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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


hfundr (-ar, -ar), m. (1) author, originator; (2) judge (rare).
hgg (dat. hggvi), n. (1) stroke, blow; ljsta h. dyrr, to knock at the door; skamma stund verr hnd hggvi fegin, only a short while is the hand fain of the blow; eigi fellr tr vi hit fyrsta h., no tree falls at the first stroke; (2) beheading, execution (leia e-n til hggs); (3) fig. gap, breach (kom fljtt h. liit).
hgg-fri, n. the being within sword's reach; standa -fri (vi e-n), to stand within stroke of sword;
-jrn, n. ' hewing iron', chopper;
-ormr, m. viper;
-orrosta, f. close fight;
-r, f. clinch on a sword's hilt (cf. 'hugr');
-rm, n. room to use a sword;
-sax, n. a kind of cutlass;
-spjt, a kind of halberd;
-star, m. place for a blow (leita -staar e-m);
-stokkr, m. chopping-block.
hggu-ntt, f. = hkuntt.
hggva (hgg; hj, hjoggum or hjuggum; hggvinn and hgginn), v. (1) to strike, smite (with a sharp weapon); hggr s, er hlfa skyldi, he strikes who ought to shield; h. sveri (or me sveri), to strike with a sword; h. e-n bana-hgg, to give one his deathblow; (2) to cut down, destroy (eir hjoggu drekann mjk); (3) to put to death, behead (suma lt hann hengja ea h.); to kill, slaughter (h. hest, bf, kr, naut); (4) to fell trees (hann hefir hggvit skgi mnum); (5) to strike, bite (of a snake, boar); ormrinn hj hann til bana, the snake struck him dead; (6) with preps., h. e-t af, to hew or cut off (h. af kampa ok skegg); h. af f, to kill (slaughter) cattle; h. e-t af sr, to ward of; h. eptir e-m, to cut at one, = h. til e-s (hj eptir honum me sveri); h. hfu e-m, to give one a blow on the head; h. e-t nir, to cut down (var merki hans nir hggvit); to kill, butcher (I. hefir r nir hggvit brr sna tv); h. e-t r, to cut out; fig. to make even, smooth (lta konung ok erkibisup r h. slkar greinir); h. e-t sundr, to hew asunder; h. til e-s, to strike (cut) at one, = h. eptir e-m; h. upp tr, to cut down a tree; h. upp skip, to break a ship up; (7) refl. to be cut, hacked (hjst skjldr Helga); tti honum n taka mjk um at hggvast, things looked hard; recipr., to exchange blows, fight (eir hjuggust nkkura stund).
hggvandi, m. (1) hewer, smiter; (2) headsman, executioner.
hgg-vpn, n. 'cutting weapon', sword or axe (opp. to 'lagvpn').
hggva-skipti, -viskipti, n. pl. exchange of blows.
hgg-x, f. 'hewing-axe', hatchet.
hgld (pl. hagldir), f. a kind of buckle (shaped like oo), used to run a rope through with which hay is trussed (brega reipum hagldir).
hku-, gen. from 'haka';
-bein, n. chin bone (hkubeinit ok hakan);
-langr, a. having a long chin.
hkul-brkr, f. pl. 'cloak-breeches' (exact meaning doubtful).
hkull (dat. hkli), m. priest's cope chasuble.
hkul-skar, pp. 'cloak-shod' (?).
hku-mikill, a. having a large chin (hlslangr ok h.).
hku-ntt, f. midwinter-night.
hku-skegg, n. beard on the chin.
hld-borinn, pp. born of a 'hldr', enjoying a hld's right, free-born.
hldr, m. (1) a kind of higher yeoman; (2) in poetry, man; hlda synir, sons of men.
hlkn, n. a rough, stony field.
hll (gen. hallar, pl. hallir), f. large house, hall (esp. of a king or earl).
hlzti, adv. helzti.
hm (gen. hamar), f. ham or haunch (of a horse).
hmlu-, gen. from 'hamla';
-band, n. oar-strap, oar-grummet.
hnd (gen. handar, dat. hendi; pl. hendr), f. (1) hand; taka hendi e-u, to touch with the hand; hafa e-t hendi, to hold in the hand; drepa hendi vi e-u, to refuse; halda hendi yfir e-m, to protect one; taka e-n hndum, to seize, capture; bera hnd fyrir hfu sr, to defend oneself; eiga hendr snar at verja, to act in self defence; lta e-t hendi firr, to let go

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