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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


n. (1) head (hggva h. af e-rn); lta e-n hfi skemmra, to behead one; strjka aldrei um frjlst h., to be never free, never at ease; skera e-m h., to make a wry face at one; heita h. e-m, to be called after a person; htta hfi, to risk one's life; leggja vi h. sitt, to stake one's head; fra e-m h. sitt, to surrender oneself to an enemy; drepa nir hfi, to droop the head; oku hf af hfi, the fog lifted; stga yfir h. e-m, to overcome one; hlaa helium a hfi e-m, to leave one dead on the spot; ganga milli bols ok hfus e-s or e-m, to hew of one's head, to kill outright; senda e-n til hfus e-m, to send one to take another's head; leggja f til hfus e-m, to set a price on one's head; leggjast e-t undir h.,to put aside, neglect (. lagist eigi essa fer undir h.); vera hfi hrri, to be taller by a head; (2) head, chief (h. lendra manna); rndheimr hefir lengi veri kallar h. Noregs, the chief district of Norway; (3) ornamental prow of a ship (skip me gyltum hfum); ornamental head on a bridle (slitnai sundr beizlit, ok tndist h., er var).
hfu-, f. chief river;
-rr, m. archangel;
-tt, f. cardinal point;
-bamr, m. the 'head stem', agnate lineage;
-band, n. head-band, snood, fillet;
-bani, m. death, destruction;
-bein, n. pl. head-bones;
-benda, f. (1) naut. slay, shroud; (2) fig. stay, support;
-blt, n. chief sacrifice;
-borg, f. head town, capital;
-bl, n. chief estate, manorial estate;
-brot, n. great dammage, ruin;
-burr, m. 'bearing of the head', fig. honour, credit, prestige; e-m er ltill -burn at e-u, it does him little honour (credit);
-br, m. = -bl;
-dkr, m. head-kerchief, hood;
-fair, m. protector, patron;
-firn, n. pl. great scandal;
-gersemi, f. great jewel;
-gjarnt, a. n. fatal, dangerous to one's life;
-gjf, f. capital gift;
-go, n. principal god;
-gfa, f. great luck;
-ht, f. principal feast;
-hetja, f. great champion, chief;
-hlutr, m. the upper part of the body, opp. to 'ftahlutr';
-hof, n. chief temple;
-sar, m. pl. great masses of ice, ice-banks;
-kempa, f. = -hetja;
-kennimar, m. great clerk, ecclesiastic;
-kirkja, f. high-church, cathedral;
-klerkr, m. great clerk or scholar;
-konungr, m. sovereign king;
-lausn, f. 'head-ransom' (the name of three old poems);
-lauss, a. (1) headless, without a head; (2) without a leader (-lauss herr);
-ler, n. head-piece of a bridle;
-lknir, m, chief physician;
-lstr, m. cardinal sin;
-mar, m. head-man, chief;
-mein, n. sore (boil) on the head;
-meistari, m. head-master;
-merki, n. (1) chief mark, characteristic; (2) chief standard;
-mikill, a. big-headed;
-mundr, m. ransom;
-nausyn, f. great need;
-nijar, m. pl. head-kinsmen, agnates;
-rar, m. pl. delirium;
-r, n. chief council;
-rgjafl, m. chief adviser;
-sr, n. wound in the head.
hfus-bani, m. = hfubani.
hfu-skld, n. great poet;
-skepna, f. prime element;
-skutilsveinn, m. head-cupbearer;
-skmm, f. great shame, scandal;
-skrungr, m. great and noble person.
hfus-mar, m. head-man, leader, chief (vel til fallinn at vera -mar).
hfu-smtt, f. the opening-for the head (in a shirt or smock-frock);
-smir, m. chief builder;
-star, m. capital, chief place;
-steypa, f. tumbling on the head (fara -steypu);
-svia, f. singed sheep's head;
-svrr, m. head-skin, scalp; standa yfir -svr-um e-s, to have an enemny's head in one's power;
-synd, f. cardinal sin;
-sti, n. chief seat;
-tunga, f. chief language;
-vpn, n. principal weapon;
-veizla, f. chief banquet;
-vl, f. chief device;
-verkr, m. headache;
-vinr, m. bosom friend;
-vrr, m. bodyguard;
-ing, n. chief meeting;
-vttr, m. head-washing;
-tt, f. = -tt;
-rr, a. insane;
-rsl, n. pl., -rslur, f. pl. = -rar.
hfug-leikr, m. heaviness.
hfugr, a. (1) heavy (h. steinn); (2) heavy with sleep, drowsy; e-m er hfugt, one is sleepy.

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