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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


jaarr (gen. -s, dat. jari, pl. jarar), m. (1) edge, border, selvage (of cloth, of a sail, tent, &c.); (2) poet. prince, lord (sa j., folks j.).
jara-skegg, n. whiskers.
jafu, a. (1) even; jfn tala, even number; (2) equal, the same; nar (viz. ferir) vera flestar jafnastar, thy doings are mostly the same, all equally bad; hann var ellefu vetra ok sterkr at jfnum aldri, and strong for his age; jafn e-m, equal to one; jafnt er sem r snist, af er ftrinn, it is just as it appears to thee, the leg is off; komast til jafns vi e-n, hafa e-t til jafns vi e-n, to equal one, be one's match in a thing; at jfnu, equally, in equal shares.
jafn-, in compds., such a, so....a, equally, as; er at skmm j.-mrgum rnnnum, it is a shame for so many men; j.-frgr drengr, so fine a fellow; j.-auveldr, as easy.
jafna (a), v. (1) to cut even, to trim (mrum snum mn jafnai); (2) to make equal; (3) to divide in equal shares (j. rki me sr); (4) j. e-u til e-s, vi e-t, to compare (liken) one thing with (to) another; j. e-u saman, to compare, set of one thing against another (var jafnat saman vgum); (5) refl., jafnast vi e-n, jafnast e-m, to even oneself with, call oneself a match for, another; j. orum vi e-n, to bandy words with one.
jafna, f. level ground, plain (hann fli af hlsinurn ofan jfnu).
jafnaar-bo, n.fair offer;
-dmr, m. fair judgement; leggja ml til-dms, to put a case before an umpire;
-fundr, m. a meeting on equal terms;
-ge, n. even temper;
-kaup, n. equal bargain;
-mar, m. (1) equal match-; (2) fair (impartial) man;
-samr, a. fair;
-skipti, n. fairdealing;
-okki, m. mutual affection.
jafnar (gen. -ar), m. (1) comparison; (2) equal share (en aan af hfum vit jafna bir); at jafnai, in equal proportions (skipta e-u at jafnai); usually, as a rule (= me jafnai); (3) equity, fairness.
jafn-aldra, a. indecl. of the same age;
-aldri, m. one of the same age (eir vru mjk jafnaldrar).
jafnan, adv. constantly, always,

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