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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


out of one's hands, to lose; taka h. e-m, to join hands with one; eiga e-t jfnum hndum, to own in equal shares; sverja sr af hendi, to forswear; af hendi e-s, on one's behalf, on the part of (af hendi landsmanna); at hendi, as adv. in turn; hverr at hendi, each in turn; felast hendi e-m, to be under one's protection; hvat er r hndum, what hast thou in hand?; ef honum vri ekki hndum, if he had nothing in hand, if his hands were free; eiga e-t fyrir hendi (hndum), to have in hand (duty, business, engagement); vera hendi, to be at hand, at one's disposal; hafa vel (illa) hndum, to behave well (badly); hafa e-t me hndum, to have in hand, manage, discharge; hljta e-t undan hendi e-s, from one, at one's hand; h., hendr, against (lsa vgi h. e-m); sna vanda hendr e-m, to throw the responsibility on one; frast e-t hendr, to undertake; ganga (drfa) h. e-m, to submit to one; bjargast snar hendr, by one's own handiwork; selja, gefa, f e-t hnd (hendr) e-m, to give into one's hands, hand over; ba e-t hendr e-m, to make it ready for one; kalla til e-s hendr e-m, to lay claim to a thing at the hands of another; smu ntt, er fr h., the following night; ver x h., the wind rose higher and higher; vera hgt um h., to be easy in hand; til handa e-m, into one's hands; ganga til handa e-m, to put oneself in another's hands, submit to him; ef at berr r til handa, if it befalls thee; skmrn ks ek mr eigi til handa, I will not have that shame at my door; bija konu til handa e-m, on one's behalf, for him; (2) the arm and hand, the arm (hndin gekk af axlarlinum; hann hefir hgri hendi hring fyrir ofan lnboga); var eigi djpara en eim tk undir hendr, the water just reached to their armpits; (3) hand, side; hgri (vinstri) h., on the right (left) hand, side; hvra h., on either hand; minnar (yvarrar) handar, for my (your) part; (4) kind, sort; allra handa rgzka, great abundance of all things.
hndla (a), v. (1) to seize, capture (h. glpamann); (2) to treat; h. e-n illa, to treat one ill.
hnk (gen. hankar, pl. henkr), f. hank, coil, loop, ring; sterkar henkr, strong clasps.
hrfa (a), v. to retire, withdraw (h. undan); h. fyrir e-m, to give way before one.
hr-gefn, f. poet. woman.
hrgr (-s, -ar), m. heathen place of worship, cairn or altar of stone (hrg hann mr gri hlainn steinum).
hr-hnoa, n. clew of flax.
hrkla (a), v. to hobble, walk with difficulty (at li tekr at dasast ok hrklar af heiinni ofan).
hrkull, m. noise, din.
hrmugr, a. afflicted, sorrowful.
hrmu-liga, adv. sadly;
-ligr, a. sad, distressing (-lig tiendi).
hrmung, f. grief, affliction.
hrmungar-lti, n. lamentations.
-or, n. pl, lamentations.
-tala, f. lamentations.
hrpu-, gen. from 'harpa';
-leikr, m. playing on a harp;
-skel, f, 'harpshell', scallop;
-slagari, m. harper;
-slagi, m. harper;
-slagr, m. striking the harp;
-slttr, m. striking the harp;
-stokkr, m. harp-case
-strengr, m. harp-string.
hrr (dat. hrvi and hr), m. flax, linen (af hr ea hampi); dkr hvtr af hrvi, a cloth of white linen.
hr-skryddr, pp. clad in linen.
hrund, n. and f. (1) human flesh, = hold (milli skinns ok hrunds); (2) skin, complexion; svartr hr ok h. black in hair and skin.
hrundar-litr, m. colour of flesh (Hel er bl hlf, en hlf me -lit).
hrunds-litr, m. = hrundarlitr;
-ljss, a. of bright complexion.
hs-magi, m. a sheep with a grey, dusky belly;
-mgttr, a. grey on the belly (hrtr h. at lit).
hss (acc. hsvan), a. grey, of a wolf (lfr hinn hsvi).
hsvast (a), v. refl. to approach one wrathfully (h. at e-m).
httr (gen. hattar, dat. hetti; pl. hettir, acc. httu), m. hood.

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