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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


innanlands-hfingi, m. native chief;
-menn, m. pl. natives.
innan-mein, n. internal conplaint;
-rifja, adv. within the ribs, inwardly;
-stt, f. = -mein;
-vtr, a. wet within; hafa -vtt, to have the sea washing over; eir fengu mjk -vtt, they had a wet passage; -verr, a. inward, interior; -verri binni, in the inner (inmost) part of the booth.
innar-liga, adv. far inward.
innarr, adv. compar., see 'inn'.
innarst, adv. superl. farthest in, at thefurther end, = innst, see 'inn'.
inn-blstr, m. inspiration;
-borg, f. the inner castle, keep;
-byris, adv. on board;
-dli, n. ease, comfort;
-dll, a. quite easy;
-eygr, a. in-eyed, hollow-eyed;
-firingr (-s, -ar), m. a man from the inner part of a fjord;
-fjlgr, a. hot, burning (tr innfjlgt).
-ganga, f. entrance; beia e-n -gngu, to ask one to be let in;
-gangr, m. (1) = inn-ganga; (2) beginning (fstu -gangr);
-gjald, n. paying in, opp. to 'tgjald', outlay;
-grptr, m. engraving (on a seal).
inngngu-leyfi, n. leave to enter.
inn-hallt, adv. in towards land; sigla -hallara, to stand nearer the shore;
-hlutr, m. inner part;
-hsa (-ta, -tr), v. to house, harbour;
-hsingr, (-s, -ar), m. lodger;
-hsis, adv. = innanhss.
inni, adv. in-doors; ti ok i., out-doors and in-doors; brenna e-n i., to burn one to death in his house; hafa bo i., to hold a (wedding-) feast at one's home.
inni, n. abode, house, home; n snu i., to get home.
inni-hs, n. dwelling-house;
-hfn, f. harbouring, housing;
-liga adv. exactly, minutely (segja -liga fr e-u);
-vist, f. dwelling in a house.
inn-koma, f. coming in, arrival;
-kvma, f. coming in, arrival;
-kvmt, a. n., er engum manni -kvmt, no one is allowed to enter;
-land, n. inland;
-lei, f. (1) coasting along, course along the shore; (2) entrails (innlei dra);
-leizla, f. introduction;
-lendr, a. (1) native, opp. to 'tlendr'; (2) residing in one's country;
-lenzkr, a. indigenous;
-raptr, rn. inner rafter;
-rei, f. riding in;
-renta, f. income.
innri, a. compar. inner, inmost, interior, = iri; fara hit innra (ira), to go by the inner road.
inn-sigla (a), v. to seal.
inn-sigli, n. seal, seal-ring.
innst, adv. superl. from 'inn'.
inn-stlpi, m. = -stpull.
innstr, a. superl. innermost.
inn-strnd, f. the inner strand;
-sta, f. investment;
-stpull, m. inner pillar;
-tak, n. contents (of a book);
-viir, m. pl. ribs (of a ship).
inn-viriliga, adv. closely, minutely, = einviruliga.
-viruliga, adv. closely, minutely, = einviruliga.
inn-yfli, n. pl. entrails, bowels.
Inn-rndir, m. pl. the inhabitants of the inner part of Thrandheim.
, prep. I. with dat., (1) in, within; fela f sitt jru, to hide one's money in the earth; fastir vellinum, fast in the ground; vera sveit, to live in a district; rum lndum, in other lands; (2) with local names ( Orkneyjum, Laxrdal, Borgarfiri, &c.); (3) in a certain spot; einum sta, eim (hverjum) sta, in one, that (every) place; standa hggfri, within sword's reach; (4) in, among; valnum, among the slain; (5) of clothes; vera , to have on, wear (hann var blm stakki, litklum); (6) during, in; enna vetr jlum, duringYule; sumri (hausti), this summer (autumn); v bili, in that moment; v er Gunnar stendr upp, at the very moment when G. rises; (7) denoting action, state, condition; vera

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