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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


hfni, f. good marksmanship (Ein-drii lofai hoefni konungs).
hoegindi, n. pl. (1) relief (for the sick and poor); (2) comforts; snast til hoeginda, to turn to advantage, for the better; (3) in sing., bolster, pillow, cushion (undir hgindit hvlunni).
hgja (-a, -r), v. (1) to abate, with dat.; h. rs sinni, to slacken one's course; (2) to relieve, seek relief for one (var eim hgt llu sem mtti); (3) refl., hoegjast, to abate (sjr tk at h.); to get smoother (kann vera at hgist rit); impers., eptir allt etta hgist Fra ltit, F. became more at ease.
hg-liga, adv. with ease, gently;
-ligr, a. easy, convenient;
-lfi, n. easy or comfortable life.
hgr (acc. -jan and -an), a. easy, convenient; ykkr er at hgst um hnd, it is most at hand for you; h. byrr, a gentle, fair wind; ekki var samlag eirra hgt, they were not on good terms; h. e-m or vi e-n, gentle towards one.
hgri, a. compar. (from hgr), right; til h. handar, til hgra vegs, on the right hand, to the right.
hkil-bjgr, a. bowed in the knees. hkja, f. crutch.
hla (-da, -t), v., (1) to praise, with dat. (hann hldi Ulfari mjk); (2) to boast of (sveri hlir tar, en eigi sigri); (3) refl., hlast, to boast, vaunt; h. e-u (af e-u, um e-t), to boast of; h. vi e-n, to boast over one.
hlinn, a. given to boasting. hlni, f. boasting, bragging.
hna, f. hen (hani ok hna).
hns, hnsn, n. pl. liens, fowls.
hta (-tta, -tt), v. to threaten; h. e-m e-u, to threaten one with a thing (htti honum daua).
hting (pl. -ar), f. threatening.
htinn, a. given to threatening.
hverska, f. courtesy, good manners.
hversk-liga, adv. politely, fashionably (-liga kldd);
-ligr, a. =hverskr.
hverskr, a. well-mnannered, polite.
hnu-ki, n. female kid, young she-goat (cf. 'hana')
hfa (a), v. (1) to cut the head of (h. fisk), to behead; (2) h. ml (sk) hnd ( hendr) e-m, to bring an action against one.
hfar, pp. headed (h. sem hundr; cf. tv-, r-hfar).
hfa-fjl, f. head-board of a bedstead;
-hlutr, m. = hfuhlutr;
-lag, n. bed's head;
-skip, n. a ship with an ornamental prow;
-tal, n. 'tale of heads', number of persons, etc.
hfi, m. headland.
hfingi (pl. -jar), m. (1) chief, leader; h. eirrar ragrar, at the head of that plan; (2) captain, commander (K. var h. yfir eim her); (3) chief, ruler, esp. in pl., men of rank or authority (hfingjar ok gir menn; hann grist h. mikill).
hfingja-, gen. from 'hfingi';
-st, f. love for one's chief;
-brag, n. the bearing of a chief (hafa -brag sr);
-djarfr, a. frank and bold in one's intercourse with the great;
-efni, n. a hopeful man for a chief (L. tti bezt -efni austr ar);
-fundr, m. meeting of chiefs;
-hlutr, m. a chief's lot or share;
-krr, a. in favour with the great;
-lauss, a. chiefless;
-merki, n. chiefs standard;
-nafn, n. chiefs title;
-skipti, n. change of rulers;
-son, m. son of a chief;
-stefna, f. = -fundr;
-styrkr, m. support of great folk;
-tt, f. noble extraction, high birth.
hfing-liga, adv. nobly, generously;
-ligr, a. princely, noble;
-skapr, m. (1) power, dominion; (2) authority, prestige; (3) liberality, generosity.
hfga (a), v. to make heavy; impers., e-m (or e-n) hfgar, one becomes heavy with sleep.
hfga-vara, f. heavy wares.
hfgi, m. (1) heaviness, weight; (2) sleep, nap (rann hann h.); drowsiness (sl hfga sv miklum, at eir mttu eigi vku halda).
hfn (gen. hafnar, pl. hafnir), f. (1) haven, harbour; (2) ftus ( ann htt sem h. vex me konu); (3) coat, cloak, = yfirhfn (hann tk af sr hfnina ok sveipai urn konunginn); (4) tenure of land (jarar h.); (5) crew, = skipshfn.
hfu (dat. hfi gen. pl. hfa),

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