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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


jafn-bja (see bja), v. to be equal to, be a match for one (e-m);
-borinn, pp. of equal birth;
-borinn til e-s, having equal birthright to (-borinn til rkis sem ek);
-breir, a. equally broad;
-dgri, n. equal length of day and night, equinox;
-dmi, n. equitable (fair) judgement, justice;
-dmr, a. fair, impartial.
jafnendr, m. pl. daysmen, umpires.
jafn-fram, adv. (1) equally forward, side by side, with (leggr fram skeiina -fram skipi Hrts); evenly, in a straight line (standa allir -fram fyrir konungsborinu); (2) at the same time (eir riutil ings -fram Skeggja);
-framt, adv. equally, in the same degree, = -fram;
-ftis, adv. on equal footing (standa -ftis e-m, vi e-n);
-gegnt, prep. with dat. just opposite to;
-girnd, f. equity, fairness;
-gjarn, a. as eager; just, equitable;
-harr, a. as hard;
-hugar, a. (1) of even temper; (2) of one mind.
jafni, m. (1) equalness; mla til jafna (= til jafns) vi e-n, to speak just as well as another; (2) even number (= jfn tala).
jafningi (pl. -jar), m. equal, match.
jafn-keypi, n. equal bargain, = jafnaarkaup;
-kominn, pp. on even terms; with equal title (-komnir til erfar); neut., -komit er me ykkr, you are well matched;
-krappr, a. as strait, as narrow; -krappan sta, in such a strait;
-leikit, pp. n. an equal game;
-lendi, n. a level piece of ground;
-lengd, f. the same time of the following day (til -lengdar annars dags); the same day in the next year, anniversary (eigi sarr en fyrir -lengd); -lttvgr, a. as active in wielding arms;
-lia, a. indecl. with an equal number of men;
-liga, adv. (1) equally, fairly (skipta -liga); (2) usually, always;
-ligr, a. equal, fair;
-lyndi, n. evenness of temper;
-lyndr, a. even-tempered;
-maki, m. = jafningi;
-menni, n. equal, match;
-menntr, a. of equal rank;
-mli, n. fair play, equality;
-oki, m. equal, match (for one);
-ri, n. equal match;
-saman, adv. together (fyrir essa hugsan alla -saman);
-skiptiliga, adv. equally;
-skjtt, adv. immediately, at once;
-skjtt sem, as soon as;
-snemma, adv. at the very same moment; allir -snemma, all at the same time;
-stti, n. an agreement on equal terms.
jafnt, adv. (1) just, precisely (at var j. jlaaptan sjlfan, er eir brust); (2) always, perpetually.
jafn-tefli, a. an equal, drawn game;
-vegit, pp. n. with an equal number slain on both sides;
-vel, adv. (1) as well, equally well; (2) likewise, even (-vel sniliga); -viri, n. equal worth;
-vgi, n. drawn battle;
-vgi, n. equal weight;
-vgja (-a, -t), v. to equal, match, with dat.;
-vgr, a. of equal weight;
-vtta (-tta, -tt), v. to weigh against, counterbalance;
-yra (-a, -r), v. to bandy words with one (e-n).
jaga (a), v. (1) to harp on one string; j. vallt enni srnu sk, to be always harping on the samne case; (2) to hunt (j. dr), rare.
jaka-fr, f. drifting of ice-floes.
jaki, m. broken ice, ice-floe.
Jakobs-land, n. Compostella in Spain;
-messa, f. St. James' mass.
jalda, f. mare ( jldu lki). jam-, jamn-, see 'jafn-.'
Jamtar, Jamtr, m. pl. men from Jamtaland in Sweden.
jara (a), v. to earth, bury.
jarar-, gen. from 'jr';
-vxtr, m. produce of the earth;
-blmi, m. bloom of the earth;
-megin, n. strength of the earth (s var aukinn -megni or -magni);
-men, n. a long sod or turf; ganga undir -men, to creep under a sod partially detached from the earth.
jar-bann, n. want of grazing (from snow or frost);
-borg, f. stronghold of earth;
-bi, m. underground-dweller;
-eldr, m. volcanic fire;
-fall, n. earth-slip;
-fastr, a. fixed in the earth (-fastr steinn);
-f, n. treasure hidden in the earth;
-fjk, n. drifting snow;
-flginn, pp. hidden in the earth;
-hita, f., -hiti, m. subterranean (volcanic) heat;
-hola, f. earth-hole;
-hs, n. underground room or passage;
-kostr, m. choice of land, land

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