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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


ia, f. eddy, whirlpool.
i-gjld, n. recompense, reward;
-gngr, a. over-abundant;
-gntt, f. great abundance.
iinn, a. diligent, assiduous.
ija, (a), v. to do, perform.
ija, f. activity, doing, business.
ija-grnn, a. ever-green.
iju-, gen. from 'ija';
-fullr, a. hard-working;
-lauss, a. idle;
-leysi, n. idleness;
-mar, m. hard-working man
-samr, a. industrious.
ika (a), v. to perform, cultivate.
i-lka, adv. exactly alike (e-m).
in (pl. -ir), f. occupation, business.
ina (a), v. (1) to do, perform, = ija; (2) to work at (a thing).
inar-, gen. from 'in';
-mar, m. = ijumar.
ir, n. pl. bowels, entrails.
ira (a), v. to make one repent (eigi ira mik mnar grir); impers. e-n irar e-s or eptir e-t, and refl., irast e-s, to repent of.
iran, f. repentance.
iranar-fullr, a. repentant, penitent;
-fss, a. repentant, penitent;
-lauss, a. unrepentant;
-mark, n. mark of repentance.
irandi (pl. -endr), m. repentant.
irar, f. pl. (1) bowels, entrails = ir; (2) repentance.
iri, a. compar., see 'innri'.
iug-liga, = iu-liga;
-ligr, = iu-ligr.
iu-kast, n. whirling eddy, = ia.
iu-liga, ad v. frequently;
-ligr, a. frequent, continuous.
iur-liga, = iu-liga;
-ligr, = iu-ligr.
if, ifa, ifan, see 'ef, efa, efan.'
iga, f. a kind of small bird.
il (pl. iljar), f. sole of the foot.
il-band, n. strap under the foot.
ilbanda-brkr. f. pl. breeches or trousers with 'il-bnd'.
illa (compar. verr, superl. verst), adv. badly, ill; lka i., to dislike.
ill-brag, n., bad trick;
-brigi, n. bad trick;
-bli, n. wretched home;
-deildir, f. pl. hostilities, quarrels;
-dri, n. noxious animal.
illendi, n. pl. (1) spite (til leitni ok illenda); (2) gangrene (at sr greri illa, sv at blstr h1jp ok illendi ).
ill-felli, n. mishap;
-fengr, ill-natured;
-ferli, n. pl. ill doings, evil ways;
-fss, a. ill-willed;
-fygli, n. noxious birds;
-fstr, pp. bent on evil;
-geta, f. imputation;
-girnd f., ill-will, ill-nature, malice;
-girni, f. ill-will, ill-nature, malice;
-gjarn, a. ill-willed, ill-natured, malicious;
-gjarnligr, a. ill-natured, spiteful;
-gresi, n, 'evilgrass', weeds, tares;
-grunar, pp. suspected of evil (um e-);
-gti, n. ill fare;
-gr, f. evil doing, misdeed.
illgra-flokkr, m. gang of evil-doers;
-mar, m. evil-doer;
-samr, a. evil-doing.
ill-hreysingr, m. savage, miscreant;
-hveli, n. evil (noxious) whale.
illi-liga, adv. hideously;
-ligr, a. ill-looking, hideous (-lig gaulan).
ill-kvikendi, n. noxious beast;
-kykvendi, n. noxious beast;
-kyndugr, a. crafty, wily, cunning;
-kyngi, f. wiliness;
-leikni, f. ill-treatment (gra e-m -leikni).
ill-linaar-mar, m. a man of an ill life (-mar um kvennafar).
ill-lifnar, m., wicked life;
-lfi, n. wicked life;
-lfr, a. wicked;
-lyndi, n. evil temper, ill-nature;
-lti, n. pl. hideous grimaces;
-mannliga, adv. Wickedly, cruelly;
-mannligr, a. inhumane, cruel, wicked;
-mlugr, a. foul-mouthed, slanderous;
-menni, n. wicked (cruel) man;
-mennska, f. wickedness, cruelty;
-mla, (-ta, -tr), v. to talk evil of, slander, with acc. or dat.;
-mlgi, f., -maeli, n. slander, calumny, libel;
-orr, a. slanderous, abusive.
illr (compar. verri, superl. verstr), a. (1) ill, evil, bad; illr mar, a bad man; ill r, evil counsel; illum huga, with evil intent; illu feginn ver aldregi, never rejoice at evil; illar lgur, evil, oppressive burden; (2) hard, difficult, with gen.; illr vir-

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