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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


hni, f. mocking, mockery.
hfr, a. fit, proper; engu h.,good for nothing, useless, worthless.
hki-liga, adv. vehemently.
hl-bein, n. heel bone;
-btr, m. heel-biter;
-dreginn, pp. dragging the heels in walking;
-drep, n. blow on the heel.
hli, n. shelter, refuge; leita s r hlis, to seek for shelter.
hl-krkr, m. 'heel-crook', catch with the heel (a trick in wrestling).
hll (-s, -ar), m. heel; hlaupa (fara, ganga) hla e-m, to follow at one's heels; hur felir (lkst) hla e-m, the door shuts (closes) upon one's heels; fara aptr hli, to return immediately; hopa (fara) hl fyrir e-m, to retreat, recede before one.
hll (-s, -ar), m. (1) peg, in; (2) handle in a scythe-shalt (orf-hll).
hll, m. a widow whose husband has been slain in battle.
hl-sr, a. reaching down to the heels (sr kyrtill).
hngr, m. male salmon.
hra, f. hoariness, grey hair (skegg hvtt af hru); f elli ok hru, to live to a hoary old age; esp. in pl., grr (hvtr) fyrir (or af) hrum, white with grey hair.
hrr, a. haired; h. vel, having-fine hair; h. mjk, having much hair.
hringr, m. hoary (old) man.
hru-karl, m. = hringr;
-kollr, m. hoary head, a nickname;
-langr, a. having long grey hair;
-skeggi, in. hoary beard;
-skotinn, pp. grizzled.
htta (-tta, -tt), v. to leave of, with dat. (h. heyverkum); with infin. to cease (h. at tala).
htta (-tta, -tt), v. to risk, venture, stake, with dat. (L.vildi eigi t h. snum mnnum); h. til ess viring inni, to stake thy honour on it; impers., litlu httir n til, there is but small risk; absol., hefir s er httir, he wins who risks, 'nothing venture nothing have'; h. til e-s, to risk a thing (vil ek heldr til ess h. en hitt spyrist nnur lnd); h. e-t, to risk (kvust a mundu h. at berjast); to venture upon, to trust to (h. miskunn e-s); h. e-u undir e-n, to depend on one for a thing.
htta, f. danger, peril; eiga mikit httu, to run a great risk; leggja e-t httu, to expose to risk or danger (leggja sik, lf sitt, f sitt, httu); leggja httu, to run the risk.
htting, f. danger, risk.
httingar-fer, f. dangerous journey (= httu-fer).
htt-leggja (see leggja), v. to risk;
-liga, adv. dangerously;
-ligr, a. dangerous; klluu
-ligan mtt hans, they said that he was sinking-fast.
httr, a. (1) dangerous (slkr mar er httastr, ef); (2) dangerously ill (vera, liggja, h.); (3) exposed to danger; ekki h. fyrir vpnum, proof against weapons; (4) e-m er htt vi e-u, one is in danger of; var uri vi engu meini htt, Thurid was out of danger; (5) doubtful, uncertain.
httu-fer, -fr, f. dangerous journey;
-lauss, a. free from danger, without danger;
-ltill, a. little dangerous;
-mikill, a. very dangerous;
-r, n. dangerous plan.
hfa (-a, -r), v. (1) to hit, with acc. (eir hfa aldri dr); hann hfi allt at, er hann skaut til, he never missed his mark; h. til, to aim; sv hafi smirinn til hft, so well had he aimed; (2) to fit, with dat. (hfu Kjartani au kli allvel); (3) to behove, be meet (eigi hfir at drepa sv fagran svein); sv hfir eigi, segir Ulfr, that will not do, said U.; h. e-m, to be meet for one; (4) refl., hfast, to fit each other, to correspond; spjtit mun h. ok sr at, the shaft and the wound will correspond; h. , to agree in time, coincide.
hfi, n. (1) fitness; vera vi e-s h., to fit one, be suitable, convenient ( Hrtr fekk sr n konu , er honum tti vi sitt h.); (2) skjta til hfis, to shoot at a mark.
hfi-ltr, a. moderate;
-liga, adv. fitly;
-ligr, a. fit, due.
hfindi, n. pl. what fits, behoves.
hfing, f. aiming; grah.,to take aim.
hfinn, a. aiming well, good at hitting the mark,

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