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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


fra); maela fagrt, ok fltt h., to speak fair and mean false; mla hugat (af hugu), to speak sincerely; (4) h. e-m e-t, to intend a thing for one, to have in store for one (ttist ann vita, at honum mundi slkr kostr hugar); h. e-m vel, to be well disposed towards a person; h. e-u illa, to be ill pleased with; ok munu au vel h. (they will be glad), er au hafa akrinn; (5) with preps., h. af e-u, to leave off thinking about, forget or drop (h. af harmi, heimsku); h. af um leitina, to give up the search; h. at e-u, to attend to, mind, look at; konungr hugi vandliga at manninum, the king looked closely at the man; h. e-t, to think of (h. fltta); ef hann gri hygi, if he thought of any breach of faith; h. fyrir e-u, to look to, take heed to (hygg n sv fyrir hag num); h. til e-s, to look forward to with pleasure, &c. (hversu hyggr til at deyja ? gott hygg ek til bana mns); h. um e-t, to think about a thing; h. um me e-m, to deliberate with one about a thing; (6) refl., hyggjast, to think; hyggst betr gra munu ? thinkst thou thou canst do it better? h. fyrir, to hesitate; hyggst vtr hvatr fyrir, a valiant man flinches for nought.
hyggja, f, thought, mind, opinion.
hyggjandi, f. = hyggendi.
hyggiu-leysi, n. thoughtlessness.
hyggnast (a), v., h. af e-m, to gain knowledge from one.
hylda (-lda, -ldr), v. (1) to cut up (takit r Hgna ok hyldit me knfi); h. hval, to flense a whale; (2) refl., hyldast, to grow fat, get flesh.
hyldr. pp. fleshy.
hylja (hyl, hulda, hulir and huldr), v. to hide, cover (hann huldi hfu sitt); fara huldu hfi, to go 'with the head covered', in disguise, by stealth.
hyljan, f. hiding, covering.
hylla (-ta, -tr), v., h. sik e-m, to court a person's friendship, make friends with; h. fyrir e-m, to recommend one; refl., hyllast e-n = hylla sik e-m; h. e-n at, to pay homage to.
hylli, f. favour, grace (hafa gus h.).
hylma (-da. -dr), v., h. yfir e-u, to hide, conceal (arf ekki lengr yfir essu at h.).
hylming, f. concealment.
hylr (-jar, -ir), m. deep place, pool. in a river ( hylnum undir fossinum).
hyrna, f. point of an axe-head.
hyrndr, a. (1) horned (hyrnd kr); (2) angular (r-, fer-, tt-hyrndr).
hyrning (pl. -ar), f. corner, nook (of a house or room).
hyrningr, m. (1) a horned man (a bishop wearing a mitre); (2) (r-hyrningr, triangle).
hyrr (gen. hyrjar), m. fire (poet.).
hyski, n. = hski.
hbla-, gen. pl. from hbli;
-bt, n. bettering of one's homestead;
-brestr, m. home loss;
-httir, m. pl. home affairs, home manners;
-prr, a. keeping a hospitable house (A. var -prr ok gleimar mikill);
-skmm, f. disgrace to the home.
h-bli, n. pl. (1) home, homestead, house ( annarra manna hblum); (2) household.
ha (-dda, -ddr), v. to flog (= berja h af e-m).
hing, f. flogging (= hstroka).
Hnir, m. pl. = Hnar.
h-ntt, f. night of anxious waiting (?).
hnskr, a. Hunnish.
hrast (), v. refl. to be gladdened, brighlen up (hrist hann skjtt vibragi).
hr-liga, adv. cheerily, with a smiling face (lta -liga til e-s);
-ligr, a. friendly, smiling.
h-rg, n. servants' slander (quarrelling).
hrr, a. smiling, pleasant, mild, friendly (h. vibragi ).
hsa (-ta, -tr), v. to house, harbour.
hski, n. household, family.
h, f. (1) height; hann hljp meirr en h. sna, he could leap more his own height; (2) height, eminence, hill (gengu eir upp h. nkkura).
ha (-dda, -ddr), v. to scoff at, mock (h. e-n or h. at e-m).
h-liga, adv. mockingly, scornfully (tala -liga til e-s); -ligr, a. (1) derisive disgraceful; (2) contemptible.
hinn, a. fond of mocking.
h-yri, n. pl. taunts, gibes.

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