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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


eignar, ill to deal with; (3) close, mean, stingy (illr af mat).
ill-rr, a., -rugr, a. wicked;
-ri, n. evil deed, crime.
illris-mar, m. evil-doer.
ill-sakar, f. pl., troa -sakar vi e-n, to have it out with one.
illska, f. wickedness, cruelty.
illskast (a), v. refl. to wax wroth and furious.
ill-ski, m. the less of two evils.
illsku-fullr, a. full of wickedness;        
-kraptr, m. wicked power;
-mar,         m. wicked (cruel) man;
-r, f. incination to mischief or evil.
ill-spr, f. pl. evil prophecy, croakings;
-svipligr, a. ill-looking;
-, f. ill-nature;
-igr, a. ill-natured, evil-boding;
-ligr, a. ill-looking, grim;
-verk. n. evil deed;
-viri, n. bad weather.
illviris-bakki, m. foul-weather clouds.
-klakkar, m. pl. foul-weather clouds.
ill-vili, m. ill-will, hostility;
-vilja, a. indecl.,
-viljar, a. ill-willed, evil-minded.
illvila-mar, m. ill-wisher.
ill-virki (pl. -virkjar), m. evil-doer, criminal;
-virki, n. evildoing, crime, robbery, ravage;
-vrt, a. n., illvrt var ti, one could hardly stay out of         doors;
-yra (-ea, -r), v. to speak ill, to abuse;
-yri, n. pl. abusive language;
-yrmi, n. noxious worms, vermin;
-gi, f. = -;
-rli, n. wretched thrall;
-i, n. rabble, gang of thieves and robbers.
illis-flk, n. = illi;
-mar, m. = illvirki (m.).
ilma (-di, -t), v. (1) to smell sweet; ilmandi, sweet-smelling; (2) to scent, perceive by smell (efja ok ilma).
ilmr, m. sweet smell, scent.
imbru-dagar, m. pl. Ember-days.
imbrudaga-vika, f. Ember-week.
imbru-dggr, n. pl. = -dagar.
in, temp. adv., pleonast. before a compar., hlt-a in lengr rmi, he kept not his place longer, he ran away; mann in harara = harara mann, a hardier man; nema in snotrari sr, unless thou art wiser; n in heldr, neither; n hests in heldr, nor of his horse either; eigi in heldr tla ek at, neither do I think that.
inn (compar. innarr, superl. innst),         adv. (1) in, into; ganga inn bina, to go into the booth; ganga inn, to go indoors (Njll gekk mist t ea inn); kasta e-m (setja e-n) inn, to cast into prison; var ar glaumr mikill inn (in the house) at heyra; inn eptir firi, inwards along the firth; (2) denoting the situation of a place, = inni (var Hlfdn brdaur inn rndheimi); (3) innarr, more inward, farther in; innst, most inward, farthest in.
inn (in, it), def. art. the = hinn (hin, hit).
inna (-ta, -tr), v. (1) to perform (i. rtt); hafi hann af hendi innt alla stt sna, he had then fulfilled all the terms of his atonement; (2) to pay, discharge (i. gjald af hendi); hvat ttu mr illt at i., what evil hast thou to repay me? (3) to relate, tell (i. sn vandri); innti orstafi at eldi ljsum, she read out the letters by the light of the fire; (4) i. til e-s, to         allude to, mention, speak of ( ( skatta, sem n mun ek til i.); i. upp, to sum up, expound (i. upp allan mlavxt); (5) refl., innast til um e-t, to discuss; inntust eir til um kaupakosti, they discussed the bargain; innast or vid, to exchange words.
innan, adv. (1) from within, from an inner part (reru eir innan mti eim); lsti hn loptinu i., she locked the door from the inside; (2) internally, within; gengu eir um kirkjuna i., all around the inside of the church; rak san um haf i., all about the sea; fyrir i., prep. with acc. Inside of, within; fyrir i. stokk, in-doors; (3) prep. with gen. Within; i. ltils tma, within a short time, presently; esp. in a great many adverbial compds.
innan-bors, adv. on board;
-borgar, adv. within the town;
-bar, adv. within the booth;
-bjar, adv. within town;
-gengt, a.n. accessible from within (-gengt var fjsit);
, adv. indoors, within the house;
-lands, adv. within the land, at home.

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