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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


n. favourable choice;
-lauss, a. = -vanr;
-mikill, a. good, fine, valuable;
-munr, m. difference in quality (eigi er -munr me ykkr).
-kostan, f. (1) pains, effort (lagi k. ok stund at fremja kristni); (2) temptation (k. fjndans).
kosta-vandr, a. fastidious;
-vanr, a. cheerless.
kost-gr, a. of good quality;
-gripr, m. costly thing, choice thing;
-gfa (-a, -r), v. (1) to push on with a thing; -gfa eptirfrina, to press the pursuit hard; (2) with infin., to strive, take pains (. kostgi sv mjk at hjlpa fruneyti snu);
-gf, f. -gfi, n. and f. painstaking, care; me llu -gfi, with all diligence;
-gfliga, adv. with pains, diligently;
-gfligr, a., -gfr, a. painstaking, diligent.
kostigr, a. of good quality, choice.
kost-illr, a. of mean quality, poor;
-lauss, a. of no use, bad;
-ligr, a. desirable, advantageous;
-mr, a. heavy with food.
kostnaar-mikill, -samr, a. very costly, expensive.
kostnar, (gen. -ar), m. (1) cost, expense; (2) maintenance, living.
kostr (-ar, pl. -ir, acc. -i or -u), m. (1) choice, alternative (hann s engan sinn kost annan); mun ek engan kost gra, I will give no choice in the matter; (2) choice, terms (hvern kost vili r n gra Ingjaldi); hugsat hefi ek kostinn, I have thought over the terms; (3) choice, chance, opportunity; k. er e-s, there is a chance (at er hverjum manni boit at leita sr lfs, mean k. er); eiga e-s kost, to have a choice of (eiga slkra manna kost); eiga alls kosti vi e-n, to have one altogether in one's power; (4) match (Sigrr ht dttir hans ok tti bezir k. Hlogalandi); hann spyrr, hverr eigi a ra fyrir kosti hennar, who was to give her away; (5) state, condition; sj fyrir snum kosti, to take care of oneself; san lt Smon varveita kost hennar, look after her affairs; (6) cost, expense = kostnar (at skip hfu bjarmenn ltit gra af snum kosti); (7) means, victuals, provisions (bau hann Oddi alla kosti me sr); (8) food (at var siir at fra konum eim kost, er sng hvldu); (9) board ( bau Ketill f fyrir kost hennar); (10) stores, goods (tvau skip hlain vnum kosti); (11) good quality, good things; segja kost ok lst e-u, to tell both the good and the bad of a thing; fr ftt af mr frra kosta, thou shalt get little good from me; (12) virtue, opp. to 'lstr'; (13) adverb. usages, at er til kostar, ef, it is well done, if; at eim kosti, on that condition; at rum kosti, else, otherwise; at sasta, efsta kosti, in the last instance, last emergency; alls kostar, quite, in every respect; eigi eins kostar, not very, not peculiarly; annars kostar, as for the rest; nkkurs kostar, in any wise; ess kostar, in this case, thus.
kostu-ligr, a. costly, excellent (hann hlt eina -liga veizlu).
kost-vandr, a. fastidious.
kot, n. cottage, small farm, hut.
kot-bndi, m. cotter;
-br, m. = kot;
-karl, m. cotter, cottager.
kotkarls-son, m. churl's son.
kot-lfi, n. humble life;
-mannliga, adv. meanly, in a beggarly way.
kotungr (-s, -ar), m. = kotkarl.
kf, n. thick vapour, steam.
kf-viri, m. thick fall of snow.
klfr (-s, -ar), m. (1) clapper, tongue of a bell; (2) a kind of bolt; sv skjtt (snart) sem klfi skjti (skyti), swift as an arrow.
klf-skot, n. bolt-shot.
klga, f. poet. wave, billow.
klna (a), v. to become cold (verit klnar); impers., e-m klnar, one gets cold (oss klnar knjnum).
klnan, f. cooling down, getting colder ( er slargangr k.).
kng-, see 'konung-'.
kngr (-s, -ar), m. = konungr.
kpa (-ta, -t), v. to stare, gape.
kr-bk, f. choir-book, hymn-book;
-dyrr, f. pl. choir-door;
-kpa, f. choir-cope.
krna, f. crown, = krna.
krna (a), v. to crown, = krna.

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