.
jaur, adv. yes indeed, yes certainly.
jaxl (-s, -ar). m. jaw-tooth, grinder, molar (tennrnar ok jaxlarnir).
jaxla-verkr, m. tooth-ache.
j, adv. yea, yes; j, j! yes, yes!
j (ji, ja, jr), v. to say yes, assent to, with dat. (hann ji v); j e-m e-u, to confess a thing to one; j. e-u upp, undan sr, to yield up.
j-kva (-dda, -ddr), v. to say yes to, with dat.;
-kvi, n. assent, consent; gjalda -kvi til e-s, to give one's assent to; or, n. = -kvi.
jrn, n. (1) iron (hagr j.); bera j., to carry hot iron (as an ordeal); (2) in pl. irons, fetters (setja e-n j., sitja jrnum); iron hinges (lk ar grind jrnum); horse-shoes.
jrna (a), v. (1)to mount with iron (jrnair vagnar); (2) to shoe a horse (hestr jrnar llum ftum).
jrna-far, n. iron-plating, on a ship;
-gangr, m. chafing, galling from irons (mttltill af -gangi);
-star, m. mark or print of irons.
jrn-borg, f. 'iron-castle' (used of a ring of iron-clad ships);
-bundinn, pp. iron-bound, of a shield;
-burr, m.        the ordeal of carrying hot iron;
-btr, m. iron stump;
-dragi, m. 'iron-drawer', magnet;
-festr, f. iron band;
-fjturr, m. ironfetter;
-fleinn, m. iron rod;
-gaddr, m. iron spike (goad);
-gjr, f. iron girdle;
-glfi, m. iron glove;
-gr, a. of good iron;
-greipr, f. pl. iron gloves.
jrngrar-mar, m. blacksmith.
jrn-hanki, m. iron handle;
-hlkr, m. iron tube;
-hvalr, m. harpooned whale;
-kambr, m. iron comb;
-ketill, m. iron kettle;
-kl, f. iron claw or fang;
-klukka, f. iron bell;
-klddr, pp. iron-clad;
-krkr, m. iron crook;
-kylfa, f. iron club;
-ligr, a. of iron;
-loka, f. iron bar;
-lurkr, m. iron cudgel;
-lykkja, f. iron clasp;
-meiss, m. iron basket;
-ml, n. pl. iron mouth-piece (of a bridle);
-mikill, a. of solid iron;
-nkkvi, m. iron boat;
-rekendr, f. pl. iron chains;
-rending, f. iron brim (of a shield);
-rendr, pp. bordered with iron (targa -rend);
-sa, f. spark from red-hot iron;
-skr, m. iron shoe;
-sl, f. iron bar;
-sleggja, f. iron sledge-hammer;
-smir, m. blacksmith;
-smi, n. smith's work;
-spjt, n. iron spear;
-spng, f. iron plate;
-stafr, m. iron staf;
-stng, f. iron bar;
-sla, f. iron column;
-teinn, m. iron prong;
-vafir, pp. wound round with iron;
-varir, pp. mounted with iron (= jrni varr);
-vpn, n. pl. iron weapons;
-vijar, f. pl. iron withes, iron wire.
jta, or jtta (a, or -tta, -ttr), v. (1) to say yes to, with dat. (essu jtar orjtir hann); (2) to acknowledge, admit (erkibiskup hafi v jtat, at); (3) to consent; mun ek essu j. fyrir mik ok mna heimamenn, I will agree to this for myself and my household; j. e-u undan sr, j. e-u upp, to yield

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